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Business Spotlight: Choose The Right Childcare With Koru Kids

Finding the right childcare can be a challenge for parents and kids! So when I discovered Koru Kids, I was blown away. It’s a childcare service that simplifies finding a good match to look after your children and helps to dispel the worries that arise with wondering if someone is suitable. I caught up with its founder Rachel Carrell to find out more and share this brilliant service with you all.

Koru Kids has kindly offered me a £50 discount to share with The London Mummy readers when they sign up (T&Cs apply). Visit Koru Kids through a link on this page to apply the discount. 


What is your business and what makes it unique?

Koru Kids is a modern childcare service, providing part-time childcare to thousands of families in London. I wanted to make it unique by having us do all the hard work for families when it comes to getting the perfect childcare. Koru Kids helps with everything from start to finish – which we don’t believe you can find anywhere else!

From vetting, training and reference checking all our nannies, to all the admin. We’re totally obsessed with making our families’ lives easier, we’ll do almost anything to make it happen!

Find out more

koru kids

Through our service parents find a fantastic person to come to their house and look after the kids, and we make sure they’re all perfectly set up on the legal side, and provide a ton of ongoing support – more than I could even go into here. You’re not alone, we’ve got your back.

How did it all begin?

Before founding Koru Kids, I worked at McKinsey and in health technology for years. It was only when I had a baby – and all my friends had babies – that I realised how difficult childcare was in London. It’s hard to arrange, incredibly expensive, and common options like nursery just don’t work for lots of families.

I kept hearing horror stories from friends who weren’t happy with their choices but felt powerless to change them. I also saw lots of female friends unable to go back to work or making career choices they didn’t really want to make, just because they couldn’t find the right childcare. I felt deeply that this was unfair and bad for society. I decided to quit my job and make it my life’s work to create better childcare options in London. I set up Koru Kids to be all about three things: really great childcare, as affordable as possible, and as convenient as possible.


What is the meaning behind the business name?

I’m from New Zealand, and koru is a Maori word meaning ‘unfurling fern frond’. I love the idea of our children unfurling before us, and the loop of the shape represents the loop of Koru Kids care around our families and nannies. My daughter’s middle name is Fern, so it just felt right.

Who is your ideal client?

Sounds strange but my favourite type of family is one that is in a REAL pickle! Families that feel out of control, parents that are slowly losing their minds, not enjoying their parenthood. That’s where our service can make such an instant, immediate and obvious difference. Every day I hear from parents like this who have brought in Koru Kids and it’s so wonderful to hear about how everything has become easier. Recently, one mum told me we’d saved her marriage. (That result is not guaranteed!)

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koru kids

What is your top parenting tip?

Focus on intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic. That means avoiding rewards charts and bribes where you can. Those things can work ‘in the moment’ but over the long term create more problems than they solve. Instead, wherever possible, focus on trying to help your child understand ‘why’ things are important, then give them control over their own decisions. This isn’t easy – and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for not doing it 100% of the time – but it does lead to the strongest foundations of a great life for your children.

Interviewee’s favourites

Holiday destination: New Zealand, where I’m from! I’m happy my friends and family are safe there as it is Covid-free, but also devastated that I couldn’t go home for Christmas

Restaurant: During the pandemic, I’m loving Dishpatch, which sends high-end restaurant food you cook at home.

Hotel: Woolley Grange – a wonderful family-friendly place in Wiltshire. We managed to escape there in the summer and it was an incredible oasis, one of the highlights of our year.

Podcast: My favourite podcast is The Braincare podcast – it’s short (15 mins), practical and insightful about how the brain works, and how we can use that knowledge to improve our own lives. I’m obsessed with that child development and the podcast covers the ‘grownup’ version of the topic!


Koru Kids has kindly offered me a £50 discount to share with The London Mummy readers when they sign up (T&Cs apply). Visit Koru Kids through a link on this page to apply the discount. 

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Big Fashion Spotlight

Business Spotlight: Slow Fashion With the seen collective

My fantastic friend Steph set up the seen collective, a bespoke, knitted jumpers brand when she moved to South Africa. You can put in an order for a made-to-measure cardigan or jumper and it’ll be knitted by a very talented group of women in Johannesburg. I spoke to Steph to find out how it started and how her slow-fashion brand is supporting women in SA.

What is your business and what makes it unique?

