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5 Brands To Refresh Your Skincare Routine This January

Here’s to this year being smoother and brighter than the last — and I’m wishing the same for my complexion. Ring in the New Year with a refresh to your skincare routine to wash away any festive (much-needed) overindulgence. So much has been out of our control over the past year but if there’s one thing we can keep in check, it’s a skincare regime. I know we’ve all made and broken New Year’s resolutions over the years but resolving to dedicate a little more self-care to your skincare regime seems like something I’m keen to stick to, especially when all the products are lined up on my bathroom shelf. I wanted to put a post together of all the skincare bits I reckon you’ll need to wake up clearer and fresher this January.

A barrier against blue light

Did you know the blue light from your computer may be giving you wrinkles? Me neither! Skincare brand Digital Defence has identified HEV blue light as ‘this generation’s silent ager’ and it has developed a range designed to block 100% blue light. Working in a similar way to sunblock, the Digital Defence skincare range is going to help keep your skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles forming while you’re tapping away on your laptop all day. The products I’ll be adding to my skincare routine are the moisturiser and eye cream — essentials if you’re already susceptible to dry skin and looking to lock in moisture.

Day & Night Moisturising Protection Cream, Digital Defence



Shop Now

Dual Action Eye Cream, Digital Defence


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Superfoods in your skincare

What’s a new year without a promise to get more fruit and veg? Surely, adding it to your skincare routine counts too. Besides, I can’t get enough of the Elemis Superfood collection. The jelly exfoliator is a great one for waking you up in the morning and giving your skin a smooth, bright start to the day. The Vital Veggie Mask is ideal when your skin is in need of some TLC. Pop on for 10 minutes to give your skin a shot of green goodness.

Superfood Blackcurrant Jelly Exfoliator, Elemis


skincare routine

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Superfood Vital Veggie Mask, Elemis


skincare routine

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Protecting against the cold weather

The temperature only has to drop a couple of degrees for dry and chapped lips to make an appearance, doesn’t it? Arm yourself against the elements with a restorative lip balm. I’m a huge fan of El & So’s balm blended from shea butter, jojoba, sweet almond and olive oils. I couldn’t resist adding its Milk & Honey face cream to my order as well. It’s a fairly thick, soft and luxurious moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated and nourished when the cold weather hits.

Restorative Lip Balm, El & So


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Nourishing Face Cream Milk & Honey, El & So


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You will find a gorgeous range of jewellery, accessories and clothes on TLM Edit, all hand-picked by The London Mummy.

A smooth and radiant skincare routine

Bioderma is a skincare brand that I use all-year-round. Its creams, moisturisers, serums and toners reliably keep my skin smooth and any breakouts at bay. In particular, it’s good for sensitive skin and, if you’re looking for something for your teen, Bioderma is always a good choice. The Hydrabio Sérum gives skin an instant hydration boost by working with your skin’s natural hydration mechanisms — good to pop on after you’ve cleansed and toned. I like the Hydrabio Gel-Crème because it makes a good base for makeup, leaving your skin looking radiant and refreshed.

Hydrabio Sérum, Bioderma

From £18

Shop Now

Hydrabio Gel-Crème, Bioderma

From £15

Shop Now

Anti-ageing skincare essentials

We’re all in need of something to fight against fine lines and my picks from Institut Esthederm do just that. If you haven’t already, I’d recommend adding a retinoid product to your routine for improving complexion and collagen production. This Intensive Retinol Cream promises to give a “new skin effect” — perfect for kickstarting your New Year’s skincare routine. It’ll make skin appear firmer and smoother, which obviously translates to more youthful! The Hyaluronic Serum is a good one to use alongside the Retinol Cream for fighting against the dryness that can lead to wrinkles.

Intensive Retinol Cream, Institut Esthederm


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Intensive Hyaluronic Serum, Institut Esthederm


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Something for nighttime

As the morning is about brightening and refreshing, the evening is about unwinding and relaxing. Essential oils are good for the evening because of their incredible ability to help stress and anxiety relief. On the skincare side of things, they nourish skin, lock in moisture and improve complexion. Moonlight from KNature Care is a favourite blend because it smells divine! It’s a mix of lemon, ylang-ylang, and neroli. If you’re suffering from acne, rosacea or oily skin, you’ll probably be better suited to the Reflections option, which is specially designed to prevent acne and reduce blackheads.

