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Up Close With Zandra From The Style Matters Podcast

I’ve been feeling so inspired by the Style Matters podcast that I decided to interview Zandra, the brilliant home styling expert behind the episodes. Obsessed with interior design since she was a kid, Zandra began channelling her home organising, decorating and design into her website Little Yellow Couch. Now, she is bringing her advice and expertise to life through the Style Matters podcast where she interviews stylists, designers and artisans to inspire us all to get more creative in the art of homemaking. I caught up with her for an Up Close interview to find out more…

The Style Matters Podcast

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What’s your favourite aspect of your work?

As the CEO and the chief bottle washer, I do pretty much everything. I love the variety! Being in the interior design space, the content I develop requires a lot of creativity. There’s also a lot of creative problem solving but I also have had to learn about marketing, website design, the tech behind producing a podcast, community building, social media, etc. I just love that my days are never the same.

Let’s talk about home design

Describe your interior style

It is very much uniquely my own! I mean, it better be — that’s what I preach for a living, after all!

We’ve been collecting original artwork for 20 years and it’s really the focal point of our home. I’m also a collector and avid thrift market/antique mall hunter, so I have a lot of objects that also beg for your attention.

I’m all about mixing everything! New and old, high and low, colours, patterns, eras, styles. I love taking a classic and turning it on its head a bit. I’m also passionate about craftsmanship and celebrating the small details that make something truly beautiful.

Interior tip

If you’re trying to figure out your signature style, start in your entryway. That’s usually a small space and therefore, less intimidating. Think of it as the prelude to sharing who you are. When a guest comes in, they should know something about who you are from how you’ve designed it.  And when you come in, you should immediately see something beautiful to remind you of your own value and worth. You deserve beauty.

Best return on investment on an item

Probably our very comfy, very well made red couch. Yes, the colour makes a statement and you may think that it’s limiting but, for me, it’s had the opposite effect, even when moving homes. You start to learn how buying something you love will always win out over buying something that’s “safe” because it’ll “go with everything.”

Inside the wardrobe

Describe your fashion style

Well, since covid, it’s been all about comfort! Pre-covid, I loved to dress up in nice jeans, a beautiful silk shirt, high heels and long earrings with red lipstick. I’m also partial to patterns and I look best in dark colors. I guess you’d say I’m a mix between Anthropology and Boden.

3 brilliant small clothing brands

Top 3 go-to items in your wardrobe when you are in a rush

Jeans, a cowl neck sweater and boots.

3 items that make you feel a million dollars

Great fitting jeans, a shift dress or an A-line skirt.

1 item that everyone asks where you got it from

My gold earrings that look like palmetto leaves. They came from the Dewberry Spa in Charlotte, NC.

Biggest purchase mistake ever

Bras, bras, bras! Why oh why can no one make a bra that has straps that don’t fall down, doesn’t hurt around the ribs, and still makes you look like gravity hasn’t won?!

Boots or trainers


Silver or gold jewellery?

Mostly gold

Favourite jewellery brand

I love finding new jewellers at craft shows and boutiques but I can always find something I like at Madewell.

 Life-saving beauty buys

Barefaced or full face?

Oooooh…. can I pick the in-between?  I have a LOT of sun damage (childhood spent in the Florida sun with tanning OIL… not sun protection)! To feel even halfway presentable, I need some foundation to even out my skin. And honestly, I feel my best when I have on mascara, eyeliner, and a little cheek and lip colour. But I’m also lazy, so it’s often just the foundation!

You might also like: 5 Brands To Refresh Your Skincare Routine

Best beauty buy on the market

I’m still looking

Top 3 items in your make up bag

Primer, foundation, all-in-one pink-ish tint that I can use on my eyes and cheeks if I’m in a rush.

Hair tip

Although it’s tempting to try different styles and different lengths, I’ve always, always regretted it when I make a change from my long, mostly evenly layered style without bangs.

Life-saving hair product

I absolutely love Shea Moisture’s Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment! It has absolutely transformed my morning routine. All I do I spray it all over after I get out of the shower and it smooths out my fly-aways and gives my slightly wavy hair a bit more curl and style. No hairdryer required!

Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment, Shea Moisture

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What’s cooking?

Romantic restaurant

I’m in the States, but if you’re ever outside of Boston, I’d definitely recommend Juniper in Wellesley, Massachusetts. They have a cookbook if you’re interested – it’s gorgeous! If you’re in NYC and you can really splurge, I’d say Per Se.

Last supper

Chicken Tikka Masala. It’s my oldest son’s favourite and last night was his last time eating with us before going back to college. Oh, wait… you didn’t mean the last supper I ate! As in, last night’s supper! HA. Ok, if I had to choose the last meal I’d ever eat, it would probably be a perfectly cooked steak. Just a small amount, because I’d want a lobster roll on the side and lots of red wine.

Default kids supper


Looking to update your wardrobe, buy a gift or treat yourself?

You will find a gorgeous range of jewellery, accessories and clothes on TLM Edit, all hand-picked by The London Mummy.

Time out

What do you do to relax?

Read novels or hang out with friends over great food and wine. (Are you seeing a theme here?  I drink a lot of wine).

Beach or pool

This is a tough one. I’d want a pool in my backyard that looks out onto my private beach entrance.

Swimsuit or bikini

Oooooh, we are loooong past the bikini days!

Keep fit activity

Does standing up while cooking count? Um… I guess I’d have to say taking walks (but I do have to force myself).

Hangover cure

Drink tons of water while you’re drinking! Set your alarm to go off every 45 minutes so you don’t forget!  Also, try organic wine. It’s really made a difference for my headaches. Other than that, I always eat eggs and an apple the morning after.

Last book you read

The Winter People by Jennifer MacMahon, three books by Walter Mosley and Ann Patchett’s The Dutch House.

The Winter People, Amazon

Shop Now

Favourite series

If I’m binge-watching, I’m probably not going for something that’s top of the line in terms of artistic merit, but there’s always good acting. My faves have been The Blacklist, New Girl, Grantchester, The Marvelous Mrs. Masel…

All-time favourite film

Geeeez, you ask hard questions! I go kinda dark when it comes to movies. All-time faves have been Reservoir Dogs, Raging Bull, and Leon: The Professional. I also love Elf.

The song you belt out in the car

I Will Survive

Evocative smell


3 favourite websites for passing time

Hmmmm…. I don’t really go online for browsing.

3 Instagram accounts you seek out

3 favourite podcasts 

Other than mine? (JK).

What tests your patience?

My kids, when I’m waiting for them.

3 words to describe yourself

Welcoming. Brave. Easily Bored. (I know, I know. That’s cheating).

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Up Close With Georgie Of minis AND MORE…

I caught up with the brilliant Georgie of the minis and MORE blog to interview her for my Up Close Series. Her blog is filled with fantastic ideas and inspiration to suit the modern parent. You’ll find everything from fashion advice to kids’ crafts with the latest makeup reviews and gift round-ups in between.

minis AND MORE...

Georgie of minis and MORE


What’s the latest string to your bow?

Sadly I have not taken these lockdowns as an opportunity to master Mandarin or learn the piano. Instead, I found some joy in painting and getting back into sewing and making a few things for my daughter, Hettie. I would like to do more of it when time allows.

What’s your favourite aspect of your work?

Definitely the writing. I absolutely love escaping into the process of it…from writing posts for my own blog to the odd bit of copywriting.

Inside the wardrobe

Describe your fashion style

I have a touch of a magpie eye and am drawn to anything with a bit of sparkle… add a ruffle or bow and I’m sold!

2 brilliant small clothing brands

  • Seraphina London design gorgeous clothing that you would want to drift around a French market in whilst carrying your straw tote and shopping for your baguette, cheese and wine.
  • Air & Grace – the founder Claire is amazing at designing shoes and boots which are super comfy but look fabulous.

Top 3 go-to items in your wardrobe when you are in a rush

My disco Sweaty Betty leggings (sparkle overload!), my Hush cashmere rollneck (a loose cut with dipped hem to cover my Mum bum!) and my Air & Grace hi-top trainers.

