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Mouth To Mouth With Daisy First Aid

It has taken me 6 years, 1 house move, 1 renovation, 1 dog & 3 children to finally get round to completing a first aid course. I am relatively laid back when it comes to health and safety and compassion isn’t my strongest character trait (I am not an ogre but just don’t pander to man colds or minor scraps and scrapes) but I knew it was time to learn a bit of mouth to mouth…

I have a thing (ie. paranoia) about choking…. I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. Maybe impulsively I would give a thump in the back but, precisely, a thump is probably what’s not needed!! Everyone has a thing. Some people’s is there children going missing or fingers being caught in the hinges (yes that’s one of mine too) but whatever it, there is no harm in brushing up on your first aid skills and learning what to do in an emergency.


Daisy First Aid is a fantastic business that was set up my a mum 3 years ago and it now has 40 franchises across the UK that visit you in your workplace, home or even a restaurant and school.  They are the number one provider for Mothercare so you know you are safe when you are persuing the babygros! Daisy are also the ‘First Aid’ teachers to very high profile individuals (I am not sure I am allowed to say on here – but ask me if you want to know) and I can see why.


Caroline who came to my home to teach myself, my husband, our au pair and 2 friends a 2 hour first aid class was very professional, informative, friendly and approachable. I thought I would lose concentration after half an hour, but by the time we wrapped up, i was still enamoured despite my brain being full with new information (and it also clarified any nonsense I had gathered over the years from too much Casualty).


It was especially interesting doing the practical and learning what to check and when to call an ambulance. When it was our turn (I was paired with my beloved) I was quick to criticise him when he couldn’t remember what we had been told earlier but as soon as it was my turn I had total brain freeze! (guilty)


If you have been meaning to do a first aid course, get a few friends together (minumum 4), put some wine on ice (Caroline won’t judge) and have an enjoyable fun evening, whilst also adding more strings to your bow.


£25 each for 2 hour paediatric first aid class.

Babies under 12m welcome.

Contact Caroline directly on her website for Wimbledon, Tooting & Raines Park and she is soon to cover SW11, SW15, SW18

For Nationwide enquiries





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