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Book Now For These Kids Christmas Events

Yes, yes I said that word. I am not going to apologise as I am actually doing you a favour. If you want to get seats together, get the highly sort after matinee and so on, you need to book these events BEFORE half term. So many times I have got to the party late (usually on the day as my friends are heading to the show/theatre/musical/concert (delete accordingly) and it’s not going to happen this year.

So, what’s on my hit list…

Christmas Lights at Kew 

22nd November – 5th January

Never been, everyone raves about it.  ‘As twilight falls, the magic begins…’ Expect a beautiful walk through lit woodland and a magical sucrose at the end!’

Christmas at Kew

After Dark at Chiswick House

Every Thursday – Sunday 22nd November – 30th December

In it’s infancy but following on from the success of other successful light installations, this nighttime walk is a great option with lit up sculptures and a soundtrack to accompany your walk.

After Dark

West End Does Christmas at Cadogan Hall 

Sat 1st December

Start the festive season in style with this West End family extravaganza featuring stars of West End and Broadway performing songs and carols alongside our fabulous orchestra and gospel choir, Sing Gospel.

Christmas at Cadogan Hall

The Snowman and Paddington Bear at The Royal Albert Hall

Thursday 20th December

First half Paddington, second half Snowman – what a combination!


Dinosaur Live

This looks seriously good, especially if you have a dino fan in your midst.

Horrible Christmas at Alexandra Palace

13th – 30th December

Horrible Histories proudly presents the terrific tale of Christmas in the triumphant re-opening of Alexandra Palace.

Horrible Histories

Circus 1903 at Royal Festival Hall

19th December – 5th January

Experience the thrills and daredevil entertainment of a turn-of-the-century circus this Christmas. Fresh from the Paris Theatre in Las Vegas, Circus 1903 visits Southbank Centre for its European premiere. The show includes sensational puppetry & jaw-dropping and dangerous acts from all corners of the globe.

circus 1903

Awful Auntie at the Bloombsury Theatre

12th December – 6th January

If his shows are as good as his books, I think the 7-11 crowd will love this!

Awful Auntie

The Snowman at Sadlers Wells

22nd November – 6th Jan

If you want up ballet Snowman – this is for you. I hear great things about it.


Hogwarts in the Snow at Warner Brothers Studio

17th November – 27th January


Enchanted Woodland at Syon Park

9th November – 25th November

Another magical light show. Depending on which one is closest, I would definitely try one to get you in the Christmas mood.

Enchanted Woodland

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park 

23rd November – 6th Jan

No silly season is complete without a visit to Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland. This year they have a few new attractions too – Peter Pan on Ice, Scuplting Workshops and a magical Ice Kingdom.

Ice Kingdom


Lapland UK

17th November – 24th December

The closest we will get to the real Lapland – this looks pretty good through the eyes of a little one.


Which takes your fancy? I think it’s Lapland UK this year before our oldest cottons on. What do you think?

Thank you for reading xx

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How To Look Stylish without Following Fashion

What a joy to spend the morning in beautiful surrounding at a styling workshop with Kate Evans. I have been following Kate on Instagram (check her stylish and accessible squares out) for a while and have admired her informative stories and blog posts, so when an oppountity arose to hear her in ‘real life’ I jumped at the chance.

She was leaving the Glos to enlighten a group of ladies at a styling workshop and lunch hosted by Jo at Blaegrove Barn, who runs gorgeous events & workshops from a barn in her garden.  It is available to hire for your own event such as hen, baby shower, corporate or party too.

Blaegrove Barn

Kate kicked off the morning introducing herself.

KE Styling

Everyone was immediately reassured that she wasn’t some super stylist who was going to throw high fashion on us, but who would teach us how to wear clothes that would suit us to reach our potential.

Inside the barn

Not only is she an expert in the colours and shapes, she is also a trained life coach and a bevy of knowledge on which shops suit which style personality and shapes.