I also adore the dreamy designs by Faune. I don’t own anything from them yet but am hoping that one day I’ll be walking along a beach in one of their beautiful dresses/nightdresses (the Tiger Lily dress is a particular favourite!).

3 items that make you feel a million dollars

Air & Grace made a truly amazing pair of boots…think Dorothy’s ruby slippers and cowboy boots having a baby with Rhinestone Cowboy singing in the background! They really lift my spirit when I wear them.

I have an & Other Stories maxi dress with a retro space print. The cut and design makes me feel really put together and grown-up. 

My last item is not a clothing item but if I ever get time to use my Dyson Airwrap, I feel like an effort has been made. It makes styling hair so easy for someone like me who can only just about manage a ponytail.

1 item that everyone asks where you got it from

Last year, I purchased a cami top and tiered maxi skirt from Seraphina London in blue gingham. So many people asked where the pieces were from.

Biggest purchase mistake ever

I used to fall for extremely pretty, very high heeled shoes but pound per wear they are never a great investment…but they are very pretty!!

Best return on investment on an item

When I first started work, after a few pay packets I went to the Burberry store on Knightsbridge (is it still there?) and treated myself to a black raincoat. It was a more streamlined version of their trench coat. I was 22 at the time and 20 years on I am still wearing it.

Boots or trainers

Ooh, tricky. Boots because they come in all forms from snow to heeled to Chelsea!

Life-saving beauty buys

Barefaced or full face?

In-between. I have never liked full foundation and I wear Trinny London most days and I always wear an SPF.

Best beauty buy on the market

It has to be Trinny London BFF Cream. If I am in a rush it has an SPF plus a hint of colour and glows so I’m not so scary looking. In fact, my review of it is my most read post on my blog!

BFF Cream, Trinny London


Shop Now

Top 3 items in your make up bag

The Trinny London BFF Cream, Hourglass Ambient Light Powder as it isn’t too cakey or “flat” and the Trinny London Sheer Shimmer in Jenita (it’s a gorgeous juicy raspberry jam red which perks my skin up a treat!).

Ambient Lighting Powder, Hourglass


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Sheer Shimmer – Jenita, Trinny London


Shop Now

Hair tip

Slather on a hair treatment (I use the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer) when you are planning on doing a workout or just mooching about the house. Later, when you have a shower your hair feels so much better for it…plus it saves on time.

Elasticizer Intensive Treatment, Philip Kingsley


Shop Now

Life-saving hair product

During lockdown, I used the Josh Wood Root Hair Smudger to hide those pesky greys which seem to be appearing in greater numbers.

Root Hair Smudger, Josh Wood

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Silver or gold jewellery?

A mix!

Favourite Jewellery brand

I love Rachel Balfour Jewellery…I am lusting after her emerald heart-shaped ring.

Let’s talk about home design

Describe your interior style

I want to say scandi-chic but our house is cluttered with photos and mementoes of our family life and memories. I love a house with photos everywhere. It makes it feel like a real home.

Interior tip

Buy photo frames and fill them with memories to dot around the house!

What’s cooking?

Romantic restaurant

We have a lovely small restaurant near us called Henry & Joe’s which serve truly amazing food. It’s a hidden gem.

Last supper

Very traditional…a beef roast followed by a syrup sponge pudding and custard.

minis AND MORE...

Default kids supper

This sounds odd but it is the one meal ALL three kids will eat up completely…pasta with a leek and potato soup sauce (!?) with ham and peas mixed in.

Hangover cure

Full-fat Coke

Time out

What do you do to relax?

I love to draw and paint but do not have enough time. I love to read every night and have a Kindle so I can read without disturbing the hubby who is usually fast asleep.

Beach or pool

Cornish beach

Swimsuit or bikini

I’m still on the hunt for a swimsuit to fit my long body (there are so few styles out there). There are so many pretty styles but they just don’t fit so I have to go for a bikini – not the prettiest sight but better than a swimsuit cutting up in the wrong places!!!

Keep fit activity

During lockdown, we caved in a bought a Peloton. I was a bit dismissive of the concept at first but it means I can fit in a 10/15/20 minute class into lockdown life. I love their Barre classes and Core classes. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of exercise so these short classes are perfect for keeping me interested.

