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TLM Monthly Edit : February 2017

So lots of news this month!  There have been major developments in February on The London Mummy. I have added Notices, an Instagram Shop and What’s On to the home page. Let me explain!


I am often sent emails about positions, jobs, rentals, properties which haven’t really had a place on here but I have created this page which I will keep up to date with the latest goings on.



What’s On 

This has proved a big hit – I might have to start categorising soon. Every event I see that I think is worth a mention gets updated in What’s On. This could be a pop up, workshop, concert or festival amongst other things. If you ar hosting an event and think it would be of interest to London mums (and further afield – I love my non London, non mum readers – TLM is for you too!) drop me an email.

What's On



Everything that I feature on Instagram or the blog going forward will be added to the shop so that it is easy to find if you recall you have first seen it somewhere on TLM. Here is a taster of what I have added recently.

If you like traditional French kids clothes, check out Alice a Paris. Here is my eldest playing monopoly in the Antoine Shirt. Go up a size as they come slightly small.

Antoine Shirt

Superstar Kids is a fantastic book written by a father Gavin Rhodes. Each story has a strong moral and it is rhyming so easy to plough through. Buy it here

Superstar Kids

Wild Child Kitchen kindly dropped some samples of their new organic kids range of meals.  If you are short on time and your kids lap up the healthy food, this is a great company to have on your speed dial!

Wild Child

I am loving my daughters new dress from MyTwirl. It is really well made and really twirls when she spins!

My Twirl


I can’t forget my beloved Directory. It is an extensive list of useful services from the home and holidays to medical and courses (and parties, clubs…)

Here are the latest additions –

  • I am delighted to have added Katie’s Classroom  which are online video tutorials for Primary school kids. They are really well constructed and Katie is a great teacher!
  • Have also added a speech and language therapist Kingfishers so if you have any concert over your childs speech development, get in touch.
  • Alice Sushi Art hosts art and craft children parties.
  • Performance In Mind work with young athletes to help them overcome specific issues such as anger on court or anxiety before a match.
  • The Little Reading Club is a book delivery subscription to your door.

Also worth a mention is Okido is an arts and science magazine for 3-8 year olds. Perfect for a budding scientist! I flicked through it at a friends house and thought it was fantastic.

I am bursting with new fashion brands and collections but they warrant their own posts. If you missed my handbag post, check it out here. 


Lastly, if you are on the hunt for a family holiday – these 6 destinations will whet your appetite!

Sani Dunes

The London Mummy Facebook page is growing rapidly and it is evident that the practical articles I share are one of the most popular aspects. If you don’t want to miss articles like 8 Things Kids Need to Do By Themselves Before They are 13 or Why That Middle Class Wine Habit Has a lot to Answer For   please like the page here 

Lastly, thank you so much to everyone who reads TLM, I love it so much I would still do it if it was just my mother reading it but makes it even better when I hear you have found it useful

Drop me an email if you have any suggestions or want to feature and if you stumbled on The London Mummy by chance and you would like to recieve the emails straight into your inbox – please sign up here! 

Have a great weekend

Love Lucinda xx


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