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24 Home Gift Ideas To Buy Any Interiors-Obsessed Friend

We’ve all got that one friend who can’t get enough of home design. Whether it's their quirky artwork, gorgeous glassware, or wallpaper that is impossible to find anywhere else, you’re always a bit envious of some oddity that you spot about their house. If…


9 Ways To Style Your Desk

Last week I had an old school friend over for a cuppa. I have been following her rise through the ranks closely as she has won accolade and recognition over and over since she started her interior design business Annabelle Holland Design She has…


How To Style a Kids Bedroom

It has only been this month that I have finally got my shizzle together and decided to blitz the children's half done bedrooms. They are now in their rooms for the foreseeable future so it seems only fair that they are done to the…

Beauty Spotlight

New Business Alert : The Natural Living Company

Leone, who set up The Natural Living Company this year, supports local enterprises by selling a wonderful selection of eco friendly beauty and natural homeware products. She has always loved fashion, cosmetics and interior design and became aware that sustainable and eco friendly…

TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : September 2016

So many recommendations this month of September! How do people think of all these great ideas? Some people are ideas people and some people are just good at shouting about them - so here I am doing the latter!…


Turner Pocock & Cazelet: Anyone For Cricket?

When we decorated our house, I gave my husband carte blanche to decorate one room as he pleased – the downstairs loo. As a huge cricket fan, I had book marked some wallpaper before we had even moved in, as I knew that having…