My business is called the seen collective. We are a tiny group of women based in Johannesburg, South Africa, who hand knit luxury jumpers and cardigans. I am the founder, Steph, and I moved to Joburg from London with my family a few years ago. In downtown Johannesburg, I work with a knitting group based in an old people’s home for women of limited means. We are the epitome of slow fashion :)! Generally, we make to order with a 3-4 week turnaround. We knit using the raddest locally-made yarn: a kid mohair merino blend, hand-spun and hand-dyed in the Eastern Cape. It’s so light and insanely warm; you can wear it on the beach and in the snow.

How did it all begin?

It was an idea that got some wind behind it. I met some beautiful women who were eager to work. We just began making, then selling: it snowballed really.

Each made-to-measure jumper or cardigan is £240, including shipping to the UK.

What inspired you?

From a design perspective: painting, fine art, and artists who use colour in unexpected ways. On a human level: the women I work with teach me so much. They are far wiser than me & we have wonderful conversations whilst working.

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What is the meaning behind the business name?

I want the skills of this group of women I work alongside to be seen by a wider audience.

Who is your ideal client/customer?

Anyone who gives a hoot about where their clothes have come from and people who want to buy something to last a lifetime.

Follow the seen collective on Instagram, @theseencollective

What is your top parenting tip?

Listen to your gut. Parenting successfully is an ever-moving target. Enjoy the best bits and educate yourself when things feel difficult.

Oh, and strict bedtimes!

Steph’s favourites

Shop: In Joburg, Convoy — a beautiful spot for locally-made fashion. In London, so many! I love the feeling of some of the traditional department stores, so uniquely British — Liberty’s has to be my favourite. I like a side of nostalgia with my shopping, which is perhaps accentuated by being an expat at the moment :). VV Rouleaux is a treasure trove and also love James Smith & Sons, the umbrella store near Tottenham Court Road.

Website: Instagram is invaluable to small business. I have had to set a timer on my usage though.

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Holiday destination: Scarborough in the Western Cape is jaw-droppingly beautiful. Kruger is up there too. In fact, so many places in South Africa – we are very lucky. Ile d’Arz in France is a magical island. And anywhere in Italy.

Restaurant: We lived in Moscow for a long time and Pushkin is one of my favourite restaurants in the world. In London, I can’t get enough of dim sum at Royal China or Yauatcha Soho. In Paris, it has to be Robert & Louise for steak.

Hotel: Babington House

Each made-to-measure jumper or cardigan is £240 including shipping to the UK.

To find out more, visit and don’t forget to follow @theseencollective on Instagram.

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New Business Spotlight: Fine Jewellery From Coco Clara

It was so refreshing to stumble across Coco Clara, a fine jewellery business making pieces that are made to last and be passed down the generations. I caught up with Natalie to find out how Coco Clara came to life and why you should make a natural citrine pendant one of your family heirlooms.

What is your business and what makes it unique?

We specialise in fine antique jewellery. We don’t believe in mass-produced sparkle. We believe in heirlooms: rare pieces to be treasured and passed down through generations. We have just launched our antique, natural citrine pendants which have been a big success. They are designed to be worn on a long chunky gold chain and are an original alternative to a signet ring. Initials and crests are proving particularly popular, but anything goes.

Antique natural citrines, from £800 (including engraving), children’s from £500

How did it all begin?

Coco Clara is a family business. My mother-in-law was a jewellery trader all her life; she taught me and had such a good eye for fabulous pieces. Sadly, she passed away last year and we wanted her legacy to continue. Wow, did she love some sparkle! Her mother was Clara and my daughter is Coco – hence the name. That’s three generations of strong women and exactly why we are so passionate about passing down family heirlooms.

1. Emerald cut diamond & platinum ring with diamond baguette shoulders, £6,995
2. Cartier panthere gold ring, £8,995

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Who is your ideal customer?

Women who are a little bit different and a little bit quirky, looking for something really unique to treasure for a lifetime.

What are your hero products?

Coco Clara Citrines

1. Emerald and diamond ring, £59,995
2. Princess cut fancy yellow diamond three stone ring, £99,995

What is your top parenting tip?

