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TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : March 2017

Getting this in by the skin of my teeth this month. March has been one of those months!! I had my first taste of what it could be like if I went to press launches and meetings all the time (which alot of bloggers do, but I don’t because… I can’t!) but last Thursday my mother came up and I had a day of all days as I was preparing for the Sentebale campaign for Mothers Day. If you missed it – catch up here. It is being covered in Hello this week which is beyond exciting! (P 42)


It started with a quick visit to see one of my best friends new babies at C & W –  he was gorgeous! Then I hop footed it My Baba for Mothercare event in Chelsea, then to ME+EM to try out some of their divine clothes for the post I am doing this week (watch this space…) and then tested the Mothers Day Champagne Tea at the Bulgari Hotel. Oh my days, I was exhausted!!!!

My Baba


The new pages I have added my blog have been a great success. There is a continued need for personal recommendations. Notices in particular jobs (Angels & Urchins, The Good Web Guide and a decorating firm to name a few)  and super duper nannies available, has had a lot of foot traffic so if you are in the running for any of these things, be sure to check out this section!


I have just added Parenting Workshops, Theatre and Clubs to the What’s On, so if you are looking for ways to amuse the kids or perhaps something for you, please take a look. I Have my eye on the Parenting Children in The Digital Age workshop and am excited that we have just booked tickets for Annie with Amanda Hart!!


Lastly, my Instagram seems to grow from strength to strength. I have recently been doing some competitions which are really popular, so if you would like to join forces and do a Sunday night Giveaway (especially women clothes and accessories), drop me an email

This is this weeks GIVEAWAY was this gorgeous jumper form Marie & Lola. 

Marie & Lola Jumper



As a spin off from my Instagram feed, I have put a link to buy everything you see on Instagram, over in the Shop section of the website. I hope this helps!


Role Models philosophy is to nurture character in children because they believe that ‘soft skills’ are as important as academic attainment. They focus on the individual strengths of every child and are deeply committed to supporting them through their formative years, ­whether that be through their Creative Childcare, Life Skills Courses or Special Needs Camps.

This Easter, they are offering a ‘Confidence & Resilience Course‘ for 8-12 year olds in Chelsea & Wimbledon.

I have also included Kings Tutors, a London based Private Tutoring company that come recommended by the Good Schools Guide.

Hart & Vine Home Finders are property finders focused on Sevenoaks & Tonbridge and the surrounding villages in Kent. They have excellent contacts in this area and use them to benefit their clients by finding off-market properties or un-earthing hidden gems that their clients just couldn’t have found without us.

They offer an affordable service negotiating to save their clients the success fee. Contact them for a no obligation consultation if that’s the area you are interested in!


Last but by no means least – I am having a sale at home on Wednesday 22nd. £5 entry for Sentebale and lots of great brands. Email me if you would like to come along!

The London Mummy Sale


I dropped the 6 yr old off at a cooking class with ‘Cook with Rosie‘. Rosie runs cooking classes for youngsters and they are wonderful. I picked my son up to the cry of ‘I want to cook with Rosie every day!’ She runs the classes from her home in Battersea or at the Corner House in Brook Green. (which I am visiting tmw – it sounds fab!)

Cook With Rosie

One of my favourite small brands for bedding, homeware and gifts is Poppy & Honesty. They have a new collection and it is a cove of Liberty print delight. The boys duvet cover with elephants on is awesome!

Poppy & Honesty

Myself and the youngest have enjoyed going Teddy’s Tune Time in Fulham Palace on Thursday mornings. Su is a lovely teacher! It is so calm & engaging and the children love it. She also offers tea and coffee at the end so there is a chance for your little onto play and explore whilst you connect with other mums. She also runs them in Wandsworth and Putney so if you are on the hunt for something to do with your little one, I highly recommend this (and they get given their own teddy!)

If you are wanting to keep the kids healthy, head over to the Nature Doc Shop. She sells every vitamin and supplement to keep the kids in shape including food storage solutions and personal care. So if your child has sensitive skin for example you will be able to find the right creams or shampoo to suit them. Genius!

Hope I haven’t exhausted you and you have found this helpful. Remember, I couldn’t do it without your recommendations and I wouldn’t do it if you didn’t read it (well actually, I would as I LOVE IT!)

Have a lovely week


TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : February 2017

So lots of news this month!  There have been major developments in February on The London Mummy. I have added Notices, an Instagram Shop and What’s On to the home page. Let me explain!