She generously pinpointed what colours we should be wearing – I should wear deep (dark), bright (jewel colours) with a warm undertone (i.e. yellow based) and although I had my colours done a few years ago and trained how to do women’s seasonal colours (i.e. Spring or Summer) this updated version knowing your key characteristics was much more helpful!

Luckily, I was wearing the right colours!

Black & Pink

Kate went through the key trends for this Spring / Summer, and as we had learnt what suits us, we knew whether we could wear them or not.


Trouser Suits 

If you feel a trouser suit is too formal, dress down with a logo T underneath and some trainers.  This Boden trouser suit is a particular favourite of Kate’s (she nor I are endured with any of these recommendations FYI!)

Remember if black isn’t one of your colours, there are other neutrals that you can wear top to toe such as navy blue, grey or chocolate-brown that will suit you and look smart if they are the right colour for you!


Bomber jackets – Zara is always good and for the perfect jumpsuit head to Rock The Jumpsuit.  Best worn if your shoulders nd hips are the same width apart – if not – get those shoulder pads on you! Very 80’s…

Tapered trousers are also a winner this season. (My trousers in the above photo were a bit blousy…)

Fluted Sleeves 

Perfect if you have a small top half and to even your proportions out if you have a heavier bottom half!  (Monsoon are great for that latter problem – really good this season)

What can you wear with these though? A gilet!

Crazy Brights 

If you aren’t good with brights around your face, accessorise it up!  Gift Pop have gorgeous brightly coloured horse hair belts.



If you are tall, wear large patterns and if you are small wear smaller patterns! Reflect!

Ted Baker is doing fantastic florals at the moment.


We sat down for an incredible lunch that Jo had prepared surrounded by beautiful interiors.


From the nibbles to the homemade lemon posset and the salads in between – it was absolutely gorgeous.

Pepper salad

These tulips were from Jo’s garden – I forgot to ask how she gets them to stay so upright!


After chatting and enjoying top fodder (Jo humbly said she used Tart London’s latest recipe book but I think most of her salads were totally from her own repertoire) we set about to glean as much info from lovely Kate on what’s what, who’s what and where’s where…


Who does good t shirts?

Options to dress down a blazer?
Lucy Dodwell (great for a flash of neon) and FWP by Rae (great for slogans) do super cool sweatshirts in lightweight fabrics.

3 favourite small clothing brands
Miranda Dunn
Be4 Ballerina’s who can personalise your trainers!

Top 3 go to items in your wardrobe when you are in a rush
In the summer, Maxi dress, Cropped trousers, Statement tee


Best return of investment on an item
My Keith Scarrott gold backed boots….I just love them and they make me feel so happy when I wear them!

3 favourite Instagram accounts
Suzie Verrill – she is hilarious
Caroline Hirons – brilliant beauty advice and she cracks me up
Mamma’s Scrap book…stunning interior shots but also brilliant instastories. Anna is a Psychotherapist and does lots of work on promoting support of mental health issues.

Silver or gold jewellery?
Mostly gold as I have a warm skin tone- so works much better- but I also like mixing my metals and wearing both at the same time. Cotton and Gems is my favourite!

Last book you read?
Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi…an incredibly moving book about Ayaan’s upbringing in a strict Islamic family in Somalia and her escape from it into Dutch Politics.

The song you pelt out on your own?
Anything from Train or Christina and The Queens

3 favourite apps
Snapseed for photo editing
Hairy Letters (for kids)
Wunderlist (sharing to-do lists between yourself and someone else. I love it I can add things to my husband’s list!)

Best tip for Instagram
Be yourself and make connections with other users so you can support each other. It can be a harsh place…but it can also be SO supportive and positive. Be strict with how long you are on it, how often you check it otherwise it can easily take over.

Follow her here!

Kate Instagram

I am seriously considering booking a shopping trip wth Kate. She is so lovely and has a super fun sense of humour, and totally just gets it.  Also tempted by her ‘online shopping’ package – give her your brief (an event for example) and she will edit a Pinterest board for you with suggestions.