Baby – milk

Toddler – snacks

Pick your battles

1. Diamond bangle, £9,995
2. Cartier heart virgo earrings, £4,995

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Natalie’s favourites

Shop: Pom London,

Website: Jessica Russell Flint,

Holiday destination: Lenzerheide

Restaurant: Horse Guards Inn,

Hotel: Claridge’s,

Cartier panthere brooch, £18,995

Find out more on

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New Business Spotlight: Sustainable Cleaning Essentials From Seep

It’s not often (or ever) that I get excited about cleaning but I’m thrilled to be writing about Seep, the new sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning brand. While your cupboard may be full of eco detergents and washing up liquids, the department of sponges and things you use to actually clean has rigidly remained pretty “un-eco-friendly”… until now! Seep is in the business of producing greener alternatives to your green-topped sponges and polyester cloths, which can help us all reduce our plastic waste and be a little kinder to the world around us. I spoke to Laura, founder of Seep, to find out more. 

For 10% off Seep, please use the code TLM10.

What is your business and what makes it unique?

At Seep, I am hoping to bring real innovation to household cleaning essentials which is a category that hasn’t changed in decades. Household essentials are products like sponges, cloths, dusters and washing-up gloves which are all pretty unsexy, mostly made of virgin plastic and can’t be recycled. It feels like the forgotten aisle in a supermarket and I want to bring people a genuinely better alternative.

The three core values that make us unique are:

Gentle on the Eye – We design better-looking cleaning products that can be displayed with pride above your sink rather than being hidden away.

Gentle on the Planet – Our products are compostable, plastic-free, made from renewable sources and designed to last longer than conventional products. We are also committing to being carbon neutral by offsetting our carbon footprint.

Gentle on You – Made with natural materials with no irritants, microplastics or toxins. Easy products to order and use.


Seep Sponge With Loofah Scourer, £8.50

How did it all begin?

I decided to set up Seep because I was just really frustrated. In my local supermarket, I buy products that are better for the environment where I can like Ecover and Method but when it came to sponges and cloth, I couldn’t find any greener alternatives in mainstream shops. I was going through lots of sponges especially the green-topped ones which go bobbly really quickly and the micro-fibre cloths which are made of polyester. I waited for ages for a new brand to appear and when lockdown happened at the beginning of the year I finally decided to set something up myself and take the plunge!

For 10% off Seep, please use the code TLM10.

What inspires you?

I used to work for Selfridges and learnt so much from the incredible team there about branding and putting creativity and story-telling at the heart of everything. A great company story with a purpose beyond just making money is super inspiring.

Bundle of Seep – All-Purpose Loofah Cloths + Sponge With Loofah Scourer, £14

What is the meaning behind the business name?

My husband came up with it! He’s normally not the most creative but I immediately loved it. Seep is short for Sustainable Essential Everyday Products but it also reflects our products which will all be compostable and seep back into the earth.

Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer is probably someone a bit like me but hopefully a bit cooler! We think there are lots of people who are forward-thinking, conscious consumers that like independent brands with a bit of a soul. Our ideal customer also has a home they are proud to show off and that they like to keep clean. Like me, they are also probably pretty busy and perhaps don’t have the time to hunt for eco products in niche stores.

Seep Natural All-Purpose Loofah Cloths, £6.50

What are your hero products?

We will be launching our first two products in October. The first is a fully compostable sponge with a loofah scourer – this replaces those green-topped, classic, plastic sponges. The second product is made of loofah cloth and is a replacement for the traditional J cloth. It is super absorbent and can be machine washed. The aim is to then launch additional products at regular intervals over the next 18 months.

What is your top parenting tip?

It’s definitely “don’t sweat the small stuff”. It is so easy to get really stressed out and obsessed with things that don’t matter much e.g., a stained jumper, slightly messy hair, odd socks, finishing every bit of broccoli. I think I’ve made my life so much happier and easier once I let go a bit more and my kids are better for it.

Laura’s favourites  

Shop: Selfridges – no one else does shopping like them, there are so many hidden gems.

Website: Wild – I’ve just discovered them and I love their natural deodorant subscriptions. Holiday destination: Fiji – somewhere that you can live simply, surrounded by nature

Restaurant: I love Kricket in White City.

Hotel: Sindabezi Island Camp in Zambia which was one of our honeymoon stops

Find out more on

For 10% off Seep, please use the code TLM10.

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New Business Spotlight: Dinkydeaks Handmade Jewellery

My friend Georgie has set up a fantastic handmade jewellery business called Dinkydeaks. If you’re looking to effortlessly spruce up any everyday outfit, I can’t recommend enough picking up some of the beautiful mix-and-match earrings and charms from her Etsy shop.

