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10 World Book Day Ideas To Save Time & Money

With three kids who are all involved in World Book Day this year, there is no skirting around the subject and fobbing them off in something that I thought about at 7.05 that morning (i.e. like the last 4 years).  There needs to be a bit of preparation.


I watch in awe as children arrive at school on the Thursday (it’s always in a Thursday yeah?) in handmade costumes and just hope that my kids don’t start comparing their (my!) nominal efforts to their friends ones.

(They don’t, they are just delighted to not be in uniform)

What’s the problem then?

It’s the MOTHERS whose judgement I fear!

I don’t want to feel inadequate, this year I want to be known as one of those mothers, who do think, stitch, create and make.

But as I cant stitch – I have to think outside the box and thinking is one thing I can do!

This year, I am giving myself 4 days to concur up something that looks like I haven’t done any work the whole week, other than for Thursday, but really, I have just thought for 5 minutes and brain stormed with the little ones so we are all happy.

There will be no sewing machine out and no £12 last minute costume from Amazon. 

I am going to share my ideas which each have a twist



Animal Lover 

Rather than go the predictable route of a favourite like The Lion King (brown face paint and whiskers and voila – you can be pretty much any animal!), I want to introduce you to the Tall Grass books written by the lovely Clare Luther.

Each book is based on one animal’s journey, each with a different message.

The Friends Who Care 

Go top to toe in grey clothes, with a cushion under your tummy. 

(When I say you, I actually mean them – although I did go to go to World Book Day drop off and pick up dressed as Paddington Bear one year!)

The Friends Who Care

Happy To Be Me 

A gorgeous story with a lovely message encouraging children to be content with who they are and what they have got. These books should be on the National Curriculum!

Wear yellow and stick large brown spots on with masking tape. 

Happy To Be Me


Mr Men Fans 

We owe Roger Hargreaves a huge thank you. Hi characters are very easy to replicate.

My oldest is doing Mr Bump this year

A bit of face paint, colour block dressing and loo paper and hey presto you are a Mr Bump.


Mr Bump


Little Miss Sunshine 

One for the little ladies.

Head to toe yellow, freckles, bunches and red bows. Sweet!!

little miss sunshine

Princess worshippers 

If your daughter wants to go as Frozen, I mean Elsa (do you find yourself calling her Frozen too?) but you simply can’t allow her to go as a character that came about first in a movie (oh the shame in front of the mothers #jokenotjoke) here is a good idea.

Angelina Ballerina is a respectable bet.

Pink leotard and tutu. Pink Bow. Add whiskers. 

Angelina Ballerina

I am trying to push her towards Little Red Riding Hood as she has dark hair (and we don’t have a pink tutu)

Red towel and a little basket = immediately look like Little Red Riding Hood.

Little red riding hood


‘Footballer’ Wannabe 

My second son wants to go as a footballer from his ‘When I am group, I want to play for Arsenal‘ book (You can buy any team and they are really encouraging books)




I am rolling with it this year. ‘Let go’ I chant to myself, it is a book.

And it’s not a competition!

A few other ideas for football fanatics… (all great books that I recommend)

Froggy Plays Football 

Football Kit + Green Facepaint. 

Froggy Plays Football


Kicking a Ball 

Just had to include this wonderful book. Buy if you have a football lover ‘who only wants to kick a ball… ‘

Dress in any football kit!

Kicking a ball


For Those Who Hate Dressing Up!

Super Star Kids 

If your child isn’t one for dressing up, whack them in their home clothes and tell them they are a superstar, Gavin Rhodes has written a series of rhyming moral fun books and they are wonderful!!

I highly recommend them.

Rhyming Moral Fun

Roald Dahl has created some wonderful characters that are very easy to recreate at home without putting your kid into a full blown costume .


Blue dress, red ribbon and a couple of books under her arm. (although maybe the red bow was just for the stage – even easier!) 


George’s Marvellous Medicine 

Red T Shirt, saucepan and a bottle of shampoo!

George's Marvellous Medicine

And if you still can’t think all the major supermarkets have incredible ranges to pick from…

Also, if the actual purpose behind World Book Day is lost on you, head to the official website for a read!

There are also lots of WBD events happening around the country – take a look and if your little one is full of beans after school – you can head down there to continue the magic!

Hope this has helped and reminded you that it doesn’t have to give you a headache!

Have a great week (and can’t wait to see your efforts!) xx

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