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Restock Your Make Up Bag!

It’s Cyber Monday and the online world are going nuts and offering up to 60% today. I am giving my depleted make up bag some love today and diving in to buy the classics and a few novelty treats to experiment with (that I wouldn’t buy unless they were reduced!)

Nars Blush in Orgasm Was £24 now £19.20

This was the first blusher/bronzer I bought one I had left the confines of boarding school. It was definitely a turn up from the Bourgeois one I was packed off with (I literally channelled Coco the Clown during my teens) and I Have been a faithful follower of Nars blush and bronzer since. JUST DON’T DROP IT!!


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand £29 – £23.20

The highlighter to end all highlighters. Simply squeeze a smidgen of the highlighter onto the sponge and blend it on the top of your cheekbones, centre of your nose, under your brows and voila, you have a sun kissed radiant glow.

Remember light colours advance (i.e. your cheek bones) and dark colours recede (which is why you put bronzer under your cheekbones to give you the illusion of high cheekbones!


YSL Touche Eclat £25 – £22.90

Ah the classic. Just go easy and watch that flash at the Christmas parties to avoid the Panda look.

Touche Eclat

Bobbi Brown Caviar & Rubies Eye Shadow Pallette £55 – £44

This is your Christmas palette sorted. If these large palettes terrify you – here is the 101.

1) choose three colours from light to dark
2) put the light colour all over your eyelid
3) put the middle depth in a sideways triangle from your eyelashes to your eye hood but not past the pupil.
4) put the darkest just all your eyelashes
5) blend

Bobbi Brown Palette

Lancome Hypnose Gift Set £24 – £20

Whenever I chicken out of trying a new mascara, I always revert to this one. It’s ace.


Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser £34 – £27

I have waxed lyrical about this product before and it is time to do again, especially as now you can get £7 off!

When my skin feels a bit dry and sallow, I whack this on (usually the lightest Bare but it’s sold out and so I am braving the next one up) and it gives you that red carpet glow.

laura mercier

There are literally thousands of discounted products from all the top brands on House of Fraser, so if you need to do a sweep this is the only place to look at for serious discounts!


Get That Facial Feeling at Home : My Top 10 Products

Recently, my skin has been feeling really parched and I have noticed a few lines appearing so I have been on the hunt for some products to replenish and nourish it. I have tried loads through recommendations from friends, bloggers and beauty assistants. Some were meh, some just not worth the money but lots amazing! Now the kids are heading back to school, it is time to look after yourself!  Here are my Top 10 Products to help you do that!


The Body Shop : Drops of Youth £15

This has a very light consistency and is perfect for putting on before your moisturizer to help the cream absorb rather than just sit on the top of your skin.  It lasts a really long time too.

Body Shop

Clarins : Hydraquench Intensive Serum 

Serum is  abuzz word on a lot of the beauty experts lips and I can see why. I use this in a similar way to the Drops of Youth, although it is slightly more intense and expensive – so I use it when my skin is feeling really parched.

Hydra quench

Be Shiny : Hyaluronic Acid Serum 

Again, this is to use on bare skin but not as frequently as it contains Hyaluronic Acid which is proven to smooth your skin. However, with this, the skin can become slightly red so not to be used every day.


Trilogy : Rosehip Oil  £19.50

I use this after one of the above serums and it really gives your skin that nourished feeling. I use this every few days and generally if I am not putting make up straight on.



Caudalie : The Eye Cream £49

This eye cream is one of Caudalie’s bestsellers. It absorbs straight in and is heavy enough to smooth away tired eyes but not to give you that puffy eye ‘just put on under eye cream’ look.

Caudalie Under Eye

Jojoba : Hydrating Day Cream £22.99

This vegan moisturiser from Australia is lovely, no smell & quick easily absorbed moisturiser. It absorbs well and leaves skin feeling really soft.

Face cream

Clarins : Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster £20

Add a few drops to your moisturiser in the morning, rub your hands together and moisturise as normal. It will give you a really natural glow with and you don’t have to worry about tide lines or eyebrows!

Clarins Tan

El & So : Velvety Exfoliator 

This is a dream product. I am not surprised it has been shortlisted for the 2017 Beauty Awards. At the end of the day, take a little bit of this between your fingers and rub it gently over your face.  Remove with a hot cloth. Not only will it take off all your make up – eye make up included, it will leave your skin feeling clean but not stripped like some cleansers can make your skin feel.  They also do lovely Mummy & Baby sets.



Ninni : Bespoke Face Cream 

I swear by this nighttime face cream. I filled in the online form to receive a bespoke moisturiser just for my skin. Mine contains Lavender and Chamomile and it is lovely and relaxing just before bed.


Soapsmith : Body Butter Melt  £12.99

Ok, not for the face but I had to slip this in! A friend introduced me to Soapsmith (late to the party again) and I am now a firm convert. It is so different to regular body moisturisers, it literally melts in your hands and when you rub it in and the smell is like no other.

Soap smith

Do you have any recommendations? I would love to hear, especially tips on how to prepare to bare!

Lucinda xx



Fashion Products

Make Up For Tired Mummies

I am not one for a strict beauty regime but I have started to realise that if I am not to be mistaken for my children’s grandparents in the coming years, I need to hop on the beauty bandwagon and pay attention. My son asked me ‘what are those lines either side of your mouth?’ Out of the mouth of babes…

If you feel your skin is dry and your moisturiser just sits on top of your skin, I urge you to try Clarins Hydraquench Serum which you put on before moisturiser and it helps the moisturiser absorb and makes your skin feel like you have just had a facial.


Alex from Love From Ophelia used to run a beauty blog Lashes For Little Ones (a travesty she no longer does) and a while back she recommended Perfect Look Skin Miracle. Its aim is to smooth and add a bit of tan at the same time. It is spenny but worth it.



OK, I know I have mentioned this before in TLM Loves… July Edit but I have tried a few other tinted moisturisers since then and none have been as good so Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser stays in my top spot (and make up bag). I use bare radiance – the lightest one – as I have a teenage hangover about tide marks.


I went for a makeover at Charlotte Tilbury in her newly opened Covent Garden store and thought it was absolutely fantastic. The Retoucher & Concealer Stick is a must have for every make up bag. Eyeshadow base – tick. Under eye concealer – tick (without the reflective nonsense that you get in photos with the touche eclat). Red bits that your foundation hasn’t quite covered – tick.


Here is my before & after the make over…  (My mother prefers the before – thinks the ‘young’ wear too much eyeliner these days!)

If you like reading about new products and other people’s routine’s, India Knight’s no nonsense approach to make up etc on her blog is worth a squizz.