I am often sent emails about positions, jobs, rentals, properties which haven’t really had a place on here but I have created this page which I will keep up to date with the latest goings on.



What’s On 

This has proved a big hit – I might have to start categorising soon. Every event I see that I think is worth a mention gets updated in What’s On. This could be a pop up, workshop, concert or festival amongst other things. If you ar hosting an event and think it would be of interest to London mums (and further afield – I love my non London, non mum readers – TLM is for you too!) drop me an email.

What's On



Everything that I feature on Instagram or the blog going forward will be added to the shop so that it is easy to find if you recall you have first seen it somewhere on TLM. Here is a taster of what I have added recently.

If you like traditional French kids clothes, check out Alice a Paris. Here is my eldest playing monopoly in the Antoine Shirt. Go up a size as they come slightly small.

Antoine Shirt

Superstar Kids is a fantastic book written by a father Gavin Rhodes. Each story has a strong moral and it is rhyming so easy to plough through. Buy it here

Superstar Kids

Wild Child Kitchen kindly dropped some samples of their new organic kids range of meals.  If you are short on time and your kids lap up the healthy food, this is a great company to have on your speed dial!

Wild Child

I am loving my daughters new dress from MyTwirl. It is really well made and really twirls when she spins!

My Twirl


I can’t forget my beloved Directory. It is an extensive list of useful services from the home and holidays to medical and courses (and parties, clubs…)

Here are the latest additions –

  • I am delighted to have added Katie’s Classroom  which are online video tutorials for Primary school kids. They are really well constructed and Katie is a great teacher!
  • Have also added a speech and language therapist Kingfishers so if you have any concert over your childs speech development, get in touch.
  • Alice Sushi Art hosts art and craft children parties.
  • Performance In Mind work with young athletes to help them overcome specific issues such as anger on court or anxiety before a match.
  • The Little Reading Club is a book delivery subscription to your door.

Also worth a mention is Okido is an arts and science magazine for 3-8 year olds. Perfect for a budding scientist! I flicked through it at a friends house and thought it was fantastic.

I am bursting with new fashion brands and collections but they warrant their own posts. If you missed my handbag post, check it out here. 


Lastly, if you are on the hunt for a family holiday – these 6 destinations will whet your appetite!

Sani Dunes

The London Mummy Facebook page is growing rapidly and it is evident that the practical articles I share are one of the most popular aspects. If you don’t want to miss articles like 8 Things Kids Need to Do By Themselves Before They are 13 or Why That Middle Class Wine Habit Has a lot to Answer For   please like the page here 

Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who reads TLM, I love it so much I would still do it if it was just my mother reading it but makes it even better when I hear you have found it useful

Drop me an email if you have any suggestions or want to feature and if you stumbled on The London Mummy by chance and you would like to recieve the emails straight into your inbox – please sign up here! 

Have a great weekend

Love Lucinda xx


TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : January 2017

Oops, I missed December’s Edit so have a jam-packed January for you. I actually think all the chat of ‘Blue January’ is a bit dramatic. I love that lots of people are doing dry January and so have a pretty empty diary – not that we only go out to drink (cough) and we can snuggle down and catch up on the box sets.  We are currently into House of Cards.  No doubt this is soon to be put to the back of the shelf whilst we watch new season of Homeland and four parter Apple Tree Yard on terrestrial. Rock n Roll!

Anyway, let’s kick off this edit with the Hush Sample Sale this month. Held at Chelsea Town Hall over three days, it is the first of its kind and will no doubt be a huge success. They usually stagger out the stock over three days but I still think it is worth getting down early.


I am probably late to the party with discovering Waitrose fantastic free home delivery service. (Although I think I am in the majority as when I have waxed lyrical to my pals, they didn’t know either). It is a game changer! I can’t actually and anything about it on their website, hence no link but ask next time you pop down.

  • Head to your local Waitress (it must be your local one)
  • Go to Customer Services and reserve a delivery slot for later that day
  • Do your shopping (minimum £50)
  • Pay for it and walk out empty handed! (They even pack it for you!)

Be warned that it is easy to get carried away as you know you don’t have to carry or unload any of it!!  Hence my ‘winter’ berry fruit salad, which is a testament to the above point.


We all know people affected by Cancer, so please show your support on 4th February by buying and wearing a Unity Band for World Cancer Day.


