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Wear & Where: Fashion Blog

I’m pretty stoked to have Alex Gorton under the Spotlight.  Her and her friend Natasha run my favourite blog, Wear & Where.  Every post that falls into my inbox gets devoured immediately or at least earmarked for later. There is never a surreptitious delete (like some I subscribe to and delete almost before I have read the title #nevermyfriendsblogsthough).



Wear & Where started a few years ago when Natasha and Alex (former colleagues and firm friends) were talking about what they wanted to read on the web. Unable to find everything they wanted in one place, they decided to write it themselves. Drawing on their backgrounds as journalists, they created a place to share all their interests from fashion to family, interiors to travel, health and beauty, and everything in between. With 5 children between them, they are very much in the family mindset and their readers tend to be gorgeous, bright, brilliant women, most with children (although not all) with an interest in style.

I particularly loved one of their latest posts on Spring Shoes and can’t wait for all the other exciting plans they have for Wear & Where in the future.


There is no stopping them. Sign up to their brilliant blog to be kept in the loop on all things cool.

Alex’s Favourite’s

Shop: Cos (favourite at the time of asking!)

Website: Laura Fantacci’s blog Wearing it Today

Restaurant: The Oak in Shepherd’s Bush, London

Hotel: North Island in the Seychelles

Place to go with kids: West Wittering