Moonlight, KNature Care


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Reflections, KNature Care


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Gift Guides

20 Wellness & Self Care Gift Ideas

Everyone could do with a bit more relaxation and self-care in their lives. It’s so often that life takes over and we forget to care for ourselves. You don’t have to be a yogi, wellness guru or gym bunny to appreciate a bit of self-love. This gift list is perfect for anybody in need of some pampering. Help a loved one to channel some inner peace or create some space to relax with one of these pretty ‘zen’ Christmas goodies.

The Positive Wellness Journal, The Positive Planners


It’s all in the planning! This journal gives fantastic daily guidance to anyone on a path towards a happy and healthy mind, body and soul.

Shop Now

Anti Ageing Silk Pillow Case, Hollistic Silk


We all know the importance of getting enough sleep; firstly for our overall health and, secondly, for our beauty regimes. A silk pillowcase reduces frizz, while a silk eye mask combats facial creases.

Shop Now

The Self Care Cookbook, Bookspeed


I know how easy it is to get into the routine of cooking the same meals week-in, week-out. Spice things up with this plant-based cookbook.

Shop Now

Sunshine Candle, The Kentish Soap Company


Self-care is about having healthy habits and rituals. I love to have some candles burning as part of my evening unwind ritual and Kentish Soap Co. has a divine selection of soy candles to choose from.

Shop Now

Self Care Isn’t Selfish, m.a.d.e


A clever little reminder pin for when we’re putting ourselves at the bottom of the pile and very close to burn out!

Shop Now

Personalised Yoga Mat, Koko Blossom


Any yogi pal would love to receive this personalised mat. Or maybe you’ve got someone in mind who needs some motivation to get moving again.

Shop Now

Self-heating eye mask, Spacemasks


Tried-and-tested, Spacemasks are a really simple way to switch on the relaxation button and relieve any tiredness and tension.

Shop Now

Brazil SAD Light, Lumie


A ‘must’ for anyone who feels extra blue in the winter months — isn’t that all of us? These lights are proven to boost mood and make you feel more energised.

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Luxury Bath Gift Set, 100 Acres


Go 100% natural with this nourishing 100 Acres gift set. The set of bubble bath, body wash, body oil and bath salts is made in Britain by botanical artisans and — take it from me — it smells absolutely fantastic.

Shop Now

Mia Smart Facial Cleansing Brush, Clarisonic


Using the Clarisonic beauty device is a good habit to get into. It exfoliates, cleanses and helps the absorption of skincare. It also leaves your skin looking and feeling amazing.

Shop Now

The Hygge Box, Alice & Peg


Give someone the gift of ‘hygge’ — the Danish word for joy and cosiness. This box of candles, teas and chocolate is the definition of relaxation.

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Lemongrass and Peppermint Bath Oil and Soap, Mariana London


If there’s any excuse for pampering sesh, it’s receiving this luscious bath and oil set. Lock the bathroom door, light the candles and relax…

Shop Now

Luxury Sleep Gift Set, The Oil Hut


Sleep health and hygiene starts with the right environment. Place the diffuser beside your bed, spritz your pillow and dab some sleep oil onto your pulse points.

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Manuka Honey, Manuka Direct


Add this healing manuka honey to smoothies, combine lemon and ginger in hot water or eat raw from a spoon. As a natural antibiotic and antiseptic, it can also be used on cuts and wounds. There are so many benefits to this wonderful honey.

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Calm CBD Hemp Oil, Grass & Co.


This is a good starter into the world of CBD oils. It’s a blend of calming ingredients: CBD, mint, chamomile and ashwaghanda.

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Destress Herbal Tincture, Blooming Blends


Know someone who’s feeling particularly unsettled or anxious? A de-stress tincture from Blooming Blends can help to soothe symptoms of anxiety and panic.

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Kombucha Home Kit, Boo Chi


Kombucha can be hugely beneficial for the whole family’s health. But making it yourself? Where on earth do you start? Get creating from scratch with this wonderful kombucha kit.

