New Business Spotlight: Sustainable Cleaning Essentials From Seep

It’s not often (or ever) that I get excited about cleaning but I’m thrilled to be writing about Seep, the new sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning brand. While your cupboard may be full of eco detergents and washing up liquids, the department of sponges and things you use to actually clean has rigidly remained pretty “un-eco-friendly”… until now! Seep is in the business of producing greener alternatives to your green-topped sponges and polyester cloths, which can help us all reduce our plastic waste and be a little kinder to the world around us. I spoke to Laura, founder of Seep, to find out more. 

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What is your business and what makes it unique?

At Seep, I am hoping to bring real innovation to household cleaning essentials which is a category that hasn’t changed in decades. Household essentials are products like sponges, cloths, dusters and washing-up gloves which are all pretty unsexy, mostly made of virgin plastic and can’t be recycled. It feels like the forgotten aisle in a supermarket and I want to bring people a genuinely better alternative.

The three core values that make us unique are:

Gentle on the Eye – We design better-looking cleaning products that can be displayed with pride above your sink rather than being hidden away.

Gentle on the Planet – Our products are compostable, plastic-free, made from renewable sources and designed to last longer than conventional products. We are also committing to being carbon neutral by offsetting our carbon footprint.

Gentle on You – Made with natural materials with no irritants, microplastics or toxins. Easy products to order and use.


Seep Sponge With Loofah Scourer, £8.50

How did it all begin?

I decided to set up Seep because I was just really frustrated. In my local supermarket, I buy products that are better for the environment where I can like Ecover and Method but when it came to sponges and cloth, I couldn’t find any greener alternatives in mainstream shops. I was going through lots of sponges especially the green-topped ones which go bobbly really quickly and the micro-fibre cloths which are made of polyester. I waited for ages for a new brand to appear and when lockdown happened at the beginning of the year I finally decided to set something up myself and take the plunge!

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What inspires you?

I used to work for Selfridges and learnt so much from the incredible team there about branding and putting creativity and story-telling at the heart of everything. A great company story with a purpose beyond just making money is super inspiring.

Bundle of Seep – All-Purpose Loofah Cloths + Sponge With Loofah Scourer, £14

What is the meaning behind the business name?

My husband came up with it! He’s normally not the most creative but I immediately loved it. Seep is short for Sustainable Essential Everyday Products but it also reflects our products which will all be compostable and seep back into the earth.

Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer is probably someone a bit like me but hopefully a bit cooler! We think there are lots of people who are forward-thinking, conscious consumers that like independent brands with a bit of a soul. Our ideal customer also has a home they are proud to show off and that they like to keep clean. Like me, they are also probably pretty busy and perhaps don’t have the time to hunt for eco products in niche stores.

Seep Natural All-Purpose Loofah Cloths, £6.50

What are your hero products?

We will be launching our first two products in October. The first is a fully compostable sponge with a loofah scourer – this replaces those green-topped, classic, plastic sponges. The second product is made of loofah cloth and is a replacement for the traditional J cloth. It is super absorbent and can be machine washed. The aim is to then launch additional products at regular intervals over the next 18 months.

What is your top parenting tip?

It’s definitely “don’t sweat the small stuff”. It is so easy to get really stressed out and obsessed with things that don’t matter much e.g., a stained jumper, slightly messy hair, odd socks, finishing every bit of broccoli. I think I’ve made my life so much happier and easier once I let go a bit more and my kids are better for it.

Laura’s favourites  

Shop: Selfridges – no one else does shopping like them, there are so many hidden gems.

Website: Wild – I’ve just discovered them and I love their natural deodorant subscriptions. Holiday destination: Fiji – somewhere that you can live simply, surrounded by nature

Restaurant: I love Kricket in White City.

Hotel: Sindabezi Island Camp in Zambia which was one of our honeymoon stops

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For 10% off Seep, please use the code TLM10.

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