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Beatrice de Montille : Merci Maman

Many of us are familiar with the necklace that made Merci Maman famous, The Duchess Necklace, worn by the Duchess of Cambridge after the birth of her children but there are so many other absolute gems that Merci Maman sell including personalised gifts for him and juniors!


Béatrice de Montille settled down in London 12 years ago, following her husband, Arnaud, who worked in the City.  She worked for Danone and Del Monte in Sales and Marketing positions for several years but after having her second child, she needed flexibility at work.

She wanted to start her own company so that she could work from home. In 2007 Béatrice was looking for a personalised birthday gift for her daughter. The only place she was able to find it was a shop in France but the owner told her she wouldn’t ship it to the UK. That’s why Béatrice decided to create a UK-based platform that would ship stylish personalised jewellery and gifts worldwide and called it Merci Maman — ‘Thank you Mummy’ — a nod to the special bond between a mother and her child.

Merci Maman 26th April 20162668


Nine years later, the company employees 25 team members and they have sent more than 150 000 products in more than 100 countries.  The orange boxes are distinctively Merci Maman!

The website is split into her, him and juniors and is very simple to navigate. I found this picture particularly helpful when deciding on what necklace length you prefer.


My new favourite item of jewellery is the Personalised Eternity Trio Necklace, pictured below. I have my three children name on each circle.



I think the Personalised Boho Necklace could go quite well with it… (different lengths obviously, it’s all about layering)



The Ilado U Pregnancy Necklaces are new to the range and absolutely stunning. There is a soft chime inside the pendant so perfect to wear when your baby in utero can hear (from 16 weeks) and if you get the long length it will be close to it’s ears.



There is also a lovely selection of arm candy to adorn your exposed wrists. The personalised Leather Wrap Dice Bracelet is a good place to start and with each child you can add a dice.


Personalised Liberty Eternity Bracelet is also high on my wish list!



If you have a ‘bolster’ why not get your mobile number engraved on a bracelet. I like these neon Oval Plate Bracelets.




If you are looking for a present for the Dad who has everything (and he is a golfer!) get a Golf Tee and  Marker set.




Beatrice’s Favourites

Hotel : Airbnb

Website : Not On The High Street

Shop : Amaia & Oliver Bonas

Restaurant : Claude’s Kitchen, Parsons Green


For a romantic evening we like to go to Claude’s Kitchen , just one floor above the amuse bouche, my favourite bar. Claude’s Kitchen
has a nice range of creative dishes that change every week. Everything is always well cooked, fresh and seasonal. I love steak or a
well-cooked fish dish.


Holiday Destination : “South of France where we have a holiday house. Great to receive family and friends during the summer!”

Parenting tip : ‘Trust your children and teach them our important trust is. Let them experience life so they build self confidence.’

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