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Up Close with Ruth Green

Whenever I walk down the Fulham Road, I make it a priority to pop into Indian Summer. Not only is the interior of the shop beautiful, all the items that Ruth Green buys for the shop are spot on. From new baby presents, to interiors and fashion and accessories, it is a gorgeous lifestyle destination to buy something for yourself, a present for a host or a gift for a friend.


What is your business?

I have a lifestyle boutique in Parsons Green called Indian Summer.

What’s your secret to working whilst raising a family?

Getting the best support around you that you can and accepting early on that you can’t do it all.

Ruth & family

What advice to you for people who have a business idea?

Go for it, it is the best feeling starting something yourself, working hard and seeing it grow. I think you need a plan and a lot of faith but trust in yourself and go for it!

What’s your favourite item in Indian Summer at the moment?

Our Daisy Navy Blouse. I live it in.

Daisy Blouse

What’s your fashion style?

Relaxed and comfortable, I definitely seem to have day to day uniform of skinny jeans, pretty blouse/ t shirt and cashmere jumper and the a lot of jewellery!! I have a slight obsession with hoops, necklaces and all things sparkly!


3 favourite small clothing brands

Samsoe and Samsoe
Indi and Cold
On the Rise Jumpers

Top 3 go to items in your wardrobe when you are in a rush

Ripped skinny jeans, white linen T shirt and my Rosie Indian Summer Cashmere jumper.

Rosie Jumper

3 items that make you feel a million dollars

My biggest Indian Summer Hoops, my new wooly sheepskin bag and my sparkly P448 high top trainers.

Sparkly Trainers

1 item that everyone asks where you got it from

My fur-lined parka from Berenice from a couple of years ago, it has embroidery down the arms and is very pretty.

Biggest purchase mistake ever

I bought two pairs of court shoes with thick heels when I was pregnant and they are pretty awful and have never been worn!

Best return of investment on a wardrobe item

All my jeans and boots get worn to death.

Boots or trainers

Anything by Alpe especially my Star boots in Castor at the moment.

Star Boots

Favourite fashion bloggers

The London Mummy (obvs)
The Glam Mummy
Mothers of Daughters

Interior style

Pretty eclectic, a real mix of things from the shop so quite feminine/ bohemian with quite a lot of neon in the mix too!

Interior tip

Simple base i.e. a lots of white and grey and then add the colour so if you change or mind or hate it, it’s not hard to change.


Where do you get your interior inspo from?

Love a bit of Elle Deco and Living Etc and lots of friends lovely house!

Bare faced or full face?

Somewhere in-between, not into foundation but can’t leave the house without a bit of bronzer and smudge of eye liner.

Best beauty buy on the market

Quite into my Obagi skin care at the moment also I will forever by obsessed with my 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden, it’s a classic.

3 items in your make up bag

Eye liner (always black), under eye concealer and bronzer all by Bobbi Brown.

Hair tip

Don’t wash it too much!


Life saving hair product

I adore anything by Kerastase especially the hair mask!

hair mask

Silver or gold jewellery?


Favourite Jewellery brand

Kirsten Ash

Kirsten Ash


Most romantic restaurant in the world?

Villa Magia in Positano.

Best hotel with kids?

Kelly’s Wexford, Ireland.


Last supper meal?

Ohhh hard one… Steak, rare with yummy red wine and anything chocolatey for pud.

Default kids supper

Gnocchi and pesto.

Hangover cure

Coffee and an almond croissant.

What you do to relax?

Wine, bath and good book

Favourite film?

True Romance


Last book you read?

The Tea Planter Wife by Dinah Jefferies

Tea Planters Wife

Favourite box set


Billions Cast

The song you pelt out in the car?

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

A quote you try and live by


What is meant for you, won’t pass you by.


What tests your patience?

Trying to answer e-mails with screaming children pulling at my arm

3 words to describe yourself

Bubbly, Bossy, Blonde!

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