Now that is service!

How much?

Prices start at £75 per hour…  but the amount of money you will save in the long run far outweighs the initial outlay.

Kate & lucinda

What a fun day! I feel so inspired and am going to go through my warden with vigour!

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10 World Book Day Ideas To Save Time & Money

With three kids who are all involved in World Book Day this year, there is no skirting around the subject and fobbing them off in something that I thought about at 7.05 that morning (i.e. like the last 4 years).  There needs to be a bit of preparation.


I watch in awe as children arrive at school on the Thursday (it’s always in a Thursday yeah?) in handmade costumes and just hope that my kids don’t start comparing their (my!) nominal efforts to their friends ones.

(They don’t, they are just delighted to not be in uniform)

What’s the problem then?

It’s the MOTHERS whose judgement I fear!

I don’t want to feel inadequate, this year I want to be known as one of those mothers, who do think, stitch, create and make.

But as I cant stitch – I have to think outside the box and thinking is one thing I can do!

This year, I am giving myself 4 days to concur up something that looks like I haven’t done any work the whole week, other than for Thursday, but really, I have just thought for 5 minutes and brain stormed with the little ones so we are all happy.

There will be no sewing machine out and no £12 last minute costume from Amazon. 

I am going to share my ideas which each have a twist



Animal Lover 

Rather than go the predictable route of a favourite like The Lion King (brown face paint and whiskers and voila – you can be pretty much any animal!), I want to introduce you to the Tall Grass books written by the lovely Clare Luther.

Each book is based on one animal’s journey, each with a different message.

The Friends Who Care 

Go top to toe in grey clothes, with a cushion under your tummy. 

(When I say you, I actually mean them – although I did go to go to World Book Day drop off and pick up dressed as Paddington Bear one year!)

The Friends Who Care

Happy To Be Me 

A gorgeous story with a lovely message encouraging children to be content with who they are and what they have got. These books should be on the National Curriculum!

Wear yellow and stick large brown spots on with masking tape. 

Happy To Be Me


Mr Men Fans 

We owe Roger Hargreaves a huge thank you. Hi characters are very easy to replicate.

My oldest is doing Mr Bump this year

A bit of face paint, colour block dressing and loo paper and hey presto you are a Mr Bump.


Mr Bump


Little Miss Sunshine 

One for the little ladies.

Head to toe yellow, freckles, bunches and red bows. Sweet!!

little miss sunshine

Princess worshippers 

If your daughter wants to go as Frozen, I mean Elsa (do you find yourself calling her Frozen too?) but you simply can’t allow her to go as a character that came about first in a movie (oh the shame in front of the mothers #jokenotjoke) here is a good idea.

Angelina Ballerina is a respectable bet.

Pink leotard and tutu. Pink Bow. Add whiskers. 

Angelina Ballerina

I am trying to push her towards Little Red Riding Hood as she has dark hair (and we don’t have a pink tutu)

Red towel and a little basket = immediately look like Little Red Riding Hood.

Little red riding hood


‘Footballer’ Wannabe 

My second son wants to go as a footballer from his ‘When I am group, I want to play for Arsenal‘ book (You can buy any team and they are really encouraging books)




I am rolling with it this year. ‘Let go’ I chant to myself, it is a book.

And it’s not a competition!

A few other ideas for football fanatics… (all great books that I recommend)

Froggy Plays Football 

Football Kit + Green Facepaint. 

Froggy Plays Football


Kicking a Ball 

Just had to include this wonderful book. Buy if you have a football lover ‘who only wants to kick a ball… ‘

Dress in any football kit!

Kicking a ball


For Those Who Hate Dressing Up!

Super Star Kids 

If your child isn’t one for dressing up, whack them in their home clothes and tell them they are a superstar, Gavin Rhodes has written a series of rhyming moral fun books and they are wonderful!!

I highly recommend them.