Last book you read

The Regency Revolution by Robert J H Morrison (I tend to read non fiction books and this one covers all the amazing characters during the short Regency period – 10 years…Byron, Jane Austen, Napoleon and more) and Caroline Hiron’s “Skincare” (a warning, it will make you want to overhaul your skincare regime!).

The Regency Revolution by Robert J H Morrison

From £5

Shop Now

Favourite series

The Undoing was AMAZING. The plot, the acting and Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe! I was so sad when that finished. However, I have just finished watching It’s A Sin – brilliantly acted, with moments of laughter but heart-wrenching what sufferers of AIDS went through at the time, 80’s nostalgia and a fab soundtrack… all this makes it a must-watch!

All-time favourite film

There are a few depending on my mood but Love Actually combines British humour and Christmas along with the emotion of Emma Thompson’s character listening to Joni Mitchell before putting on her Mum “game face” for the school nativity play… she’s amazing.

The song you pelt out in the car

Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia (obviously my kids are thrilled at this).

Evocative smell

Aqua di Parma. My Dad wore it when I was young and I find it a really comforting scent.

Colonia Eau de Cologne Natural Spray, Acqua di Parma


Shop Now

3 favourite websites for passing time

Zara – obviously I do love many of their pieces (not only for me but for Hettie their collections are great) but also for a random styling/poses that seem to be creeping in more and more…and which I often feel the need to share on my Stories on IG.

Mail Online – don’t judge, but it’s just an easy read with lots of photos for a weary homeschooling Mum right now!

The Maverick Guide – at the moment I’m dreaming of being back in Cornwall so this gives me ideas and glimpses into the beauty of the place.

minis AND MORE...

3 Instagram accounts you seek out

  • Caroline Hirons, @carolinehirons – because I love skincare more than fashion…it’s an obsession, plus Caroline’s no-nonsense approach is refreshing and honest.
  • Jennie Maizels, @jenniemaizelsJennie is an illustrator who’s account is pure joy.
  • Clare AKA Invest In Style, @invest_in_styleClare not only has a fab sense of style (I’d love to be able to channel her simple chic way of dressing) but she sells some wonderful pre-loved items. I purchased an Isabel Marant oversized blazer from her which I adore and cannot wait to wear out and about again.

3 favourite podcasts

  • BBC Friday Night Comedy – I love The News Quiz… because we all need a laugh.
  • My Wardrobe Malfunction with Susannah Constantine – fashion chat with some giggles and well as how we feel about our clothes.
  • Grounded with Louis Theroux – I love Louis Theroux’s way of chatting to people and this is a series of “chats” with a variety of people.

What tests your patience?

Rudeness and entitlement

3 words to describe yourself

Loyal, homebody, creative.

Visit and don’t forget to follow Georgie on Instagram, @georgie_minisandmore

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People Spotlight

Beatrice de Montille : Merci Maman

Many of us are familiar with the necklace that made Merci Maman famous, The Duchess Necklace, worn by the Duchess of Cambridge after the birth of her children but there are so many other absolute gems that Merci Maman sell including personalised gifts for him and juniors!


Béatrice de Montille settled down in London 12 years ago, following her husband, Arnaud, who worked in the City.  She worked for Danone and Del Monte in Sales and Marketing positions for several years but after having her second child, she needed flexibility at work.

She wanted to start her own company so that she could work from home. In 2007 Béatrice was looking for a personalised birthday gift for her daughter. The only place she was able to find it was a shop in France but the owner told her she wouldn’t ship it to the UK. That’s why Béatrice decided to create a UK-based platform that would ship stylish personalised jewellery and gifts worldwide and called it Merci Maman — ‘Thank you Mummy’ — a nod to the special bond between a mother and her child.

Merci Maman 26th April 20162668


Nine years later, the company employees 25 team members and they have sent more than 150 000 products in more than 100 countries.  The orange boxes are distinctively Merci Maman!

The website is split into her, him and juniors and is very simple to navigate. I found this picture particularly helpful when deciding on what necklace length you prefer.