As a symbol of strength and unity, the charity is urging supporters to donate or wear a specially designed Unity Band during the two week campaign, which launched on 19 January, with all proceeds helping pioneer research into all 200 types of cancers, and fund over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses in the UK.

This year, there are three classic adult reef knot designs available for a suggested donation of £2 and very exciting for 2017, they now are offering three beautiful adjustable polka dot children’s designs- offering us an opportunity to involve the kids in an act of unity against cancer, and raise money for life-saving research. Buy Here. 




A friend of mine is selling gorgeous fleece gilets and I can vouch that the boys don’t want to take them off. Email her to order yours. Perfect for an extra layer under a coat or for free arms when they have warmed up outside! They come in bright orange and black or electric blue and yellow.


I am as susceptible to a pale blue shirt on a man as the next person and I think I have found the ultimate classic linen pale blue shirt (as seen on Prince Harry!)  Started by Jamie Dundas, Dundas London has hit the nail on the head when it comes to casual dressing. Thank YOU.



When it comes to craft, I have to say the Americans are one step ahead. The most beautiful Christmas cards I received this year were all from across the pond. Little ribbons, beautifully written and more often than not, a stamp of their address on the back of the envelope.

So I investigated and have found a business that would give the americans a run for their money. The English Stamp Company can customise any stamp to your chosen font, size and style and you can even have a hand written stamp (which is slightly counteracting but hey!)

I have designs on this one  but maybe it is the gold ink that is swaying me!


I received an email from a lovely lady Poppy to introduce her handmade baby bloomer business just after I had pressed publish of ‘17 New Businesses To Have On Your Radar‘. They are absolutely sweet and well made. Have a look at Freddiepops on Facebook!


Also worth a mention is Tussie Mussie London that sell handmade candles that are delicious. The Love Story candle is perfect for Valentine’s Day…


I am thrilled to have some new entires on The London Mummy Directory. My aim is for it to be your go to when you are looking for ANYTHING. This may take a while as everything is a personal recommendation or exceptionally unique. This week I have added

BookitBecki – HelpingYou Book Your Perfect Holiday

Boo’s Baby Bites – Freshly Made, Freshly Frozen Delivered Straight To Your Door

Cece & Me – Children’s Shoe Fitting Experts

Ele Grafton – Bespoke Light Boxes, Collage Illustrations and Prints

LH Property Services – Professional, quality cleaning with a personal touch

Like Minders – Safe, Flexible & Affordable Babysitting & Childcare

Rachel’s Villa Holidays – A Free Villa Finding Service For Busy Parents

Not to mention my recent Spotlight on Jen and Maranda at Property Potential Surrey!  are now featured on The Directory.

Have a great day and keep warm xx


TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : November 2016

Squeezing this Edit in JUST before the end of November, so sorry if you think I have been spamming you this week. Stay with me! It’s worth it!

I’m often asked where I hear about all these ‘things’ that I put on the blog. Basically, I have a few very savvy friends who email some gems, a lot of lovely readers draw my attention to new products and places but mostly I suppose it is from other blogs, different social media accounts and a few blogazine’s.  Going to do a post on my favourites in Jan…

Anyway, it’s amazing how many wonderful businesses there are out there. If you are thinking of starting your own business or have done already, please let me know and I will endeavour to include you in a relevant post!

Ok, so November. Here we go!


Chelsea Swim Spa

Chelsea Swim Spa is a private swimming pool in the heart of Chelsea offering swimming lessons for new born babies and children aged up to 7 years old and adults in their award winning luxury private hydro pool.

Chelsea Swim Spa was established in 2015 and has been providing swimming lessons since. Lessons are taught by carefully selected ASA qualified and DBS checked teachers with more than 10 years’ experience and are experts at what they do. Most of the parents use the pool because of the wonderful teachers!

Email Darya for more information!

beautiful young brunette woman with her one year old baby relaxing in the swimming pool


The Simply Delicious Cake Company 

If you are on the hunt for an incredible Christmas cake – look no further. Millie will post your order and it will arrive like it was fresh out of the oven. We both had the small cakes for pudding last night and take it from me – they were moist and delicious.