Rhyming Moral Fun

Roald Dahl has created some wonderful characters that are very easy to recreate at home without putting your kid into a full blown costume .


Blue dress, red ribbon and a couple of books under her arm. (although maybe the red bow was just for the stage – even easier!) 


George’s Marvellous Medicine 

Red T Shirt, saucepan and a bottle of shampoo!

George's Marvellous Medicine

And if you still can’t think all the major supermarkets have incredible ranges to pick from…

Also, if the actual purpose behind World Book Day is lost on you, head to the official website for a read!

There are also lots of WBD events happening around the country – take a look and if your little one is full of beans after school – you can head down there to continue the magic!

Hope this has helped and reminded you that it doesn’t have to give you a headache!

Have a great week (and can’t wait to see your efforts!) xx

Events Spotlight

Up Close with Lexi Heriot Maitland

Lovely Lexi is TLM Up Close interview this week. Lexi is an inspiring bohemian power house whose aim is to give a platform to unique small children’s business through her engaging website Place Of Little Dreams. She has recently moved to Edinburgh from London with her husband and three young sons but does back to London to arrange Pop Ups and Networking events.

What is pold?
Place of Little Dreams is a lifestyle website for anyone with young children in their life. Including a creative blog, a beautifully curated directory of unique brands, products and boutiques, Pop Up Fairs and #dreamup meetings.

Quick plug for Lexi’s wonderful Christmas pop up that is on 11th and 12th December in Barnes… 

Pop Up

What is your dream for pold?
I’m a dreamer and a wanderer, always having creative ideas up my sleeve…some possible, some not so possible!!!

The growth Place of Little Dreams has seen over the past year, has all been an organic process and I think my main priority now is to consolidate everything I have created, as it has literally gone whoosh, from a small idea to a business!!! So who knows…I’m always open to suggestions from my clients and where possible love to support their forward thinking ideas where I can…the most important thing for me is that my business remains a fun and happy place where I can inspire, support and grow, following the needs of all those amazing individuals out there.

What’s on the horizon for pold?
We are really excited about our up and coming Pop Up Christmas Fair in Barnes, SW London, this December, bringing families a fabulous opportunity to source beautiful gifts for Christmas from a selection of some of the very best small brands. In January we will be hosting our 3rd #dreamup London, a networking meeting offered to those brands on the directory.

How do you juggle 3 kids and pold?
No idea, I’ve never had any childcare help at home!!! I juggle – full stop.


What are your advice for women with their own business?
Follow your dreams, don’t be disheartened by those that don’t share your passion, because it’s the ones that believe, that will support you, and it’s those unique beings that will enable you to make a success of something!!! Patience is important too…don’t expect everything to happen immediately, we are all learning, and your journey to what you are wanting to achieve is the most rewarding part of it all.

Instagram tip
Don’t get too hung up on it, it’s not the be all and end all especially when it comes to how many followers you have – you want the real followers who appreciate the hard work you do…

Favourite new kids clothing brand
Goodness me, that’s a hard one…there are so many fabulous new kids clothing brands out there that I absolutely adore, every single one on my directory wouldn’t be there if they didn’t make my heart sing but I have to say, Waddler is one of my absolute favourites. Run by my husband’s magical cousin Marina Thompson, whom we adore and miss dearly as she lives so far away. Her love and zest for adventure and how that is promoted in the stunning clothing collections she designs is truly incredible!!!! She is a true inspiration…and her whole family are such beautiful beings.


Women’s clothing brand
Tarifa Soul


What’s your fashion style?
Boho Chic, if you catch me on a day where I’ve had time to find my clothes!!!!

Who’s style do you like?
Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Who is your favourite fashion blogger?
Well The London Mummy of course, always spot on with useful hints and clothing advice for those on the hoof racing after the kiddies but wanting some added style to their wardrobe!!!!

(Umm interjection – #blush – you are too kind Lexi!!)

