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TLM Monthly Edit : January 2017

Oops, I missed December’s Edit so have a jam-packed January for you. I actually think all the chat of ‘Blue January’ is a bit dramatic. I love that lots of people are doing dry January and so have a pretty empty diary – not that we only go out to drink (cough) and we can snuggle down and catch up on the box sets.  We are currently into House of Cards.  No doubt this is soon to be put to the back of the shelf whilst we watch new season of Homeland and four parter Apple Tree Yard on terrestrial. Rock n Roll!

Anyway, let’s kick off this edit with the Hush Sample Sale this month. Held at Chelsea Town Hall over three days, it is the first of its kind and will no doubt be a huge success. They usually stagger out the stock over three days but I still think it is worth getting down early.


I am probably late to the party with discovering Waitrose fantastic free home delivery service. (Although I think I am in the majority as when I have waxed lyrical to my pals, they didn’t know either). It is a game changer! I can’t actually and anything about it on their website, hence no link but ask next time you pop down.

  • Head to your local Waitress (it must be your local one)
  • Go to Customer Services and reserve a delivery slot for later that day
  • Do your shopping (minimum £50)
  • Pay for it and walk out empty handed! (They even pack it for you!)

Be warned that it is easy to get carried away as you know you don’t have to carry or unload any of it!!  Hence my ‘winter’ berry fruit salad, which is a testament to the above point.


We all know people affected by Cancer, so please show your support on 4th February by buying and wearing a Unity Band for World Cancer Day.


As a symbol of strength and unity, the charity is urging supporters to donate or wear a specially designed Unity Band during the two week campaign, which launched on 19 January, with all proceeds helping pioneer research into all 200 types of cancers, and fund over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses in the UK.

This year, there are three classic adult reef knot designs available for a suggested donation of £2 and very exciting for 2017, they now are offering three beautiful adjustable polka dot children’s designs- offering us an opportunity to involve the kids in an act of unity against cancer, and raise money for life-saving research. Buy Here. 




A friend of mine is selling gorgeous fleece gilets and I can vouch that the boys don’t want to take them off. Email her to order yours. Perfect for an extra layer under a coat or for free arms when they have warmed up outside! They come in bright orange and black or electric blue and yellow.


I am as susceptible to a pale blue shirt on a man as the next person and I think I have found the ultimate classic linen pale blue shirt (as seen on Prince Harry!)  Started by Jamie Dundas, Dundas London has hit the nail on the head when it comes to casual dressing. Thank YOU.



When it comes to craft, I have to say the Americans are one step ahead. The most beautiful Christmas cards I received this year were all from across the pond. Little ribbons, beautifully written and more often than not, a stamp of their address on the back of the envelope.

So I investigated and have found a business that would give the americans a run for their money. The English Stamp Company can customise any stamp to your chosen font, size and style and you can even have a hand written stamp (which is slightly counteracting but hey!)

I have designs on this one  but maybe it is the gold ink that is swaying me!


I received an email from a lovely lady Poppy to introduce her handmade baby bloomer business just after I had pressed publish of ‘17 New Businesses To Have On Your Radar‘. They are absolutely sweet and well made. Have a look at Freddiepops on Facebook!


Also worth a mention is Tussie Mussie London that sell handmade candles that are delicious. The Love Story candle is perfect for Valentine’s Day…


I am thrilled to have some new entires on The London Mummy Directory. My aim is for it to be your go to when you are looking for ANYTHING. This may take a while as everything is a personal recommendation or exceptionally unique. This week I have added

BookitBecki – HelpingYou Book Your Perfect Holiday

Boo’s Baby Bites – Freshly Made, Freshly Frozen Delivered Straight To Your Door

Cece & Me – Children’s Shoe Fitting Experts

Ele Grafton – Bespoke Light Boxes, Collage Illustrations and Prints

LH Property Services – Professional, quality cleaning with a personal touch

Like Minders – Safe, Flexible & Affordable Babysitting & Childcare

Rachel’s Villa Holidays – A Free Villa Finding Service For Busy Parents

Not to mention my recent Spotlight on Jen and Maranda at Property Potential Surrey!  are now featured on The Directory.

Have a great day and keep warm xx


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