Their Christmas charity this year is all about supporting Leukaemia research. To raise money for this research, Will Russell is running in the Marathon Des Sables 2017. For every on line sale they make they will donate £1 to his charity “Leuka”. For more information on the charity and race please go to Will’s just giving page



The Pedal Project

Ed guarente to get your child cycling with 3 x 1 hour sessions(courses at various indoor venues such as Barnes & Battersea, 3 consecutive weekends in a row). I think this is absolutely genius and can’t wait to give it a go next year! Bike and helmets provided suitable for children over 4…




The Cultivist 

The Cultivist is the world’s only global arts club offering uniquely privileged access to every aspect of the art world. With a single card, you glide through museums, galleries and art fairs worldwide: no tickets, no bookings, no complications.

Through personal service and tailored experiences, they help you deepen your appreciation of the art that matters most to you. Through your membership you are also offering philanthropic support to the many art institutions they partner with.



Fashion Doll Knits £4 each

At my sons Christmas Fair a lovely lady was selling hand knitted dolls clothes. They were so sweet and much more charming than the usual synthetic tat that these dolls come wearing.  A great stocking filler for your little girl.



Novello UK 

If you are a coffee lover, check out Novello UK. They make custom designed coffee tins. They can be personalised with your name, a logo and you can also choose the colour. Such a fun idea.

Check out mine on Instagram! (It’s PINK!)



Keep Em Quiet Fun Packs 

This is a genius idea. If you are going on a long journey and are anxious how to keep the kids entertained without the use of the iPad, choose from a selection of specially curated fun packs tailored to your child’s age.


We received the boys bag for 3-5 year olds andI couldn’t believe how filed and… fun it was! It even had snacks so no more stuffing a few old colouring books in your hand luggage. Buy one of these and give it them at take off. Viola.

Here is a little video of what was inside.



Sticker App 

Want to design your own stickers are upload a photo to stick everywhere? Now you can. This genius app lets you upload whatever design you choose and you can select the size and format and order as many as you want. So much fun to be had! Prices start at £10 for a sheet.




Embellishing The Ordinary

If you need a logo, event detailing, place names, invitations etc written in calligraphy – Jo is your lady. Her website is coming soon, so if you want to see more examples and get in touch with her, check out Embellishing The Ordinary Instagram Account.




TLM Directory 

I have recently added so many weird and wonderful services on my Directory. Do have a look. It is rather eclectic and so much fun to put together. New Categories are

  • Children’s Party Venues
  • Medical Services
  • Back To School
  • Villas To Rent

If you have a recommendation, please let me know. Let’s have all our recommendations in one place!





TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : October 2016

Hope you are having a lovely half term and found a few pumpkin related activities in the run up to Halloween. We are heading to Garsons Farm Shop in Esher Surrey to choose our pumpkin from their extensive ‘pick your own’ crop.  Apparently it has a gorgeous Gift Shop too. Can’t wait!


Some immense and helpful discoveries this month – lots of useful services in particular to make life simpler. I have also added 10 new listings in the TLM Ultimate Directory, so be sure to take a look if you need something (or even if you don’t – it will certainly prompt your grey matter!)


Digital Mums

Digital Mums retrains professional women with children who are looking for flexible, part-time work as social media managers. Get in touch with them if you want to become a social media manager, or if you want to hire one of these Digital Mums!


One Lane App

Need a hand with the school run or need someone to ferry your child from school to a class after school. This is a great app to link you up with the other mums who can help you. Perfect if you don’t need a nanny but do need a bit of help with logistics.


The Pandolly Podcast

I have only just ‘got into’ podcasts and this is the first one I have subscribed too. Pandora and Dolly are journalists at the Sunday Times, among many other accolades and their weekly podcast is both hilarious and informative covering current affairs to the latest fashions. I also love Dolly’s weekly email ‘thedollymail’ that I just savour. Sign up to it here

Image result for pandora and dolly


Treasure Trails

If you have a little Sherlock at home, head to Treasure Trails which is a website to download a Treasure Trail in your area. Perfect on a dull day when you are wondering what to do or if you are on holiday and want to explore the local area. We did the Putney one and it was brilliant and took us to places we didn’t know existed (and also got our grey matter working!)

Fun ways to exercise


Times Table Songs – Quick Brown Fox

I love this. If you are in the throes of learning timetables (your young ones, not you – you should know yours already…) Quick Brown Fox are a duo who have take popular pop songs and change the lyrics to learn your times tables. You will find yourself watching on your own – so catchy! Definitely a YouTube channel to subscribe to so you can be the first to know when they release new songs.