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Looking to update your wardrobe, buy a gift or treat yourself?

You will find a gorgeous range of jewellery, accessories and clothes on TLM Edit, all hand-picked by The London Mummy.

Personalised Leather Yoga Strap, Vida Vida


Any yogi friend will love this classy leather strap that can be personalised with a name, initials or message.

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Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Oil, Aesop


Cleansing and nourishing your skin is crucial in any self care routine. Start strong with this divine facial oil from Aesop.

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The Full Tour, A Cook’s Tour


Self-care for the stomach! A Cook’s Tour is a pretty special gift to treat any couple. It features two cook-alongs each month for two people. Great for picking up some new culinary skills.

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24 Purrfect Presents For Pet (& Pet Lovers)

24 Home Gift Ideas To Buy Any Interiors-Obsessed Friend

Gift Guides

23 Things To Treat Your Tween To This Christmas

They’re not teenagers but they’re not little kids anymore. So, what on earth are you supposed to buy them?! The tween phase hits between 8 and 12 years old and it can be tricky to know what gifts will go down well without them thinking it’s too “baby-ish” or too grown-up. I’ve gathered together some pretty cool bits and pieces that I’m sure any tween-ager would love to unwrap on Christmas Day.

Make Your Own Motor Boat Huckleberry Moto, Kikkerland


This is a great one to get your big kid thinking inventively and once they’ve made the boat, it’s an excuse to get outside and test it out!

Shop Now

Jonathan Adler Rainbow Puzzle, Rockett St George

Keep them amused for at least a couple of hours with some good old-fashioned entertainment – a jigsaw! How lovely is this one?!


Shop Now

Huckleberry Fishing Kit, Conscious Crafts


Another one I love for its outdoor involvement, this fishing kit might help them spark a new hobby and (hopefully) learn the art of patience.

Shop Now

Fleet Wash Bag, Initially London


Keep things tidy with a personal wash bag. Perfect for storing their toothbrushes, paste and soap.

Shop Now

Light Up Facemask, Tangerine Dream


Nobody likes wearing a face mask but gifting one that’s fun to wear and light-ups will definitely make the situation more tolerable.

Shop Now

Water Bottle, Tangerine Dream


Everyone needs a decent water bottle — this is one of the ways we can help to save the planet! The silicone sleeve on this glass Tangerine Dream one means it’ll last more than a week when you hand it to your tween.

Shop Now

Watches, The Holiday Shop


I love these vibrant watches from The Holiday Shop. Choose from coral, turquoise, navy and fuchsia.

Shop Now

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21 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Man Who’s Hard To Buy For

Jumpsuits, Junior BLVD Aus


Uber-cool jumpsuits available in pink, blue and khaki. No doubt one of those outfits they will start to live in.

Shop Now

Mino Lexon portable speakers, Betsy & Blue


Super small and very practical, this speaker is a great gift they’ll be able to take wherever they go. They also recharge wirelessly, so no hassle with cables or batteries.

Shop Now

Coaster Games, The Dark Imp


This is a great one to crack out after Christmas dinner, when all the unwrapping is done. It’s all perfect for taking on-the-go, to parties and on holidays.

Shop Now

Shampoo & Body Wash, Spots & Stripes


A great one to team with the personalised wash bag gift! Spots & Stripes has a fantastic range of award-winning skincare for teens and pre-teens. Get your kids started on the collection with this shampoo and body wash.

Shop Now

Sports Boot Bag, Apatchy


Are they football-obsessed or rugby-mad? This sports boot bag will take them through their tween, teen years and beyond.

Shop Now

Looking to update your wardrobe, buy a gift or treat yourself?

You will find a gorgeous range of jewellery, accessories and clothes on TLM Edit, all hand-picked by The London Mummy.

Alignment Print, Planets In Time

From £37

Discover how the planets aligned on the day they were born (or any other special day!) with this unique personalised print.

Shop Now

Personalised Roll Top Backpack, Jack Spratt


These backpacks are a solid choice for school, sleepovers and outdoor adventures. Available in a range of colours, you can also personalise the bag with a name or nickname too!


Shop Now

Positive Mirror Quote, Oakdene Designs


Quirky and cute, this mirror offers a lovely dose of positivity we could all do with on a daily basis. Choose from a range of uplifting quotes.