Favourite 3 items in your wardrobe?
Ebay brought, Zara blue and white summer jacket
Sequin glitter converse trainers, now a good 12 years old, but my love affair with them will last a lifetime despite the holes!!!
Coral pleat Midi skirt from Oliver Bonas (Sadly now out of stock!)

Pleated Coral Skirt

Anthropologie always

Boots or trainers
Trainers never fail

Favourite Interior accounts
Annie Sloane Home

Annie Sloan

What’s your interior style?
Not sure there is a name for my interior style!!! My husband would probably say, stuff everywhere!!! Which is kind of true in a ‘colourful me’ kind of way. I’d like to think I’ve decorated my home with the history of my life, and share the love with fairy lights, bunting, painted furniture, indoor plants, photos, cards from loved ones, clutter!!! I’m a collector of eclectic things, and they seem to end up out rather than in a cupboard neatly tidied away.

Any interior tips?
To live a decorated life and not to be afraid of bright colours

3 items in your make up bag
Mascara always
Under eye concealer a must
Bronzer – even if you can’t see the sun, makes you feel it could be near!!!

Hair tip
Love a half-up-top-knot!!!

What do you do to relax?
Go for a walk on my own!!!! Gives me time to breath, reflect and feel inspired all over again


Favourite film?
About Time – gets me every time, and one day I dream of living in an old dilapidated house overlooking the sea….

About time

Favourite book?
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, but very close second would be ‘The Magpie and the Wardrobe’ by Sam McKechnie and Alexandrine Portelli

Big Magic

Favourite box set?
Queen of the South

Favourite band?

Favourite song for driving on your own in the car?
Crazy Love, Vol ii by Paul Simon

Favourite hotel?
Le Mirador, Lake Geneva

La Mirador

Favourite smell?
A peony flower…can’t beat it

Mine is peony too!!

Favourite flower?
Foxglove – reminds me of my sister and the Cornish lane she lives along

Favourite board game?
I never play board games, I can’t sit still for long enough!!!! But snakes and ladders is a good one if I had too…

What do you want for Christmas?
For all my boys to be happy and healthy, they are always ill at Christmas time!!!! new coffee machine , and clothes!!! Can a girl ever have enough!!!

Go and meet Lexi at her pop up in December and see all the gorgeous children’s brands she represents in the flesh!


Activities Events Gift Guides TLM Monthly Edit

TLM Monthly Edit : September 2017

Slightly early monthly Edit as have quite a few events that need to be flagged! It should really be entitled ‘What’s On For Us This Autumn’ but I have so much scheduled for The London Mummy over the next couple of months, both on the blog and events – I have put it under my monthly Edit!


Firstly, the fabulous Good Web Guide – my go to on all web related businesses and recommendations – is hosting their annual awards and YOU can enter. It is perfect if you are a web based business, a new business or just want to raise your existing profile. They are well respected and a great way to get your name out there.  This will answer any questions you have!



I am so excited to be participating in my first ever fair selling my TLM Edit goodies. It is for a fabulous cause – the victims family and friends of the Grenfall Tower.


I will be selling hats, scarves, jumpers, belts, gifts and jewellery so please come and say hi (and no pressure to buy anything!) from TLM Edit including the below.

It is next Friday 29th Sept at St Mary’s Church, the Putney end of Putney Bridge. Would be so fab to see you there.

Follow the progress on Facebook Bring little ones as the Fire Brigade are visiting too!

I am alongside some other fab stalls including –

Ambersouk – Jewellery
Arbonne with Bronwen
Blabar – Nordic Interiors
Cece & Me – Children’s Shoe Fitting Service
City Paws Club
Florence and Frog
Harry Rocks – Unique Personalised Jewellery
Jewell Junkie Design
Marie & Lola – French Fashion
The Naked Olive
Pats Vintage Cartoons
Postive Sprit Massge
Rude Health
Serendipity Bakes
Tussie Mussie – Candles


My pal who runs Five Boys Clothing is hosting a pop up on the Kings Road 24th – 30th September so if you are cruising, do pop in and say hello.

