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TLM Monthly Edit : September 2016

So many recommendations this month of September! How do people think of all these great ideas? Some people are ideas people and some people are just good at shouting about them – so here I am doing the latter!

In The Picture Artwork – Customised Artworks of Children & Pets

I am totally over excited about this company that can be found on Etsy. Based in Australia, send Jackie a few photos of your children, a topic and a preferred colour palette and she will wizz something AMAZING up for you and pop it in the post.  We love them so much, they have been hung up in the kitchen for all to enjoy (they are also the only recent photos of the children as I just lost 4000 photos on my iphone due to water and not backing up on my icloud – yes, my fault but I am also in need of a bit of sympathy!) Also on Facebook and Instagram.


Zipjet App – Washing & Ironing Service

This App has saved my bacon. The drum on our washing machine has broken (yawn) but thankfully to Zipjet, I have chosen a time slot (within 2 hours) for collection adn the same for delivery 48 hours later. I could get used to it…

Image result for zipjet

Little Dish Pots & Pies – Ocado, sainsbury’s & Tesco’s

These fed all three (yes my 6 year old loved them too) very succesfully. They are great to keep in the fridge, knowing that they are fresh, taste good and have all the necessary nutrients growing bodies need. Go Little Dish – you are unstoppable (and oh so useful!)


The Yummy’s Club – Exclusive Discounts

This is SUCH a good idea and I am so excited to be a member. Discounts on everything from children’s clothes, party entertainers, nannies, children’s classes and so much more all across London. There really are so many mega discounts (like proper dicounts, not just token if you know what I mean!) If I am on the hunt for something (kids interiors at the moment), this is my first port of call as it is literally cash back on all the savings you make. Congratulations on a brilliant company girls! Join today!


Buy A Gift – Over 5000 Experiences To Buy Online

What do you buy the man/woman/Grandma etc who has everything? An experience of course! I ordered a Luxury Two Night Break and have over 300 nationwide hotels to chose from. (Have to work out the childcare first. Hmmm).  I also have my eye on the Go Ape for the boys, Afternoon Tea for Granny and an Emirates Stadium Tour for Daddy.  The ‘experience’ arrives in a beautiful box with the voucher code in it for your recipient to take it from there. Brilliant!!



Picasso’s In The Park

If you have a budding artist, take them to Chloe & Laura’s art class in Barnes OSO Arts Centre on a Wednesday afternoon. They will explore different technique’s and subject matters and take home a masterpiece each week.


Oh La Label – Custom Sticky Labels

How did I label scooters, shoes, helmuts and the like before I had these labels? I didn’t! Thank goodness for them – I have been whacking them on anything that can move and as they are waterproof and washing machine proof – they aren’t budging. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes and you can pretty much customize them as you like.


Teachers Boards – Organisation Made Simple

No week seems to stay the same, so if you want everyone in the family to know what they are up to, I highly recommend this weekly planner from Teachers Boards. They also sell every type of notice board you can imagine, from chalk to white board and for the super stylish, magnetic glass boards! If you can’t quite find what you are looking for, you can design your own board.

Magnetic Planner Dry Wipe Whiteboard - Weekly or Monthly

Fo more great ideas, check out TLM Directory and if you fancy a bit of shopping, head to TLM Edit.

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