Shop Now

I Would Rather Be Sleeping, Oakdene Designs


If you’re not dragging them out of bed already, that phase is going to hit very soon. This mug only tells the truth.

Shop Now

Extravagant Gingerbread Brownies, The Bottled Baking Co.


A brilliant stocking-filler, this gift from The Bottled Baking Co. will keep the kids busy in the kitchen and serve up delicious treats for the whole family.

Shop Now

Pampas Bluetooth Headphones, Urban Ears


An essential for yours and their sanity, pick up a pair of headphones for that song they love to hear on repeat and you don’t!

Shop Now

Hangit Photo Display, Umbra


Getting photos printed is always worth the effort. This Umbra display is a lovely place for them to display memories with family and friends.

Shop Now

Rollerskates Marawa Quad Roller Skates, Impala


These skates feel like a fantastic throwback to when I was younger. It’s so good to know kids are still into skating. Plus, how cool are these?!

Shop Now

Smart Robot Car Kit, ELEGOO


Programming, electronics assembling and robotics, your kids can pick all of this tech knowledge up with a kit like this. It’s definitely a kit that will get the cogs turning and rev up their curiosity in robotics.

Shop Now

X Converse Red Heart Chuck Taylor All Star 70 High Black Shoes, Comme Des Garcons Play


I’m fighting between buying these for myself and giving them as a gift. Converse are shoes that your kid will live in day-in, day-out.

Shop Now

Don’t Touch My Stuff Tote Bag, David Shrigley


This bag says it all, right?

Shop Now

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12 Skincare Brands Currently On My Bathroom Shelf

The search for the perfect skincare is never-ending. Your needs will change with age, environment and even your menstrual cycle! No wonder it takes a lifetime of trial and error. All we’re really searching for are reliable products that we can use regularly without too much thought. So, I wanted to share with you a list of things that are helping me at the moment and – hopefully – a couple of them will work for you too.

Hylamide SubQ Skin Advanced Serum, Deciem


This serum is one of my skincare essentials. If you suffer from dry skin and want to reduce the appearance of fine lines, this hyaluronic acid will give you the hydration you need. Use daily after cleansing and your skin should be feeling healthier and brighter within a week or two.

Shop Now

Balance and Glow Day Oil, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare


It seems people either like face oil or they don’t and there’s no in-between. I’m for it in the cooler months when you want to lock in as much moisture as possible. You can just massage in a couple of drops of this Aurelia oil during your morning routine. And – before you ask – it doesn’t make your skin feel greasy; you don’t feel it at all once it absorbs!

Shop Now

Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator, Nourish London


If there’s anything I’ve learnt in life, it’s that exfoliation is essential to any skincare routine. I love this Nourish exfoliator because it basically does three jobs in one: cleansing, exfoliating and protecting against pollution. Plus, it’s made from natural ingredients, including pomegranate and kale.

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Citrus Botanical Cream Deodorant, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare


You don’t need to use chemical-heavy deodorants or antiperspirants to smell good and stay dry. We’ve known this for a while but you still need to find a natural deodorant that suits your skin and that you like the smell of. For me, this Citrus Botanical is the one. It’s a combination of so many deliciously-fresh flavours: sweet orange, rosemary, lavender and more.

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Hydrating Day Cream, The Jojoba Company


This day cream is great for keeping things uncomplicated. Jojoba is good for when you don’t have time to mix-and-match skincare products; you just need a cream that’s going keep skin hydrated and supple, as well as last you all day. It’s suited for all skin types too.

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Hydraphase Intense Hydrating Serum, La Roche-Posay


I’m a fan of anything with ‘hydrating’ in the title and this one from La Roche-Posay promises to hydrate for 24 hours. Wave a final ‘goodbye’ to dry skin with this serum combination of thermal spring water and hyaluronic acid. La Roche Posey is always a reliable choice for those with sensitive skin and its range is hypoallergenic.

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Hydrating Eye Cream With Hyaluronic Acid, El & So


A go-to for tired eyes, El & So’s eye cream helps to plump out wrinkles around the eyes and make you look more awake. It’s lightweight and giving the eye area a bit of TLC always makes me feel brighter in the mornings.

