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Hassle Free Dinner Parties at Wyld Cookery School

On Tuesday evening we had a wonderful evening with Fran and her team at Wyld Cookery School in Wandsworth. We were invited to their ‘Hassle Free Dinner Parties’ evening which was the final instalment of the 4 week Wyld Cookery Club Evening Course, that also covers Asian Adventures, 30 Minute Meals and One Pot Wonders.

We were greeted with a glass of top plonk (or bottled beer much my husbands delight!) and given the outline and menu for the evening to have a look at before we got cracking.


We were introduced to the rest of the group who despite having spent the last 3 weeks together were friendly and inclusive. There was a mix of ages and both men and women.


Fran who started up the school 2 years ago gave a brief introduction on the order of the evening.  Starting with a demonstration, then time to cook yourself and finished off with a lovely sit down meal of the goodies you have just cooked.


Fran is a cool chick who made the evening fun and VERY informative. She made the demo’s lively and her patience with all the questions and inability to follow recipe’s was pretty impressive!

After the wonderful demo, we cracked on and had a go at cooking Chicken With Mild Mushrooms.


Check out the Hazelnut and Meringue cake.


Alex rolling his roulade – check out the pinky!


Fran was so generous with her tips and I felt of wave of inspiration after having felt so stale in the kitchen for the last few (6) years.

  • Chop the stalks if your beans in the bag
  • Use banana shaped shallots – much easier to chop
  • Whack in a whole crushed garlic (without peeling) to your butter to make garlic butter.
  • Use grease proof paper rather than tinfoil to cook meat (I did wonder why my sausages always stuck to the foil!)
  • Use portobello mushrooms or an alternative but never the cheap white closed cup mushrooms that have no flavour.
  • Stock Pots are a game changer.
  • Soak your dried wild mushrooms for 20 minutes and then, to avoid getting gritty bits in your dish, either strain the liquid through a muslin or discard the last inch of juice – this is especially important when cooking a risotto
  • Always fry your chicken thigh skin down to crisp it up and you don’t need fat – there is enough on the skin.
  • Icing sugar is a the best way to sweeten cream, not caster sugar.

Oh I could go on! You may know alot of this but I have never been to a cooking school and now have a bit of a bug to more.

I reckon the only way to learn properly is by doing and I highly recommend the friendly relaxed and informative way like Wyld Cookery School conducts their courses.

They also only first class ingredients and you also get to take supper home for the next night so it is super duper bang for your buck.

My highlight was the supper at end and also learning to make hollandaise sauce! Who would have thought!


The next evening course starts on March 21st so book yourself in or give it to someone close to you as a gift. What a great Valentine’s Day present and you will reap the rewards!

There are also some great courses for youngsters.

Wyld Seasonaire 

They also do a Gap Year Course to become a chalet boy/girl.

A no-nonsense, intensive two-week cookery course to give you everything you need to make the most of your Ski Job.

Wyld Essentials 

They are approved D of E provider for the who need to complete their Duke of Edinburgh award.

The course runs Monday to Friday with a maximum of 14 students. They enjoy lunch together every day, with breakfast on Fridays and on their first Thursday night they host a ‘Supper Party’ for their invited guests at the school. The hours are Monday 9.30am – 4.30pm and Tuesday to Friday have a 9am start!


The Wyld Essentials Cookery Course

There is also a course to get students culinary ready before they go their own way.

This is the ideal cookery course for anyone about to go to college, university, leaving halls of residence or simply leaving home and left to fend for themselves. The Wyld Essentials Cookery Course is a fun and hand’s on programme which will show you how to flip a dinner party on a budget, create a killer roast and smash a lasagna. Boiled, roasted, baked or steamed like everything we do, we cut out the nonsense and get into the detail that will leave you armed with a solid menu repertoire and confidence to tackle most recipes you put your hand to.


The Wyld Cookery School 

TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : September 2016

So many recommendations this month of September! How do people think of all these great ideas? Some people are ideas people and some people are just good at shouting about them – so here I am doing the latter!

In The Picture Artwork – Customised Artworks of Children & Pets

I am totally over excited about this company that can be found on Etsy. Based in Australia, send Jackie a few photos of your children, a topic and a preferred colour palette and she will wizz something AMAZING up for you and pop it in the post.  We love them so much, they have been hung up in the kitchen for all to enjoy (they are also the only recent photos of the children as I just lost 4000 photos on my iphone due to water and not backing up on my icloud – yes, my fault but I am also in need of a bit of sympathy!) Also on Facebook and Instagram.


