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When the team at Effortless Skin approached me and asked if I had any skin or beauty concerns  – I didn’t know where to begin. Thin lips, diminishing eye lashes, dry skin, wrinkles, sun damage rolled off my tongue before I had even said MIDDLE AGE IS APPROACHING FAST.  It was a lovely over the phone consultation with one of the fantastic girls on the team, and left me feeling encouraged – there are products that can help!

I hadn’t heard of any of the brands they recommended and this added to the excitement of trying something new – more chance of a brand I don’t know working than ones I do (that haven’t made a difference).

Problem : Dry Skin & Ingrowing Hairs 

I have exceptional dry knees and no amount of exfoliating and moisturising ever alleviates them from their sandpaper state. Until I used this body lotion for a couple of weeks – I now have soft knees (and no ingrowing hairs!)

Solution : Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion £22 200ml

Transforming Body Lotion

Problem : Thin Lips 

Solution : deCURE NoLip5 Lip Enhancer £40

After watching all the full lips on Love Island, I mentioned that I would love to try a lip plumper. This Lip enhancer gives your lips a real rush of blood making them look instantly more luscious.

Lip Enhancer

Problem : Thinning Eyelashes 

Solution : CHADO Mascara Divin £30

I usually go for a tractional fat wanded mascara, however after using this Chado mascara for a couple of weeks, I am convinced this is the shape for me. It grabs all the small eye lashes giving you a fuller affect.





Epione Renewal Facial Cream 50g £80

I know this isn’t within budget for me usually, but I think sometimes your skin does deserve a treat and this anti wrinkle cream for dry skin has made my normally dehydrated skin nourished and soft.

Renewal Facial Cream

Brush on Block SP30 £25

This came up trumps on Sports Day – as I was frying under the hot sun during the speeches, I whipped out my brush and sweet on some powder block. Ss easy as twist and click.

Brush on Block

Effortless Skin is a leading online cosmeceutical retailer that is focused on providing people with the highest quality products to help treat and manage a number of skin conditions.

Since 2009, they have been the online destination for people wanting effective, innovative and specialist skin care that provides noticeable improvements in the appearance of prematurely ageing skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, eczema and sun damage.

Every range available in our online store has been hand-picked by their team of skin care experts to ensure that all the products that they stock are genuine, safe and appropriate for their customers.

All their staff are trained on every product range that we stock, so if you need any advice on which products will work best for your skin type or concern, feel free to email them at or call on 01925 730343.

I am going to put that number in my favourites!!!

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