Shop Now

Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil, Caudalie


An effective makeup remover is crucial for keeping skin bright and blemish-free. I make sure I’m never running low on this Caudalie cleansing oil. It doesn’t feel super-oily and the oil ensures you can remove really stubborn makeup and waterproof mascara without any hassle.

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Blemish & Age Toner, Skinceuticals


Dirt and oil are unavoidable if you leave the house. Even if you don’t, all of that unconsciously touching our face throughout the day means it ends up on our skin. Get a toner that will remove daily dirt and oil, and keep your pores unclogged. I recommend this one from Skinceuticals.

Shop Now

10% Niacinamide Booster, Paula’s Choice


Problems with blemishes? Paula’s Choice is going to become your new best friend. The 10% Niacinamide Booster is great for tackling large pores and redness. Add a couple of drops to your moisturiser twice a day and you’ll notice a difference within a fortnight.

Shop Now

Aqualia Thermal Rich Cream, Vichy

I like to switch between this one and the La Roche-Posay Hydrating Serum. The Vichy cream has a thicker consistency so you only have to use a tiny bit. It’s enriched with shea butter which feels luxurious and leaves skin feeling lovely and soft.

£13.33 (usually £20)

Shop Now

Rosa Fresca Night Balm, Sanoflore


I can’t get enough of the smell of this Sanoflore night balm (which is 100% natural!). It has a creamy yet gel-like consistency. Put on just before you go to bed and you’ll wake up with fresh-looking and feeling skin.

Shop Now

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Gift Guides

12 Beauty Advent Calendars To Grab Before They Sell Out

Beauty advent calendars are selling out faster than ever before. I honestly can’t believe it. Even as I write this, we’ve already missed out on quite a few of the big ones. Mid-October is the time to pick up your advent calendar. Let’s all be honest, it’s the time we start thinking about Christmas shopping too and so the beauty advent calendar can be thought of as the first ‘happy Christmas to us’. I know it’s been a tough year for everyone! Last year, I fell in love with the Glossybox advent calendar but this time I’m so torn between the irresistible offerings from each and every beauty brand. The likes of Harrods, Liberty London and Space NK will give you a flavour for new brands and help you discover cult items. While brand-specific calendars are brimming with favourites to refresh your makeup bag. I’m still narrowing down my choice, so here’s the shortlist. I know I’ll have to hurry through to avoid disappointment.

Liberty London

I’m really surprised this one hasn’t gone already. Last year’s was the fastest-selling product in Liberty London’s 145-year history. I know it’s pretty pricey but when you’re getting over £789 worth of beauty haul, it sounds like a bargain. It’s packed with makeup must-haves, including brands like Diptyque, Hourglass and Le Labo.

Beauty Advent Calendar 2020, Liberty London



Candles, masks, creams and parfums, make up this lovely advent calendar from Rituals. The festive season is all about unwinding and this is certainly a Christmas calendar to help you do it.

Advent Deluxe, Rituals



The Harrods calendar is about prioritising self-care — something we all need reminding of sometimes. Treat yourself to a mix of full-sized and miniature beauty treats to relax into the Christmas period.

Beauty Advent Calendar 2020, Harrods


Cult Beauty

I love Cult Beauty for discovering something new and this calendar really gives you bang for your buck in terms of repping independent makeup brands. Plus, totted up together, the products come to £930.

Advent Calendar 2020, Cult Beauty


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Feeling overwhelmed by the influx of beauty advent calendars? Keep things simple with a Lush twelve day countdown. Obviously this one can be given as a Christmas Day gift for the twelve days following the big day as well.

12 Days Of Christmas, Lush



You can always rely on L’Occitane to deliver on luxurious and I am loving the neat, red box all of the pampering products are packaged in. There’s plenty in this box to share with your family (or keep for yourself ;).

Luxury Beauty Advent Calendar, L’Occitane


Space NK

For me, the brands in this one are either ‘love those’ or ‘would love to try those’. My makeup bag is really needing a refresh of Laura Mercier, Kate Somerville and Ren Skincare, while Malin+Goetz and Tan Luxe are two I’ve been meaning to get my hands on. I already know the Space NK box is going to leave me glowing.