Also in the shop –

Mobs – teenage and young men clothing
Five Boys Clothing – boys clothing and gifts
Pixie Dixie – children’s pyjamas w
Crafty Wrens – crafty kids for children
My Mia – girls clothing
Willow Cashmere – cashmere
Hermosa London – ladies handbags
Maimie London  – Luxury Silk Womenswear
Pom Lampson – silky shirts and underwear
Lucy Simmons – jewelry


Emma Van Zeller is having an exhibition of her wonderful jovial exhibition at The Corner House from 26th October. Do pop in and have a look.  The Corner House is a perfect place to visit with little ones and allow you to have your coffee (excellent btw) in peace whilst they play on the gorgeous play equipment or do a class.




The Daisy Trust is hosting their annual fair at Hurlingham on Monday 2nd October. With a full list of excellent stalls I urge you to come down!

Check out the sellers…

Anna & Louis – Spanish Baby Clothes
Little Leggies – Cashmere and Neon
Pepa & Co – Spanish Children’s Clothes
St Bert’s Clothing – Boys Clothes
KC Collection
Laurie and Jules
Law & Co
Marie & Lola – French Clothes
Milliemanu – Childrens Clothes
Octavia Hix – Resortwear
Pom Lampson Ltd – Underwear & Lingerie
Susie Pringle – Cashmere & Pearls
Tessa Maynard – Scarves & Jackets
Vishana Ltd
Wingfield Digby – Accessories
Wyse – Cashmere
Banana Boxer – Boxer Shorts
Illann Cashmere
Indigo Island – Mens Shirts
Reef Knots – Mens Swimwear
Beau Britches – Activewear
Harper Scout – Beachwear
Philippa London – Clothes
Sister Design Ltd – Resortwear
Snow Finel Ski Wear – Ski wear
Toosh Clothing – PJ’s
The Holiday Shop – Holiday Accessories
Happy Hats – Hats
Peachy Belt – Belts
Manyatta – Masai Belts
My Fashion Tribu – Shoes


Daylesford’s new after-school activity hours should become a regular feature in your back-to-school diaries. They provide the perfect opportunity for children to wind down after a busy day at school, giving their parents or a chance to relax over a cup of coffee.

Hosted in all of the London Farmshops (Marylebone, Notting Hill and Pimlico Road) every Wednesday from 3:30pm-4:30pm, the activity hours are free to attend.

Each week they will be doing a different, fun, and educational activity that children will love, such as colouring, making jam jar posies, flower pressing and herb planting.


Daylesford Marylebone, 6-8 Blandford St, Marylebone, London W1U 4AU
Daylesford Notting Hill, 208-212 Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill, London W11 2RH
Daylesford Pimlico, 44B Pimlico Rd, Belgravia, London SW1W 8LP

It’s free to attend and no booking required. Result!

Have great week and hope to see you at one of the events!

Love Lucinda xx

Days Out Events

A Little Heads Up

Needs must and this is a need. Otherwise I wouldn’t mention Christmas (!) in September. However, last night I was doing a little research into what shows there are on for kids at the moment, thinking the theatres won’t have listings beyond half term – and woe and behold – the Christmas shows are out! And one show in particular that piqued my interest is actually sold out. (Beauty & The Beast at The Royal Albert Hall… click here to feel my pain!) WHAT? How on earth are people so organised as to get their shizzle together in the second week of school and BOOK CHRISTMAS SHOWS.

So, let’s not let any more get booked up – and if they are going to be booked up – let them be booked up you lovely peeps.

Here are my top picks!

Slava’s Snowshow – Royal Festival Hall

18th Dec – 4th June

The Tony and Olivier award-winning hit returns to Royal Festival Hall this Christmas!

Slava’s Snowshow is now established as a leading London Christmas show, having delighted theatre goers of all ages around the world for over 20 magical years.