My new favourite item of jewellery is the Personalised Eternity Trio Necklace, pictured below. I have my three children name on each circle.



I think the Personalised Boho Necklace could go quite well with it… (different lengths obviously, it’s all about layering)



The Ilado U Pregnancy Necklaces are new to the range and absolutely stunning. There is a soft chime inside the pendant so perfect to wear when your baby in utero can hear (from 16 weeks) and if you get the long length it will be close to it’s ears.



There is also a lovely selection of arm candy to adorn your exposed wrists. The personalised Leather Wrap Dice Bracelet is a good place to start and with each child you can add a dice.


Personalised Liberty Eternity Bracelet is also high on my wish list!



If you have a ‘bolster’ why not get your mobile number engraved on a bracelet. I like these neon Oval Plate Bracelets.




If you are looking for a present for the Dad who has everything (and he is a golfer!) get a Golf Tee and  Marker set.




Beatrice’s Favourites

Hotel : Airbnb

Website : Not On The High Street

Shop : Amaia & Oliver Bonas

Restaurant : Claude’s Kitchen, Parsons Green


For a romantic evening we like to go to Claude’s Kitchen , just one floor above the amuse bouche, my favourite bar. Claude’s Kitchen
has a nice range of creative dishes that change every week. Everything is always well cooked, fresh and seasonal. I love steak or a
well-cooked fish dish.


Holiday Destination : “South of France where we have a holiday house. Great to receive family and friends during the summer!”

Parenting tip : ‘Trust your children and teach them our important trust is. Let them experience life so they build self confidence.’

Family Life People

Mouth To Mouth With Daisy First Aid

It has taken me 6 years, 1 house move, 1 renovation, 1 dog & 3 children to finally get round to completing a first aid course. I am relatively laid back when it comes to health and safety and compassion isn’t my strongest character trait (I am not an ogre but just don’t pander to man colds or minor scraps and scrapes) but I knew it was time to learn a bit of mouth to mouth…

I have a thing (ie. paranoia) about choking…. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. Maybe impulsively I would give a thump in the back but, precisely, a thump is probably what’s not needed!! Everyone has a thing. Some people’s is there children going missing or fingers being caught in the hinges (yes that’s one of mine too) but whatever it, there is no harm in brushing up on your first aid skills and learning what to do in an emergency.


Daisy First Aid is a fantastic business that was set up my a mum 3 years ago and it now has 40 franchises across the UK that visit you in your workplace, home or even a restaurant and school.  They are the number one provider for Mothercare so you know you are safe when you are persuing the babygros! Daisy are also the ‘First Aid’ teachers to very high profile individuals (I am not sure I am allowed to say on here – but ask me if you want to know) and I can see why.


Caroline who came to my home to teach myself, my husband, our au pair and 2 friends a 2 hour first aid class was very professional, informative, friendly and approachable. I thought I would lose concentration after half an hour, but by the time we wrapped up, i was still enamoured despite my brain being full with new information (and it also clarified any nonsense I had gathered over the years from too much Casualty).


It was especially interesting doing the practical and learning what to check and when to call an ambulance. When it was our turn (I was paired with my beloved) I was quick to criticise him when he couldn’t remember what we had been told earlier but as soon as it was my turn I had total brain freeze! (guilty)


If you have been meaning to do a first aid course, get a few friends together (minumum 4), put some wine on ice (Caroline won’t judge) and have an enjoyable fun evening, whilst also adding more strings to your bow.


£25 each for 2 hour paediatric first aid class.

Babies under 12m welcome.

Contact Caroline directly on her website for Wimbledon, Tooting & Raines Park and she is soon to cover SW11, SW15, SW18

For Nationwide enquiries





People Products Spotlight

Clare Haxby : British Contemporary Artist

Today’s Spotlight is on British artist, Clare Haxby. Her bright, vivid work caught my eye on Instagram Each piece is eye catching and spectacular and would be a striking addition to any home that needs a lift.

Clare is a British Artist, painter and printmaker who has just returned to London after spending 8 years living in Singapore. She moved there in 2007 with her husband and 2 children, Scarlett & Teddy, and set up a professional studio. (She has subsequently had a 3rd – Alfie!).