Space NK Advent Calendar, Space NK


Molton Brown

Everyone loves opening a Molton Brown present on Christmas Day, so treating yourself to an advent calendar full of those luscious products makes a lot of sense.

Advent Calendar, Molton Brown


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First prize for imaginative design! Sticking with its French roots, I love the sparkling Eiffel Tower centrepiece. Each hour contains a lovely Lancome classic, including Advanced Génifique Serum and L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks.

Advent Calendar, Lancome



Fenwick will help you prep and preen for the festive season with a beautiful beauty product each day on the countdown to Christmas. This year’s brands include Living Proof, Bobbi Brown, Philip Kingsley and Kiehl’s.

Fenwick Beauty Advent Calendar, Fenwick



It feels like there’s something indulgent about Nuxe. It’s probably that I first fell in love with its divine self-tan range. My only concern is that this calendar is going to spark a new Nuxe addiction.

Advent Calendar, Nuxe



How can anyone resist this Dior advent calendar? I’m in love with the dark, starry night design, never mind all of the magical Dior treats I’m going to find behind the doors.

Advent Calendar, Dior


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Beauty Products

Effortless Skin : Beauty Products That Actually Do Something

When the team at Effortless Skin approached me and asked if I had any skin or beauty concerns  – I didn’t know where to begin. Thin lips, diminishing eye lashes, dry skin, wrinkles, sun damage rolled off my tongue before I had even said MIDDLE AGE IS APPROACHING FAST.  It was a lovely over the phone consultation with one of the fantastic girls on the team, and left me feeling encouraged – there are products that can help!

I hadn’t heard of any of the brands they recommended and this added to the excitement of trying something new – more chance of a brand I don’t know working than ones I do (that haven’t made a difference).

Problem : Dry Skin & Ingrowing Hairs 

I have exceptional dry knees and no amount of exfoliating and moisturising ever alleviates them from their sandpaper state. Until I used this body lotion for a couple of weeks – I now have soft knees (and no ingrowing hairs!)

Solution : Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion £22 200ml

Transforming Body Lotion

Problem : Thin Lips 

Solution : deCURE NoLip5 Lip Enhancer £40

After watching all the full lips on Love Island, I mentioned that I would love to try a lip plumper. This Lip enhancer gives your lips a real rush of blood making them look instantly more luscious.

Lip Enhancer

Problem : Thinning Eyelashes 

Solution : CHADO Mascara Divin £30

I usually go for a tractional fat wanded mascara, however after using this Chado mascara for a couple of weeks, I am convinced this is the shape for me. It grabs all the small eye lashes giving you a fuller affect.





Epione Renewal Facial Cream 50g £80

I know this isn’t within budget for me usually, but I think sometimes your skin does deserve a treat and this anti wrinkle cream for dry skin has made my normally dehydrated skin nourished and soft.

Renewal Facial Cream

Brush on Block SP30 £25

This came up trumps on Sports Day – as I was frying under the hot sun during the speeches, I whipped out my brush and sweet on some powder block. Ss easy as twist and click.

Brush on Block

Effortless Skin is a leading online cosmeceutical retailer that is focused on providing people with the highest quality products to help treat and manage a number of skin conditions.

Since 2009, they have been the online destination for people wanting effective, innovative and specialist skin care that provides noticeable improvements in the appearance of prematurely ageing skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, eczema and sun damage.

Every range available in our online store has been hand-picked by their team of skin care experts to ensure that all the products that they stock are genuine, safe and appropriate for their customers.

All their staff are trained on every product range that we stock, so if you need any advice on which products will work best for your skin type or concern, feel free to email them at or call on 01925 730343.

I am going to put that number in my favourites!!!


10 Steps To Get Your Hair, Face & Body Ready For Summer

After a false start to summer last week, we are being teased with whispers of another heatwave in a few days.  I felt slightly foolish whipping out the wax strips, exfoliating like a nutter and whacking on the fake tan, only for the body to resume its natural state the next day when the sun hid again – fully shrouded.

It’s easy to let your hair face and body drop to the bottom of the priority list during the winter months, especially when you can cheat. Black skinnies and a leather biker hide a multitude of sin for most of the year however this doesn’t cut it when the temp rises above 22c.