Created by multi-international award-winning performance artist Slava Polunin, Slava’s Snowshow introduces a joyous dream-like world, unlike anything you have ever seen; a world in which a cobweb envelops the audience and one tiny piece of paper begins a heart-stopping blizzard of snow.

Snow White & Rose Red – Battersea Arts Centre

29th Nov – 30th Dec

Snow White likes to tell stories and paint. Rose Red likes to race with the deer and the wolves. When a friendly bear knocks on their door, the mischievous sisters have no idea that it’s the beginning of a magnificent adventure.

Based on the original fairy tale by The Brothers Grimm, acclaimed RashDash present a musical quest for justice, love and friendship.


Pinocchio – National Theatre

1st December – 7th April

If anything has sure-fire bankable hit written over it, it’s this new family musical. In a good fairy-worthy stroke of luck, the National Theatre has managed to land stage rights to Disney’s legendary movie ‘Pinocchio’, which means that it’ll boast all of the original’s best-loved songs, including ‘When You Wish Upon a Star’.


The Christmasaurus Live on Stage – Apollo Hammersmith

20th – 28th December

Based on the novel of the same name, The Christmasaurus is set on Christmas Eve, a story about the magical adventures of a boy named William Trundle and a most unusual dinosaur called the Christmasaurus. There are sleigh bells and singing elves, Santa Claus and flying reindeer, music and magic. It’s a tale about adventure, family, friendship and discovering that the impossible might just be possible…


The Nutcracker – Royal Albert Hall

28th – 31st December

For the first time ever, Birmingham Royal Ballet brings an enchanting production of this Christmas favourite to the Royal Albert Hall. This magical ballet, with its ravishing Tchaikovsky score, is the quintessential Christmas treat for all the family.

We join Clara in the Victorian setting of her family home. As midnight strikes, the magical Christmas tree grows and grows, Clara’s nutcracker doll and his army of toy soldiers come to life, and Clara is swept away into a fantasy adventure through an enchanting winter wonderland of dancing snowflakes to the magical Kingdom of the Sweets.


The Snowman & The Carnival of The Animals – Cadogan Hall, SW3

20th December

Give the whole family a magical Christmas treat as The Snowman is shown on the big screen while the Mozart Symphony Orchestra provides a live soundtrack.


A couple of my favourites, Chiswick House and Fulham Palace haven’t released their dates yet – just the big theatres, so watch this space for smaller performances nearer the time! xx

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Pop Up featuring Familiar

The British market is not an easy market to crack, especially when it comes to baby and children’s clothes. However, one that has the UK in its grasp is Familiar, a popular Japanese brand famed for it’s high quality clothes. Any mother with young children in Japan will have been gifted a Familiar item at some point as it lasts through all your children and looks is well designed.

Familiar was founded in 1950 by four Japanese women who were in a middle of raising their own children and their mission was to create clothes they themselves want to dress their children in.

Isn’t this a lovely photo?


Familiar is considered as a luxury brand and is known for its high quality clothing.

Due to this good quality, Familiar’s products are often used as newborn baby’s gifts.

Familiar creates their own fabrics and their number one selling product in Japan is a simple newborn baby underwear.


These are my favourites –

2 Way Playsuit 

How cute is this playsuit? Makes me slightly giddy looking at it and it feels even better.

Baby Grow

Pom Pom Cotton Socks 

As a Pom Pom fan, there is no escaping these cute baby socks.



Cotton Toweling Blanket 

I love the pop of primary colours on this 100% cotton towel.


Removable Pocket Feeding Bib

I wish I had had one of these when my children wear bibs (actually think they might be handy still!)





Not only can you buy all these gems online you can visit Familiar as they are doing a Pop Up in Hampstead this month!  This is the first time they have showcased their brand in Europe!


In this first effort to set up space in the European market, the focus has been on materials, handiwork, and children’s experiences, expressed as the Japanese concept of HITOTEMA, which refers to those extra small touches that enliven their clothes.
To further enable customers to realize the quality materials in use at Familiar, there will be a HITOTEMA Experience throughout the duration of the popups, where five types of adult ponchos will be available for try-on so that people can experience the feel and quality of Japanese fabrics.