&Breathe Postnatal

If you have just had a bambino and quite rightly need a little downtime, & Breathe Post Natal are one day retreats in London and the UK (Woolley Grange) and rural one week retreats in France. The retreats are centred around wellbeing, fitness, resting and healthy food.  It sounds heaven! Both of you can go – dad and baby and they also have facilities for older siblings.



Luxe In The Country

This is a great website geared at ‘city girls who live in the country’ – although I have subscribed despite living in London – Sophie, the editor has so many glamorous ideas and fashion & lifestyle recommendations for country chic.



Eek. This could be dangerous. An app to find every sample sale imaginable. Need I say more…

Illustration 7.jpg



Emma, who runs The Glam Mummy blog & her friend Astrid, have set up a one stop destination for little girls accessories. Lots of bright colours and sparkles… That’s the Christmas stocking sorted!

Glitter Star Trio


If you would like to receive The London Mummy emails straight into your inbox (no more than x2) a week – please subscribe here.





TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : September 2016

So many recommendations this month of September! How do people think of all these great ideas? Some people are ideas people and some people are just good at shouting about them – so here I am doing the latter!

In The Picture Artwork – Customised Artworks of Children & Pets

I am totally over excited about this company that can be found on Etsy. Based in Australia, send Jackie a few photos of your children, a topic and a preferred colour palette and she will wizz something AMAZING up for you and pop it in the post.  We love them so much, they have been hung up in the kitchen for all to enjoy (they are also the only recent photos of the children as I just lost 4000 photos on my iphone due to water and not backing up on my icloud – yes, my fault but I am also in need of a bit of sympathy!) Also on Facebook and Instagram.


Zipjet App – Washing & Ironing Service

This App has saved my bacon. The drum on our washing machine has broken (yawn) but thankfully to Zipjet, I have chosen a time slot (within 2 hours) for collection adn the same for delivery 48 hours later. I could get used to it…

Image result for zipjet

Little Dish Pots & Pies – Ocado, sainsbury’s & Tesco’s

These fed all three (yes my 6 year old loved them too) very succesfully. They are great to keep in the fridge, knowing that they are fresh, taste good and have all the necessary nutrients growing bodies need. Go Little Dish – you are unstoppable (and oh so useful!)


The Yummy’s Club – Exclusive Discounts

This is SUCH a good idea and I am so excited to be a member. Discounts on everything from children’s clothes, party entertainers, nannies, children’s classes and so much more all across London. There really are so many mega discounts (like proper dicounts, not just token if you know what I mean!) If I am on the hunt for something (kids interiors at the moment), this is my first port of call as it is literally cash back on all the savings you make. Congratulations on a brilliant company girls! Join today!


Buy A Gift – Over 5000 Experiences To Buy Online

What do you buy the man/woman/Grandma etc who has everything? An experience of course! I ordered a Luxury Two Night Break and have over 300 nationwide hotels to chose from. (Have to work out the childcare first. Hmmm).  I also have my eye on the Go Ape for the boys, Afternoon Tea for Granny and an Emirates Stadium Tour for Daddy.  The ‘experience’ arrives in a beautiful box with the voucher code in it for your recipient to take it from there. Brilliant!!



Picasso’s In The Park

If you have a budding artist, take them to Chloe & Laura’s art class in Barnes OSO Arts Centre on a Wednesday afternoon. They will explore different technique’s and subject matters and take home a masterpiece each week.


Oh La Label – Custom Sticky Labels

How did I label scooters, shoes, helmuts and the like before I had these labels? I didn’t! Thank goodness for them – I have been whacking them on anything that can move and as they are waterproof and washing machine proof – they aren’t budging. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes and you can pretty much customize them as you like.


Teachers Boards – Organisation Made Simple

No week seems to stay the same, so if you want everyone in the family to know what they are up to, I highly recommend this weekly planner from Teachers Boards. They also sell every type of notice board you can imagine, from chalk to white board and for the super stylish, magnetic glass boards! If you can’t quite find what you are looking for, you can design your own board.

Magnetic Planner Dry Wipe Whiteboard - Weekly or Monthly

Fo more great ideas, check out TLM Directory and if you fancy a bit of shopping, head to TLM Edit.

TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : July 2016

There is no slowing down despite the summer holidays commencing. Work still needs to be done and there are services to make life easier. Have a look at the wonderful ‘service heavy’ July Edit with a couple of other goodies thrown in for good measure.