All these recommendations are super quick and the application of them will only take an hour.

Here I am before I took my own advice…


And after…  (I will look at make up in a different post – today is all about getting the foundations right! No point painting before you plaster eh!)


I hope this gives you hope!

So, Ten Steps to Being Summer Ready 

  1. Drink water. Buy a water bottle and keep it topped up and sip whenever you feel hungry, I mean thirsty. (The first step to losing weight is drinking water when you feel a pang – will power willing). This chic stainless steel water bottle is pretty cool… If you can’t handle water, put neon, cucumber or mint in it.
  2. Once your body is hydrated from the inside, you can get to work on the outside. I highly recommend Philip Kingsley Elasticizer for your hair. If I know I am going to wash my hair the next day, I slather it on my hair the night before and when I wash it the next day, it feels so soft.
  3. For those that prefer a scrub to an implement to slough away dry skin, this Nuxe Body Scrub is effective and lovely to use as it instantly warms up when you apply.
  4. I don’t know about you but I have found it hard to find a moisturiser that effectively penetrates the dry skin on my knees – however, This Works Dry Leg Oil is definitely winning at the moment. I slater it on after exfoliating before bed and in the morning my knees are much softer. It’s also good prep before you self tan although you can’t use it just before – obviously – as it is oil-based.
  5. Trinny’s desert island product is anything with Vitamin C in it – so if it is good enough for her, its certainly good enough for me.  Whack this Rodial Vitamin C mask on for 20 minutes and voila – hydrated, energised, firmer & softer.
  6. Add a natural glow to your face with this Self Tan Facial Oil – developed over 4 hours and moisturises at the same time which is good as so many can be so drying.
  7. For your body, this James Read colourless gel will develop overnight and won’t rub off onto your bed linen. Perfect for those that have a bath or shower in the evening (I’m totally shower in the morning all the way although I am sure this would be ok under clothes too…)
  8. Nab stray hairs with these tweezers. Precision ones which are perfect for stubborn hairs or dreaded ingrown ones.
  9. Open your eyes up with eyelash curlers. These Tweezerman ones will do the trick.
  10. Last but not least, keep the sun at bay by applying an SPF. I am a fan of the Ultrasun range as they cater for all skin types and ages. Obviously I like the one that has a little bit of tint in it so you can wear a sunhat but still feel like you have caught the sun!! Ultrasun

If I do all 10 steps the day before a party or a ‘heatwave’ I am much more likely to feel confident in myself. So buy a few bits, book an hour off and lock yourself in the bathroom and pamper yourself!!

Have a great day and thank you for reading

Love Lucinda xx

Beauty Reviews Spotlight

Oskia London : Improve Your Skin With These Products

There is a first for everything, and I had a first this weekend that I never expected to happen – ever. Growing up, I had severe acne. From the ages of 15-17 it was horrific – I was actually pleased I was at an all girls boarding school (!) so I didn’t have to face the ‘real world’. After failing with many different medications both internally and tropically – I hit the hard stuff and was prescribed Roaccutane – twice. For those that know this drug, it is not for the fainthearted and is really the last resort. Now I have grown out of it (thank fully although I lie awake at night praying that none of my children have my ‘gene’) and when I apply my tinted moisturiser I still so pleased I don’t have to trowel it on my skin and camouflage my face with industrial cover up.

So, this weekend when someone commented that I had ‘lovely’ skin, I really was taken a back and was very British about it ‘oh no i don’t, it’s so dry, I have pock marks etc’ as I genuinely don’t think I have good skin.

But actually, when I think about and look up close, I do have pretty good skin. It is smooth, well nourished and looks well cared for.

This is only a relatively recent thing in the last few years, since I have jumped not he bandwagon of using serums and acids and what not.

And then after a chance meeting with one of Alex’s old friends in the pub, who introduced me to his brand OSKIA, after trying it, it improved even more. I love all their products for dehydrated skin


Rather than wax lyrical about how incredible this brand is, I will recall a text that my friend sent me, after she used my OSKIA.

“Wow, I love that OSKIA oil and moisturiser, my skin feels and looks amazing – thanks for the tip!”