What is your business and what makes it unique?

I have set up a handmade jewellery business which specialises in affordable fun pieces most of which can be interchangeable to hang off huggies or charms. I have also evolved into making larger statement pieces using feathers and tassels and coordinating bracelets and necklaces. I would like to expand my products as the mood takes me – when I spot something that inspires me – I don’t seem to be able to resist combining colours and making original pieces that I would like to wear.


How did it all begin?

On hitting the big 40, I took the plunge and headed to London with friends to get the — seemingly obligatory — additional piercings in the ear. Being on the fence, I ended up getting two additional ones in my left ear much to my friends’ surprise. From there I spent some time seeking the perfect look to dress my ears. I wanted to track dainty elegant drops up the ear lobe but couldn’t find any anywhere… so I began to tinker.

What inspired you?

So much has inspired me! I teach part-time in learning support which I adore and have two busy boys to run around after. I have found that tucking myself away listening to ultra-chilled tunes while tinkering away, gave me some headspace and it allowed me to explore my interest in colour, style and femininity in an otherwise male-dominant household, bar Tiggy the dog!

1. Handmade power pop tassel and bead earrings, £20
2. Handmade tassel and bead earrings, £18

What is the meaning behind the business name?

Ha, Dinkydeaks was my nickname from when I was at school: a combination of my maiden name and the fact that I was vertically challenged for the whole of my education! I took it as an endearment but perhaps it wasn’t…?

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Who is your ideal customer?

My ideal customer would be someone who likes to mix and match their look: someone who enjoys popping a bit of colour, either an elegant dainty drop or smashing it with a fistful of a statement with my beaded tassels. My products are affordable and so my clients are gently encouraged to start with a set of huggies and hoops then they can pick and mix a selection of charms and drops to compliment any number of piercings.

1. Sterling silver huggies sold individually for hanging my charms off, from £6
2. Handmade tassel and bead earrings, £20

What are your hero products?

My hero products are the charms that hang off huggies and hoops. These are great and can be interchangeable to match any outfit or occasion. I can custom make these charms to be put on hoops or posts. My favourite is to wear a huggie and charm in the first piercing, followed by two drops on posts up the ear in the second two piercings; this makes them track up the ear which I just love!

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What is your top parenting tip?

Pick your battles and stick by your guns. Also, try and allow them to follow their own paths even if it’s not yours — I’m working on this one.


Handmade earrings with optional complementing drop for additional piercing, £6

Georgie’s favourites

Shop: My high-street favourites are Zara and H&M but I would say my best kind of shop would be the ones that aren’t ‘out there’. I love to find an item that no one else has got their hands on yet. I was recently in London in the bucketing-down rain, walking through Covent Garden and came across an epic vintage, second-hand shop, Pop Boutique, where I found the most beautiful Indian dress. We were a match made in heaven!

Website: A tricky one but I would say Etsy is a good contender as not only have I managed to navigate it to use as a platform to sell my jewellery but it’s also full of unique creations that have been made with love by small sellers like me. I so often find an original gift for friends that fits the bill perfectly.

Holiday destination: My all-time favourite would be the south-west of Portugal, waking up and pondering on which piece of perfect beach to lie on between Zavial and Ingrina. My dream holiday destination, however, would be Mauritius. My friends laugh as I cherry-pick beautiful items for my capsule wardrobe – not to be worn until that obviously inevitable dream trip.

Restaurant: Anything Asian in particular Pho. Oh, I’m missing that from living in London!

Hotel: Anywhere with wall-to-wall sunshine, heat and access to a picture-perfect swimming pool. Actually I’d take a pool with slight imperfections at this rate as we had to cancel our plans this year, like most of the world. I’d go back here to this AirBnB in Ouarzazate, Morocco, any day though.


Handmade earrings with optional complementing drop for additional piercing, from £6

Visit Dinkydeaks on

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Interiors Spotlight

New Business Spotlight: Shop Stylish & Unique Interiors With Turnbull & Hooch

My brilliant friend Sarah has pivoted from wedding presents to interiors to set up Turnbull & Hooch. Her website is a curated collection of ‘colourful and stylish gifts’ — I’m hoping this means ‘gifts to yourself’ because I’ve been eyeing up lots of the home accessories for around my house!! A lot of the bits would make perfect wedding gifts, so T&H is a good one to keep in mind for occasions, especially if the person you’re buying for is obsessed with quirky and unique interiors!