Zipjet App – Washing & Ironing Service

This App has saved my bacon. The drum on our washing machine has broken (yawn) but thankfully to Zipjet, I have chosen a time slot (within 2 hours) for collection adn the same for delivery 48 hours later. I could get used to it…

Image result for zipjet

Little Dish Pots & Pies – Ocado, sainsbury’s & Tesco’s

These fed all three (yes my 6 year old loved them too) very succesfully. They are great to keep in the fridge, knowing that they are fresh, taste good and have all the necessary nutrients growing bodies need. Go Little Dish – you are unstoppable (and oh so useful!)


The Yummy’s Club – Exclusive Discounts

This is SUCH a good idea and I am so excited to be a member. Discounts on everything from children’s clothes, party entertainers, nannies, children’s classes and so much more all across London. There really are so many mega discounts (like proper dicounts, not just token if you know what I mean!) If I am on the hunt for something (kids interiors at the moment), this is my first port of call as it is literally cash back on all the savings you make. Congratulations on a brilliant company girls! Join today!


Buy A Gift – Over 5000 Experiences To Buy Online

What do you buy the man/woman/Grandma etc who has everything? An experience of course! I ordered a Luxury Two Night Break and have over 300 nationwide hotels to chose from. (Have to work out the childcare first. Hmmm).  I also have my eye on the Go Ape for the boys, Afternoon Tea for Granny and an Emirates Stadium Tour for Daddy.  The ‘experience’ arrives in a beautiful box with the voucher code in it for your recipient to take it from there. Brilliant!!



Picasso’s In The Park

If you have a budding artist, take them to Chloe & Laura’s art class in Barnes OSO Arts Centre on a Wednesday afternoon. They will explore different technique’s and subject matters and take home a masterpiece each week.


Oh La Label – Custom Sticky Labels

How did I label scooters, shoes, helmuts and the like before I had these labels? I didn’t! Thank goodness for them – I have been whacking them on anything that can move and as they are waterproof and washing machine proof – they aren’t budging. They come in all colours, shapes and sizes and you can pretty much customize them as you like.


Teachers Boards – Organisation Made Simple

No week seems to stay the same, so if you want everyone in the family to know what they are up to, I highly recommend this weekly planner from Teachers Boards. They also sell every type of notice board you can imagine, from chalk to white board and for the super stylish, magnetic glass boards! If you can’t quite find what you are looking for, you can design your own board.

Magnetic Planner Dry Wipe Whiteboard - Weekly or Monthly

Fo more great ideas, check out TLM Directory and if you fancy a bit of shopping, head to TLM Edit.

Activities Days Out Events

9 Summer Holiday Camps

One of the things I planned to do before the end of term was to sort out holiday camps. With only three weeks to go, I haven’t done so yet and have been spurred into doing so by the plethora of emails circulating from school and nursery friends about what to book the kiddios into. I have been collating a file of holiday camps over the last 3 months that I am interested in or have done before. Here they are!

Wild Learning

This summer club is a young intrepid explorer’s dream. Between fire making, shelter building, mud sculptures, making dams, whittling, making whistles and crowns, making mini towns, giving the trees faces, making Viking knitting machines or puppets, finding stick men, playing stealth games, learning how to make rope bridges, making and tackling assault courses, making bread or cakes on the fire, mini beast hunts, scent tracking, magic listening stones, ground pictures, story chains, drum and music games, being explorers and much much more no day is the same.

Various locations across the South East including Wimbedon Common and Putney Common in London.

Call Rachel or Julie 01483 424 400



Dance Grooves

Get your kids active and one step ahead of the curve with dance lessons from Dance Grooves.

All over London.

Book here


Clarendon Inspires

If you are keen to get your child educated both culturally and academically, you must try Clarendon Tutors for their cultual itiniaries for kids around London. Not only will it include an hours tutoring, they will be exercised and invigorated at various interesting locations around London.

Contact Henry or Orlando to book here




Danceworks International Ballet Academy

Open to all students 6 to 18 years of age July 18th – 29th 2016

DIBA welcomes you to our second International Ballet Summer School Intensive. This unique two-week programme held in Danceworks London studios for children and teenagers, is founded on the belief that the arts have a unique power to motivate and engage young dancers to achieve excellence. Classes are taught by internationally renowned dancers from leading ballet companies.

Mayfair, London

Apply here


Summer Music Camp in French

Perfect for tiger parents. Music and french in one. If you child is between 8-12, this fun interractive music camp finishes with a performance for parents at the end of the week.