There will also be exhibition spaces where children can interact and create their own designs, with patterns on thick paper stock, fabrics, and buttons. At this POP-UP STORE, Familiar’s delicate and detailed craftsmanship is expressed through the HITOTEMA theme. By affording clients not only with products but with an experience, we will transmit real value and inspiration that only Familiar can provide.


Exhibition of Familiar’s past products 1970s – 1990s

They will show the design changes through the year and show how the founders have created designs that they themselves would want to


“create clothes that they themselves want to dress their own children in”



Making Fami-chan’s Bow-tie

If you purchase our “Fami-chan” brand character cuddly teddy bear, you can choose which fabric to use for his bow-tie. This will be put on at the shop!


Adult’s Undershirts

They made adult-size undershirts made of their same fabric as Familiar’s baby underwear so you can feel the difference in the quality of Familiar’s baby’s and children’s clothes.


Ponchos made of five different fabrics

They make adult-size ponchos out of 5 different kinds of fabrics: Tompkin, Fraiche, Italian Mesh, Wool, and Silk.


Complimentary OBORO towel

This is a special opportunity only for this pop-up shop! If you come and feel the different fabrics, you will receive a complimentary OBORO towel that is made in Japan with 100 years of history.


Kids Workshop

Kids can attend a workshop to design a T-shirt from cardboard, using colourful tapes and buttons. Familiar’s designer will be there to help you!


Sunday 17th September to Wednesday 20th September.

Opening Hours:

17th 11:00 – 17:00
18th 10:00 – 18:00
19th 10:00 – 18:00
20th 10:00 – 16:00

Livingstone Studio
36 New End Square

Hope to see you there! x

You can also buy on Familiar on Farfetch and follow Familiar here –

Online Shop


Activities Events

Spice Up Your Life with HelloFresh’s New Venture

If you aren’t familiar with HelloFresh, you must have been growing your own food for the past few years. So many of my friends use Hello Fresh which delivers ‘cook from scratch’ meal plans straight to your door, with easy-to-follow-recipe cards and high quality, pre-portioned fresh ingredients.  The key thing here is there is no food wastage and the cost is much less than you think it would be!!


Hello Fresh

Anyway, they have just launched FreshMeets, a series of fun, informative and interactive
culinary experiences to get your foodie juices flowing.


The first in the series, Spice Up Your Life, which my husband and I went along to.


Patrick Drake, Head Chef and co-founder of HelloFresh said

“We’re really excited to launch FreshMeets and it’s really fitting that we’ve chosen Spice as our first theme. At HelloFresh, we’re focused on delivering delicious dishes with a twist that take the customer around the world on their plate, using a medley of spices and interesting ingredients. We don’t think spice should be something to be scared off – it can add so much variety to a dish. We hope through this event we’ll be able to share our passion for all things spice. Plus we get to support one of our favourite charities, The Felix Project at the same time.”

Below I was waitressing, not hogging the lot!




The Order of The Night

Expert cooking demo: where food meets theatre with Middle Eastern food queen Sabrina
Ghayour. From breakfast to Roast Lamb, Sabrina has it covered.


Spice Q & A: spice pairings, ingredient combinations, recipe ideas, techniques, tricks and tips from the experts.

These spiced cucumber nibbles were incredible!


Cocktail masterclass: award-winning mixologist and Executive Bar Manager of The Gilbert Scott, Dav Eames conjures up spice-inspired cocktails from Thailand to Morocco.


Authentic, tasty food: from one of London’s favourite street food stall, The Cheeky Indian.

The Cheeky Indian

It was fantastic evening with flowing drinks and food to make your taste buds go ‘oh hellooooo’. We combined it as a date night and left with full hearts (for spicy food 🙂 and exploding bellies.