Use the discount code ‘thelondonmummy’ for 20% off on Turnbull & Hooch.

What do you do?

I run an interiors and gifts website called Turnbull & Hooch. My aim is to source really fun, unique products and hopefully bring a little joy to people and their homes. I have just launched the website that I run from home in a little studio. I’m also planning to do lots of fairs, pop-ups and eventually to have a studio in my barn so people can drop in and see the products.

Large Blue & White Diamond Bowl, £24

White Artichoke Candle Holders, £42

How did it all begin?

I ran a wedding gift list business for many years in London and always had people asking if they could buy pieces from me without a list. When I moved out to Hampshire, I realised I was no longer surrounded by young couples and that there was much more of a market for interiors and lovely gifts. I absolutely love sourcing and finding fun and quirky interiors.

Blue Folding Stool, £48

Round Enamel Green Tray, £40

What is your top parenting tip?

Encourage kids to play independently so you can crack on with admin and housework (and running a business!!)

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Striped Rose & Willow Grey Dinner Candles, £15

Yellow Chevron Photo Frame, £24.50

Sarah’s favourites

Restaurant: Off the top of my head, I can’t actually think of one but some fantastic meals seem to come more to mind.  My favourite kind of meal is a steak on the BBQ (probably on a beach!). Speaking of beaches… one of the best spots I’ve ever eaten was on a stunning beach on Uist in the Outer Hebrides. My husband and I had a disposable bbq and flame-grilled local-caught crab claws and a steak!!! Heaven!

Hotel: La Fenice B&B in Positano is one of the best places I’ve ever stayed. It’s nothing swanky but very laid back and relaxed. It’s family-run with just six beds. Everyone comes round the pool at lunchtime and they offer two choices for lunch: melon & parma ham salad or tuna & mozzarella. It’s all grown at their home which is just above the b&b. It’s also got its own private beach with kayaks for guests. Positano is such a fun place and somewhere I’d love to go back to one day… definitely without the kids though!!

Clothing brand: I do like Wyse London and Gussy and Lou for fun, colourful cashmere jumpers — always a real treat!

Instagram account: London Mummy  – it’s so cheesy but The London Mummy was the first Insta account I started following for my own interest rather than a business. You are so refreshingly honest and real.

Blue Stripe Seat Pad, £24


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New Business Spotlight: Don’t Plan A Birthday Bash Without My Little Party

If there’s one good thing that’s come out of lockdown, it’s My Little Party. Envisaged and created by kids’ entertainer Emily Rose Adams, this new party platform is going to revolutionise your kid’s party planning. My Little Party is a huge directory of everything you’ll ever need to plan a party. From supplies and invitations to entertainers and any theme you could ever dream of, it’s all here! I know from experience if you want to host a party with a particular theme, it takes hours of research to get everything perfect. My Little Party has basically done all that for you. I love that you can go to the website, click the theme you want and it gives you a list of the best suppliers and entertainers out there. You get in touch with suppliers through My Little Party and you can leave reviews on there. If you’re based in London, there’s a list of the top party planners too!  

I wanted to find out more about My Little Party, so got in touch with Emily for a quick chat.

How did it all begin?

I worked as a kids’ entertainer and music teacher for several years. After working for dozens of families each year, I realised that many of them had a difficult time arranging birthday parties for their children and often complained about having to spend hours looking for party providers. During lockdown, I decided to build a platform which would empower both customers and local businesses to find each other.

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What inspired you?

Lockdown has been a really difficult time for small businesses and self-employed entertainers. Most of them lost all of their work overnight and were forced to cut back on expenses. I wanted to use the downtime to create a platform that would make it easier for party providers to connect with customers as soon as restrictions were lifted, and to help them save on advertising costs by being promoted on our website. Lockdown has also been hard on children, many of whom have celebrated birthdays without their friends. By selecting the best entertainers in the business, I wanted to give customers the option to have parties as soon as possible in a safe environment.  Most of our providers offer socially-distanced parties, and many of them are now busier than ever!

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Who is your ideal customer?

Parents and carers who want to bring some birthday magic to their kids!

What is your top parenting tip?

