How To Style a Kids Bedroom

It has only been this month that I have finally got my shizzle together and decided to blitz the children’s half done bedrooms. They are now in their rooms for the foreseeable future so it seems only fair that they are done to the best of my ability!

Starting with my 2 year old daughter…. She inherited a unisex nursery but other than the hanging aeroplane light from the ceiling, everything else was superficially ‘boy’.

The green nursery rhyme curtains were a good place to start as a base and of course I picked out the flicker of pink that was flecked throughout.

Green and pink are complimentary colours and so the green helped balance out an overtly girly theme. Or did it. Eek.

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Over the year she has accumulated some pretty cool bits that have really helped the room come together but it is definitely a girls room!

  • The liberty print fusion from Poppy & Honesty is a firm favourite
  • I love the flamingo pendant from Laura Ashley on her bedside table.
  • Continuing on a bit of a tenuous ‘flamingo’ theme, the bin from Sas Rowan Designs is incredible!
  • If you no longer need your change table – use it as a book shelf!!


My second son moved from the nursery to the pod room at the back of the loft a couple of years ago. It is a good size room and has double doors leading out to a Juliet balcony (albeit he isn’t allowed onto as this one can climb!)

The furniture was a bit brown and adhoc, so I decided to lighten it up by deciding his ‘theme’ would be pale blue and white.


  • I hit the sales and bought 3 crates form Zara Home for his books (as they were precariously – or should I say messily – resting on a table) and also the bedspread and two pale blue cushions.



I liked the stars so much I bought them in Navy blue for my oldest sons ‘nautical’ bedroom! (He didn’t have a choice – only went nautical due to the red and navy cousins that we had originally!)


  • The walls are Skimming Stone
  • I didn’t know what to do put along side his top bunk and found these football figures in from the same company that just fit perfectly!


  • The London Skyline was also an option!
  • I have finished off the room with two bedspreads reduced to £45 each in the sale from Laura Ashley again. I think there kids range is reasonable and pretty cute, so it is always worth a look if you are looking to spruce up their rooms.

The one thing that is missing from this room is a nice book shelf/ storage system so if you have any recommendations, please let me know!


Tips for bringing room together

  • I think bunting is great for creating a bit of warmth in a room. If the room is looking a bit busy (like the nautical room above!) I would have used plain rather than patterned.
  • I love a rug. If you can afford, try to get a heavy-duty one as otherwise you are constantly flattening it out.
  • A good bed spread can really neaten up a room. When you make the bed in the morning (or afternoon!) cover the whole bed over and above the pillow.
  • Any ornaments that aren’t functional or attractive – put them away. Yes, I will keep a painting out occasionally but eventually it goes in a box. Even better get all their art work collated onto one piece artwork. Check out Barney & Wilf 
  • Get a personalised door name or something fun! It gives the children a sense of ownership. Sadly, I am not sure where these ones are from but there are plenty on the internet.



If you run a small craft business, find somewhere to leave your website on the object. So annoying when you want to buy another one or recommend it and there is no label!



  • I have to recommend The Kids Curtain Company. We chose the fabric from their selection and, sent them the size and style we wanted (i.e. blackout) and they posted them out already to hang. Really good service.
  • Have a good book clearance, toy sort out every once in a while. Even if you just put it in storage, I guarantee as soon as you have it in a pile to put away they will be interested again!
  • Don’t worry too much about measuring when putting painting or pictures up. Trust your gut and just go for it!

I have the utmost respect for Interior Designers. There is no way I would have the inclination or ability to do this for someone else but I have loved doing it for my little ducks. Please tell me of any businesses, ideas or products for interiors, I love hearing what’s out there.  Unless we talk and share outside our busy little bubble, how are we meant to know!

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