10 Steps To Get Your Hair, Face & Body Ready For Summer

After a false start to summer last week, we are being teased with whispers of another heatwave in a few days.  I felt slightly foolish whipping out the wax strips, exfoliating like a nutter and whacking on the fake tan, only for the body to resume its natural state the next day when the sun hid again – fully shrouded.

It’s easy to let your hair face and body drop to the bottom of the priority list during the winter months, especially when you can cheat. Black skinnies and a leather biker hide a multitude of sin for most of the year however this doesn’t cut it when the temp rises above 22c.

All these recommendations are super quick and the application of them will only take an hour.

Here I am before I took my own advice…


And after…  (I will look at make up in a different post – today is all about getting the foundations right! No point painting before you plaster eh!)


I hope this gives you hope!

So, Ten Steps to Being Summer Ready 

  1. Drink water. Buy a water bottle and keep it topped up and sip whenever you feel hungry, I mean thirsty. (The first step to losing weight is drinking water when you feel a pang – will power willing). This chic stainless steel water bottle is pretty cool… If you can’t handle water, put neon, cucumber or mint in it.
  2. Once your body is hydrated from the inside, you can get to work on the outside. I highly recommend Philip Kingsley Elasticizer for your hair. If I know I am going to wash my hair the next day, I slather it on my hair the night before and when I wash it the next day, it feels so soft.
  3. For those that prefer a scrub to an implement to slough away dry skin, this Nuxe Body Scrub is effective and lovely to use as it instantly warms up when you apply.
  4. I don’t know about you but I have found it hard to find a moisturiser that effectively penetrates the dry skin on my knees – however, This Works Dry Leg Oil is definitely winning at the moment. I slater it on after exfoliating before bed and in the morning my knees are much softer. It’s also good prep before you self tan although you can’t use it just before – obviously – as it is oil-based.
  5. Trinny’s desert island product is anything with Vitamin C in it – so if it is good enough for her, its certainly good enough for me.  Whack this Rodial Vitamin C mask on for 20 minutes and voila – hydrated, energised, firmer & softer.
  6. Add a natural glow to your face with this Self Tan Facial Oil – developed over 4 hours and moisturises at the same time which is good as so many can be so drying.
  7. For your body, this James Read colourless gel will develop overnight and won’t rub off onto your bed linen. Perfect for those that have a bath or shower in the evening (I’m totally shower in the morning all the way although I am sure this would be ok under clothes too…)
  8. Nab stray hairs with these tweezers. Precision ones which are perfect for stubborn hairs or dreaded ingrown ones.
  9. Open your eyes up with eyelash curlers. These Tweezerman ones will do the trick.
  10. Last but not least, keep the sun at bay by applying an SPF. I am a fan of the Ultrasun range as they cater for all skin types and ages. Obviously I like the one that has a little bit of tint in it so you can wear a sunhat but still feel like you have caught the sun!! Ultrasun

If I do all 10 steps the day before a party or a ‘heatwave’ I am much more likely to feel confident in myself. So buy a few bits, book an hour off and lock yourself in the bathroom and pamper yourself!!

Have a great day and thank you for reading

Love Lucinda xx

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