Relax and let our entertainers do all the work for you.

Emily’s favourites

Shop: Wholefoods

Website: Kinderlist – recently discovered this. It lets you shop for children’s gifts and create wishlists

Holiday destination: Italy

Restaurant: London has too many amazing ones to pick a favourite!

Hotel: I recently stayed in a converted cave hotel called Aquatio Cave in Matera in the south of Italy which had stunning views!

Find out more on

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Big Fashion Spotlight

Up Close with Ruth Green

Whenever I walk down the Fulham Road, I make it a priority to pop into Indian Summer. Not only is the interior of the shop beautiful, all the items that Ruth Green buys for the shop are spot on. From new baby presents, to interiors and fashion and accessories, it is a gorgeous lifestyle destination to buy something for yourself, a present for a host or a gift for a friend.


What is your business?

I have a lifestyle boutique in Parsons Green called Indian Summer.

What’s your secret to working whilst raising a family?

Getting the best support around you that you can and accepting early on that you can’t do it all.

Ruth & family

What advice to you for people who have a business idea?

Go for it, it is the best feeling starting something yourself, working hard and seeing it grow. I think you need a plan and a lot of faith but trust in yourself and go for it!

What’s your favourite item in Indian Summer at the moment?

Our Daisy Navy Blouse. I live it in.

Daisy Blouse

What’s your fashion style?

Relaxed and comfortable, I definitely seem to have day to day uniform of skinny jeans, pretty blouse/ t shirt and cashmere jumper and the a lot of jewellery!! I have a slight obsession with hoops, necklaces and all things sparkly!


3 favourite small clothing brands

Samsoe and Samsoe
Indi and Cold
On the Rise Jumpers

Top 3 go to items in your wardrobe when you are in a rush

Ripped skinny jeans, white linen T shirt and my Rosie Indian Summer Cashmere jumper.

Rosie Jumper

3 items that make you feel a million dollars

My biggest Indian Summer Hoops, my new wooly sheepskin bag and my sparkly P448 high top trainers.

Sparkly Trainers

1 item that everyone asks where you got it from

My fur-lined parka from Berenice from a couple of years ago, it has embroidery down the arms and is very pretty.

Biggest purchase mistake ever

I bought two pairs of court shoes with thick heels when I was pregnant and they are pretty awful and have never been worn!

Best return of investment on a wardrobe item

All my jeans and boots get worn to death.

Boots or trainers

Anything by Alpe especially my Star boots in Castor at the moment.

Star Boots

Favourite fashion bloggers

The London Mummy (obvs)
The Glam Mummy
Mothers of Daughters

Interior style

Pretty eclectic, a real mix of things from the shop so quite feminine/ bohemian with quite a lot of neon in the mix too!

Interior tip

Simple base i.e. a lots of white and grey and then add the colour so if you change or mind or hate it, it’s not hard to change.


Where do you get your interior inspo from?

Love a bit of Elle Deco and Living Etc and lots of friends lovely house!

Bare faced or full face?

Somewhere in-between, not into foundation but can’t leave the house without a bit of bronzer and smudge of eye liner.

Best beauty buy on the market

Quite into my Obagi skin care at the moment also I will forever by obsessed with my 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden, it’s a classic.

3 items in your make up bag

Eye liner (always black), under eye concealer and bronzer all by Bobbi Brown.

Hair tip

Don’t wash it too much!


Life saving hair product

I adore anything by Kerastase especially the hair mask!

hair mask

Silver or gold jewellery?


Favourite Jewellery brand

Kirsten Ash

Kirsten Ash


Most romantic restaurant in the world?

Villa Magia in Positano.

Best hotel with kids?

Kelly’s Wexford, Ireland.


Last supper meal?

Ohhh hard one… Steak, rare with yummy red wine and anything chocolatey for pud.

Default kids supper

Gnocchi and pesto.

Hangover cure

Coffee and an almond croissant.

What you do to relax?

Wine, bath and good book

Favourite film?

True Romance


Last book you read?

The Tea Planter Wife by Dinah Jefferies

Tea Planters Wife

Favourite box set


Billions Cast

The song you pelt out in the car?

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

A quote you try and live by


What is meant for you, won’t pass you by.


What tests your patience?

Trying to answer e-mails with screaming children pulling at my arm

3 words to describe yourself

Bubbly, Bossy, Blonde!