Family picture - Clare Haxby Artist & family Photographer - Amber Roberts

In Singapore, Clare held regular open days inviting people to her home and studio on the edge of the jungle in one of Singapore’s Black and White old colonial homes and she attracted a strong International following. She got a breakthrough when the manager of The Fullerton Hotel “loved my art inspired by Singapore and offered to host my solo show which eventually became a springboard for my success there. I had spent 3 years painting the collection of large canvases!”


The Expats in Singapore loved Clare’s vibrant and contemporary paintings and many of them were bought as a treasured memory of their time in Singapore to take home with them when they left!


Clare has produced a large collection of Singapore Landmark Paintings such as the colonial building of Raffles Hotel and the contemporary landmark Marina Bay Sands alongside other much loved collections of botanical’s, an equestrian collection and a motherhood collection.

Transition to motherhood 30 x 30 cms mixed media on paper by Clare Haxby

Clare’s paintings are in private collections all over the world and her clients include The French Embassy of Singapore, The Swedish High Commissioner of Singapore and corporates such as BNP Paribas.

The Botanic Gardens_ Clare Haxby Studio 72dpi

Since returning to England during the summer of 2015 Clare has set up a new studio in the Surrey Hills, exhibited in Venice, London, Rome, Columbia and New York and one of her new gingerlily paintings has been featured in British Vogue!

Clare Haxby - My Beautiful Ginger Lilies Painting

“I love being back as despite the weather and no helper… Oh how I miss my amazing helper from Singapore! London is such a dynamic city and there is always so many exhibitions to see. My clients in Singapore all asked me when I was starting my London Landmarks, I have just started – I am painting the ‘Liberty London’ building at the moment!”


Clare produces art on 2 price points. Firstly, one off original paintings on canvas either from her own collection or a commission as a bespoke painting, the second is her affordable art prints (from £249) which are often bought online as gifts as she ships them worldwide in a lovely gift tube. (She has a special offer for free international delivery on all prints!)

Studio Visits are very welcome if you fancy a jaunt to the Surrey Hills to discuss any requirements.  Please email Clare at

Buddhas & Botannicals _CLARE HAXBY STUDIO 72dpi(1)

Clare’s Favourites

Website : English Folly Brie is a fellow Singapore expat and like me back also now back in England. we met in Singapore and bonded over juggling being an entrepreneur & mother, I have bought lots of her gorgeous personalised textiles.

Shop : Graham & Green  for colourful and unusual interior finds

Holiday destination : Ubud in Bali for Yoga retreats, Aix en Provence in France for Art and culture & Bhutan a tiny landlocked country between India & China for the ultimate step back in time ‘global nomad’ experience. The next on my wanderlust wish list is Peru…

Restaurant : Terminus Nord The Bouillabaisse is amazing and the little butter pats are wrapped in beautiful paper.

Hotel : Raffles Hotel Singapore – colonial elegance and afternoon tea in the Tiffin Room.

Parenting tip :

“It’s just a phase – give yourself a pat on the back and a glass of wine”

Books Little People

The Pregnancy & Newborn Edit

Despite this blog being called ‘The London MUMMY’, I don’t actually post that much on one major part of being a mother – pregnancy & babies. There is a plethora of fantastic blogs & websites more geared towards that stage (my favourite is My Baba) whereas I am more focused on activities, fashion & championing new business’s.

However, when the lovely author Lucinda Van Der Hart, who is expecting her 3rd child after a 5 year gap, offered to do a guest post on what’s new in this underworld of pregnancy & baby products & services, I was delighted, as I was intrigued to know. She lives in Barnes and is author of Soul Food For Mums & The Pregnancy Book. Let me hand her over…

I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my third baby, and wiggling on a birthing ball as I type. My elder two children are now the ripe old ages of seven and five – which means it has been a few years since I last went through pregnancy. And when it comes to ingenious products for mums-to- be, it seems that a lot has changed in that time.  This time around, I’ve enjoyed discovering a selection of the gorgeous and useful that simply didn’t exist with rounds one and two. Here’s my edit of some wonderful finds.