Clapham, London

Book here


Little House of Science

My 5 year old did one of their morning workshops on space and absolutely loved it. Small groups and fully interactive, this is great for a budding scientist.

Various locations in London.

Contact here

fun experiments


My Little Boarders

No, I am not suggesting you pack them off to boarding school for the summer (!) this holiday camp is perfect if you have a budding skate boarder in your midst.

Westway Sports Club & Westminster Academy.

Ages 6-13

Book here


Shooting Starz Holiday Camp

My ultimate favourite football camp (and we have done ALOT of football clubs and classes). The teachers are so kind, interested in the kids, know all the children by name and give specific feedback.  The days are super fun and the boys love it.

Ravenscourt, Acton, Fulham.

Book here

Or call Luke to discuss age and siblings (they welcome my 3 year old as he is footy mad!) 07549 982 243


Miss Sophie’s Holiday Club

A spin off from Sophie’s Taste For Knowledge website which supplies cooks and tutors, Sophie has deeveloped days out for children in London. See below!

Contact Sophie here



For more indepth search of holiday camps, try Kidsorted who are up to speed on everything, everywhere! Also, if you want to go it alone in the smoke, sign up to London’s Little Thinkers newsletter with lots of information on what’s on, in and around the Capital.





Days Out Places

South Kensington Club : Private Members Club

Just before Christmas. we planned a ‘day date’ in London (without the children, as obviously it ain’t no date with kids in tow) and we were asked if we would like to visit the South Kensington Club.  It is a luxury, private members club in the heart of London, so obviously we jumped at the chance to visit and try out the newly opened Bathhouse

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Quick snap of the outside before we went in!

We were welcomed by delightful receptionists who looked like they had just stepped off the Ralph Lauren runway.   They guided us to the luxury changing rooms, were we put on our swimming costumes, adorned a bath robe and sexy flip flops.


Couldn’t take the camera in to the Bathhouse so this is as far as it goes…

We then headed to our private Banya suite for our Russian style sauna.


We were advised to only stay in the sauna for a few minutes at first to acclimatize but once we used to it we upped it by a few minutes each time, interspersed with a freezing plunge pool. Incidentally I only went into the plunge pool up to my waist but Alex immersed himself fully, making the most of an opportunity to feel fully refreshed and invigorated!


The South Kensington Club is also home to the “grotta” London’s most beautiful saltwater Watsu pool, allowing members to integrate the primordial element of the sea into their daily workouts. Members can either unwind in the pool that is lined with powerful jets, or enjoy it exclusively while taking a therapy treatment – or “Aquatic Body Work”. The aim is to always feel good and to learn to include fitness and wellbeing in our every day lives.  After our sauna experience, we went to this beautiful mini ‘swimming pool’ (where the water is actually imported from Sicily via truck every fortnight) and relaxed even further.


We then had a super duper brunch in the quiet and cosy restaurant. Children are allowed although we went midweek in the morning so we didn’t see any (shame 😉


Loved the juice bar.


Entrance to the roof terrace – the panamas were a nice touch.


Over looking the heart of London from the roof terrace.


The South Kensington Club also provides unparalleled fitness and well-being facilities. SKC’s three studios provide an ideal environment for yoga, hot yoga, pilates, barre, hot barre, cardio, boxing and high-energy dance classes, as well as private fitness assessments. The first floor fitness studios also include personal and functional training areas. Leading trainers are on hand to assist members, explain how to use the machines in the safest and most effective way, create fitness initiatives and give personalised one-to-one sessions to those who require it. To create more holistic and bespoke programs, health and fitness assessments will be available to members by using VO2 Max and spirometric testing. Programs include: “Marathon Fit”, “Ski Fit”, “Hiking Fit” and more. Osteopaths, acupuncturists and physiotherapists will also be available to support members in reaching optimum results.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 17.09.08

The Club has been designed with its members every desire in mind. From the cultural and culinary, to the physical and philosophical, they have access to the best services, including exclusive social and travel opportunities as well as a pioneering centre for fitness and well-being. Whether you are visiting for a cocktail, taking a dip in the salt-water Watsu Pool, seeking a moment of calm in the bathhouse or inspiration from the Voyager Programme the South Kensington Club offers excellence in every field.  The elegant, unpretentious, homely environment of the South Kensington Club’s interior has been thoughtfully executed to provide a place for reflection, relaxation and respite for its guests.


It does just that!

To apply for membership email
or call 020 3006 6868