You are welcome my friend.

And today, not only do we have an interview with the founders but they are also offering a generous 25% off with londonmummy18 if you buy through their website

What made you start OSKIA Georgie?

After trying my fathers MSM supplement (a bio available form of sulphur that he was introducing to the market to repair horse joints) my complexion glowed – no eczema or acne – and  my nails were so strong.

I started researching the effects of tropical nutrients on the skin and OSKIA launched in 2009 as the first nutritional skincare brand that focuses on bio-available nutrients.

Since then we have won over 100 awards, opened our own lab and factory in the rolling hills of Wales in Monmouth, where I come from. My amazing husband, George Gordon, runs the business with me, which luckily works very well, and we split our time between our London HQ on Sloane Street, and our factory in Wales.



I have seen OSKIA in many of the high end department stores. Who else stocks OSKIA?

We are really lucky in that we work with the best of the best and have never approached any retailer ourselves. In the UK, you can find us in stores such as SpaceNK, Selfridges, Net a Porter, and hotel spas like the famous Cliveden & Chewton Glen (both of which I have just formulated their own brand spa products for them) but we also love the independent stores and spas like Mortar & Milk and the very cool Pig Hotels.

Of the products I tried, I think your Renaissance 360 made the biggest difference to the condition of my skin.

rennaissance 360

What are your best-selling products?

Probably our Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which is a lovely pink enzyme cleanser and the first gel-to-oil on the market when it launched.

However, our Restoration Oil is also very popular as is the Renaissance Mask which is amazing before or after an event….

Renaissance Mask


Do you have celebrity endorsements?

Lots, but I’m afraid we don’t spill the beans. It drives my PR mad but I very strongly believe that skincare is private and brands shouldn’t divulge. We have a very ‘British’ approach to this, which is probably the reason why we have a very loyal celebrity base. I have a growing pile of thank you letters from the most amazing people – I am very lucky! What I can tell you though is that we also work with the British movie industry- Bridget Jones, Tomb Raider, Danish Girl, Le Mis, Star Wars. You might have spotted our products in Bridget Jones’s Baby – I nearly fell of my seat when they popped up.

What’s next for OSKIA?

We have some really lovely new launches this summer which I’m very excited about – they slightly bring out the inner girl. We’ve also just launched in the US with Barney’s, so this will take quite a lot of focus for this next year.

Georgie’s Favourites

Restaurant : The Dairy, Clapham Old Town. I can only really describe it as British seasonal tapas – and absolutely amazing.

Hotel : Any of the Firmdale hotels. Currently, I’m loving The Crosby Street Hotel in New York. I think Kit Kemp is a genius designer.

Shop : I recently discovered By Drew in Soho New York. I walked in and screeched that I would like to buy everything – the clothes, the carpets, the chairs, everything. I would like to live in it. Like most mothers I spend far too much time in Peter Jones.

Website : Tricky one as I don’t spend much time browsing websites. I do love antiques though and love That makes me sound really boring though doesn’t it!!

Holiday destination : Tulum, 20 years ago. It is still amazing though. I love bare foot chic and really don’t like the big flash hotels. I’d be very happy in a rustic cabanas with no air conditioning. Tulum is heaven.

Parenting tip :

Oh my goodness where do I start. I have 3 children, ranging from 18 months to 7, and I worked the day before Arthur, 7, was born. I think being a mother is really hard work and absolutely exhausting. Juggling work and family is harder still and I always feel guilty – either I’m not working hard enough or I’m not with my children. However, I strongly believe there is no right work/life balance and if anyone says they do they are fibbing. Instagram really doesn’t help which is why I’ve kept off it until now (I now do post!).  We are all doing a brilliant job! So my biggest tip is to do something everyday just for yourself, whether it is a walk, reading the papers in a cafe, spending 30 mins in a gallery, or having a quiet bath (that last one never works – children can sniff out a ‘family bath’ in no time and suddenly there are an extra 3 bodies in the bath.)

Do make the most of this incredible offer. The website is really easy to navigate and remember –  you are worth it – you only have one skin!


25% off all full size products.

Code londonmummy18.

T&C only.

Exclusive offer.

Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.