1. The Sassy Bloom Box

If you are looking for a baby shower or new mummy gift, the Sassy Bloom box ticks every box – a prettily-packaged box of goodies delivered to your (or a friend’s) door. Costing from £23 each, boxes are available for a mum-to- be in her third trimester and can then be tailored to a baby’s stage, up to the age of three. Order a one-off box, or have a box delivered monthly. I sent off for the third trimester box, which included a stroller frame bag (for carrying tricky items such as flowers or older children’s toys on the back of a buggy), scrummy toiletries for mum and baby, a baby blanket and a buggy hook.


2. Mamaway 3-in- 1 Lightweight Down Jacket

This ingenious invention is must for every fan of baby-wearing – an ultra lightweight down jacket complete with a zip-in panel to extend its size for wear during pregnancy, or for use while your baby is strapped to your front in a sling. The panel can also be removed all together, turning it back into a normal jacket again, so this really has potential for longevity. The jacket packs neatly away into a small drawstring bag – I’ll be keeping mine in my changing bag at all times.

Currently available at the discounted price of £76.30.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.02.19

3. Amoralia’s Nursing Bras

Seven years ago, buying a nursing bra meant purchasing a functional, and quite frankly, very unattractive piece of underwear. Now there’s a host of gorgeous nursing bras to choose from. I love Amoralia’s Allure in ruby – a sumptuous, deep burgundy shade with black lace detail and velvet straps. It features a removable flexi underwire, enabling you to decide whether or not you want that extra shape or support. It’ll only set you back £39.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.05.36

4. The Squeezy App

Not so glam perhaps, but the reality is that every mum and mum-to- be has to do those annoying pelvic floor exercises. Recommended by my physiotherapist, this handy little NHS app costs just £2.99 and will not only remind you to do your squeezes at set times each day, but also give you instructions to follow for each set of exercises. Ta da! Exercises done. Almost.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.08.20

5. The Private Pregnancy Show

If you are considering private medical care for your pregnancy and delivery, you may like to pay a visit to London’s first Private Pregnancy Show. Taking place from 21-22 May 2016 in Mayfair, the show will host workshops and seminars from leading UK doctors, midwives and motherhood specialists on the benefits of private care for pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, complementary approaches to birth preparation, returning to work and more. Tickets are £20.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.09.53

6. Leah Sarago’s Fit and Sleek Prenatal Physique

Somehow, sweating it out in the gym with an enormous bump on show has never appealed to me, so in pregnancy I turn to exercise DVDs. Five years ago, Davina McCall’s ‘My Pre and Post natal workouts’ DVD was pretty much the only acceptable home pregnancy workout. Now there’s a much bigger selection of DVDs available, and my favourite is Leah Sarago’s. This is made up of 15-minute segments – select which ones you want and put your own workout together. For me this offers a strong balance of challenging an expanding body, building strength and preventing injury.

£25.95 on Amazon

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.15.24

8. The Baby Book: How to enjoy year one by Rachel Waddilove

I can’t strictly say I didn’t know that this book existed when I fell pregnant this time – I had it in an earlier version and used it endlessly with my other two babies. But Rachel, who has extensive experience as a maternity nurse and baby sleep expert and has helped Zara Philips, Gwyneth Paltrow and Minnie Driver with their babies, has recently launched a fully revised and updated edition.

£12.08 on Amazon

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.17.45

7. Cook’s 10% Discount For New Mums

This is another fabulously practical gift that I would heartily recommend for any new parent – a hamper or vouchers from the makers of delicious homecooked freezer meals at Cook. Parents of new babies can receive the discount for six months after their baby’s arrival.


9. WaterWipes

Here’s a product that I can’t quite believe wasn’t invented earlier – the chemical-free baby wipe. WaterWipes contain 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, a natural skin conditioner. Available from Boots, Superdrug and Tesco’s among other retailers, I’ll be buying these for use on baby’s delicate skin.