Can you imagine if there was a service that collected your dry cleaning at an hour convenient to you and delivered it back 24 hours later – spotless (and also sending you a reminder text that it was being delivered/collected?) Well, ihateironing does exactly that. It is so easy to sign up and it the prices are standard shop prices but without you having to leave the house. We had a suit dry cleaned and shoes re-soled and I will be doing my jumpers in due course.

Indian Summer

Indian Summer is a gorgeous boutique filled with treasures for babies, gifts, jewellery and fashion. Visit them in Fulham or check them out online – they gift wrap beautifully too so perfect to send as a present or even to yourself. I especially love their kaftans.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

City Cruises

How often do you walk along the river and long to be on a boat? We have done the commuter services between the City and Putney but they are inside & not very scenic. We fancied taking the sprogs on a river cruise so chose The River Red Rover. It is all-day hop on, hop off Thames river pass offering unlimited access to the river for 24 hours or 72 hours. You can hop on and hop off at any one of four piers, with open passage on any City Cruises sightseeing boats for a full day spent exploring the sights of the Thames.  We boarded at Westminster and went up to Tower. The commentary was ad lib and very amusing. The skipper pointed out landmarks and gave us plenty of new facts. My favourite was A Room In London….



I am an Aldi convert. After receiving an inflatable kayake (£39.99) and a soft archery set (£19.99) of the highest quality for the lowest price – it will always be my first port of call for garden toys. Also loving the Olympic wetsuits  and I hear the food is swell too. Swing by when you next see an Aldi or you can also order most online.


The Little Paws Hotel

I met a lovely lady Clare, who runs a Dacshund Hotel from her home in Earlsfield.  You must have her on speed dial if you wan the best for your little dog whilst you are away!

LPH Business Card

The Mother Concierge

The Mother Concierge is a new website offering personalised, curated events and activities for London’s primary school aged children during the school holidays. Subscription to the service is only £14.99 per school holiday. In two easy steps, parents and carers simply subscribe, complete a short questionnaire and thereafter receive a downloadable events calendar – including clickable links from their smartphone, PC or tablet – tailored to their needs, for each and every weekday of the school holidays.

The Mother Concierge















Pickle UK

Whether you’re after finger food for a working lunch, a fine-dining experience for a group of friends or creative snacks for a children’s party, they deliver a culinary experience that delights.


Have you seen TLM Ultimate Directory? For services similar to these and lots of other useful one’s, please have a look!


TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : June 2016

I love compiling my monthly Edit’s and hope you enjoy reading them.  Lots are recommendations from friends or people who have emailed to tell me about their new business. That’s what this blog is about! The June Edit has a multitude of random goodies ranging from events to taste sensations with some adorable new brands in between. Dive in!

Willa & The Bear

If you expecting, heading to a baby shower or just want to kit out your own tribe’s nursery, you have to check out Willa & The Bear. From large muslins (with neon satin trim!) to darling nightwear, they even sell sweet garlands to prettify any room. Reader off In July – 25% off. Use code TLM25

satin trimmed muslin blankets

Coco-Belle Clothing

Beautiful hand smocked children’s clothes at afforadable prices from Paris. I haven’t found such sweet and reasonable dresses in a while. Email Sophie for more information



T20 Cricket at The Oval

Kids go for £1 to the Natwest T20 Games at The Oval this summer. There is a new family zone that including facepainting, autograph signing and there is even a visit from Caesar The Lion. This shortened cricket game is perfect to take any budding cricketers.


Sugarella Cakes

Not only does Ella cater for parties such as children’s birthdays and afternoon tea, she has now taken London by storm with her famous brownie’s.  The honeycombe brownies are particularly oooh la la.  Not only do they put any other brownie you have ever tasted (strong call but I am confident) they are also beautifully beautifully. Order online or pop into Fortnum & Masons lower ground floor…


Mymia – Childrens Beachwear

I love this brand! (Going to stock a few key peices on in the near future *happy face) They have totally nailed beach chic for the little ones. My daughter actually pulls this top out of her drawer ever since it arrived (not that I let her choose her clothes…) It is very comfortable and fits beautifully. See her in action over on Instagram.

Mia Strappy Top

Kids Week

Did you know that kids go free to hundreds of theatre shows in London this August? No, I didn’t either. Check it out pronto as tickets are selling fast.

Wunderlife – The Brug

Get picnic ready with this ingenius picnic blanket that doubles up as a bag and toy carrier. It is multi-use, doesn’t show the dirt, wipes clean and it can even be personalised. Voila. Ready for summer.