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Pop Up featuring Familiar

The British market is not an easy market to crack, especially when it comes to baby and children’s clothes. However, one that has the UK in its grasp is Familiar, a popular Japanese brand famed for it’s high quality clothes. Any mother with young children in Japan will have been gifted a Familiar item at some point as it lasts through all your children and looks is well designed.

Familiar was founded in 1950 by four Japanese women who were in a middle of raising their own children and their mission was to create clothes they themselves want to dress their children in.

Isn’t this a lovely photo?


Familiar is considered as a luxury brand and is known for its high quality clothing.

Due to this good quality, Familiar’s products are often used as newborn baby’s gifts.

Familiar creates their own fabrics and their number one selling product in Japan is a simple newborn baby underwear.


These are my favourites –

2 Way Playsuit 

How cute is this playsuit? Makes me slightly giddy looking at it and it feels even better.

Baby Grow

Pom Pom Cotton Socks 

As a Pom Pom fan, there is no escaping these cute baby socks.



Cotton Toweling Blanket 

I love the pop of primary colours on this 100% cotton towel.


Removable Pocket Feeding Bib

I wish I had had one of these when my children wear bibs (actually think they might be handy still!)





Not only can you buy all these gems online you can visit Familiar as they are doing a Pop Up in Hampstead this month!  This is the first time they have showcased their brand in Europe!


In this first effort to set up space in the European market, the focus has been on materials, handiwork, and children’s experiences, expressed as the Japanese concept of HITOTEMA, which refers to those extra small touches that enliven their clothes.
To further enable customers to realize the quality materials in use at Familiar, there will be a HITOTEMA Experience throughout the duration of the popups, where five types of adult ponchos will be available for try-on so that people can experience the feel and quality of Japanese fabrics.

There will also be exhibition spaces where children can interact and create their own designs, with patterns on thick paper stock, fabrics, and buttons. At this POP-UP STORE, Familiar’s delicate and detailed craftsmanship is expressed through the HITOTEMA theme. By affording clients not only with products but with an experience, we will transmit real value and inspiration that only Familiar can provide.


Exhibition of Familiar’s past products 1970s – 1990s

They will show the design changes through the year and show how the founders have created designs that they themselves would want to


“create clothes that they themselves want to dress their own children in”



Making Fami-chan’s Bow-tie

If you purchase our “Fami-chan” brand character cuddly teddy bear, you can choose which fabric to use for his bow-tie. This will be put on at the shop!


Adult’s Undershirts

They made adult-size undershirts made of their same fabric as Familiar’s baby underwear so you can feel the difference in the quality of Familiar’s baby’s and children’s clothes.


Ponchos made of five different fabrics

They make adult-size ponchos out of 5 different kinds of fabrics: Tompkin, Fraiche, Italian Mesh, Wool, and Silk.


Complimentary OBORO towel

This is a special opportunity only for this pop-up shop! If you come and feel the different fabrics, you will receive a complimentary OBORO towel that is made in Japan with 100 years of history.


Kids Workshop

Kids can attend a workshop to design a T-shirt from cardboard, using colourful tapes and buttons. Familiar’s designer will be there to help you!


Sunday 17th September to Wednesday 20th September.

Opening Hours:

17th 11:00 – 17:00
18th 10:00 – 18:00
19th 10:00 – 18:00
20th 10:00 – 16:00

Livingstone Studio
36 New End Square

Hope to see you there! x

You can also buy on Familiar on Farfetch and follow Familiar here –

Online Shop


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