12 packets for £25

Front of 60 Pack

10. The Honest Mum’s Club: Parenting. Depression. Cake. by Hannah Oakland

Every mum will experience the baby blues at some stage during the early days and weeks with a newborn. But at least one in seven mums go on to do battle with postnatal depression. In this newly-published book, Hannah Oakland bravely shares her experience of this often-hidden illness, approaching a serious topic with much-needed honesty and humour.

£9.98 on Amazon

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.19.26

Lots of food for thought – thank you Lucinda (great name btw 😉 )

PS. Going to tell you about my latest venture soon, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek whilst I tweak

People Services Spotlight

Dr Tamsin Hayward : The Wrinkle Dr

London Mummy of 2 little boys, Dr Tamsin Hayward, is the lady to know if you’re considering cosmetic injectables.   Tamsin set up her business The Wrinkle Dr after recognising the need for affordable treatments by an accessible local Doctor.  In addition to cosmetic work, Tamsin is an NHS GP in a surgery in Parsons Green, teaches pediatric first aid courses for Lulubaby.


Tamsin specialises in wrinkle-reducing injections i.e. Botox® and Dermal fillers.  She also performs thread vein and blemish removal and consultations for eyelash growth treatments – Lumigan. It was an absolute eye opener how many different treatments she could perform. I was like a kid in a sweet shop reading through the list of treatments (although I still vow injectibles aren’t for me quite yet!)


My friend who I went with to meet Tamsin, was keen to try Botox on her forehead and get her crows feet ‘done’. Tamsin was so informative and patient answering all her questions and queries. She (who herself is a walking advert for her own services – she looks stunning) immediately put my friend at ease. Tamsin is renowned for her gentle injection technique, honest approach and ethos to achieve a natural look. There won’t be any ‘trout pout’ disasters if you see The Wrinkle Doctor.



The results were subtle yet made my friend look and feel a million dollars. She has lots of before and afters on here website, for you to see for yourself.


Visit her for a free consultation. Although, I am sure if you are already tempted, once you meet her you went hesitate to use her!


Tamsin’s Favourites

Shop : Jigsaw

Restaurant : Medlar, Chelsea

Website : Bundle Maclaren Millinery

Hotel : The Pig, Bath

Holiday Destination : Val De Lobo, Portugal

Parenting Tip : “Bribery!”

Email or phone 07522 762 355


People Services

blow LTD : Fast Beauty – To Your Door

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone come to your house, blow dry your hair quickly and beautifully, all for the same price as going to a salon… Oh wait a minute, blow LTD can do that.


blow LTD is London’s leading app based provider of Fast Beauty On Demand offering expert blow dries, make-up, facials and nails to your home, office or event for busy women in London zones 1,2&3. It is the beauty destination for professional convenient beauty without compromising on quality.  As featured in VOGUE, Sunday Times Style and Grazia, their expertly trained team of pros will deliver fast, fabulous beauty to your chosen location.



My chosen location was at home, over lunch whilst the little ones were asleep. My only requirement was to wash my hair before the appointment. However if your hair is already clean they can spray it with water if time is precious.


The task in hand

Time is precious these days and as you can see by the state of my hair, I don’t spend much time or money on it – and as a consequence of that with the combination of post baby hair – it is particularly dry and susceptible to some spectacular knots.


Michaela, working her magic

A lovely stylist from blow LTD, Michaela, arrived at my door punctually, introduced herself and asked where there was a power point. There are 8 different styles to chose from – of which I chose Luxe – smooth with a bit of body (as you can see from the roller in the front of my hair). I could tell she was competent by the speed and confidence which she handled my mop and before I knew it, hey presto, she was finished.


Michaela, my NBF

I was absolutely delighted and couldn’t believe the transformation from Mrs Scarecrow to… I will let you decide what as don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but I think you will agree it looks pretty good!

blow LTD also do mani’s, pedi’s, facials and make up.  If you live in Zones 1, 2 or 3 (basically the majority of London), why not team up with a one or two pals before a night out and choose a combination of services.

To get you started, blow LTD is offering The London Mummy readers £10 off their first booking. That means you can get a blow dry at home for just £30! Download the blow LTD app or register online and enter the code THELONDONMUMMY