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TLM Monthly Edit : June 2017


So many new brands to bring to your attention this month. It astounds me how many talented people there are out there and how there is never a drought of original and clever ideas.

My Paper Tote 

These bags are genius.  Chloe the founder sums them up more articulately than I can. I can just agree with her!


Our bags are tear resistant, reusable, washable and beautifully crafted from strong paper in a modern and functional way. It can be hard to choose a bag for every day with so many options out there.  Our go to material is more often than not leather, chosen for it’s strength and looks, but this often gives us a heavy bag with the unfriendly environmental issues associated with the material. The paper we use is strong and flexible which makes it a rival to leather in feel, look and durability. 


I love the ‘Mummy & Daughter’ ones too!


It can carry a great weight and fit a lot in! Here is mine in action! 


Who doesn’t like shopping and now there is a way to justify it. Every time you spend when you buy through KidStart, you can actually save real money for your kids. All the big brands are involved so you can start by doing your weekly shopping through it knowing you are saving the coppers for little Timmy!

For every sign up they are offering a free child’s ticket for Chessington World Of Adventures with every adult ticket bought (maximum of 2 per unique code). To claim them you need to sign up to KidStart which is free and then head to the Chessington World of Adventures page and click to claim the offer which then takes you to a page to download your unique code.


See you on the new Gruffalo ride!

Joanna Archer Garden Design 

Total overhaul or little tweak, Joanna can do any job at hand with her highly skilled green fingers.


Joanna studied Garden Design at the prestigious Inchbald School of Design gaining a distinction in her diploma and winning the Director’s Top Student Award in 2008. Before that, she had a career in the television industry overseeing the launch of some much loved children’s programming. She is an RHS qualified horticulturalist and enjoys being amongst flowering plants and butterflies, exploring combinations of texture and colour to use in her next design.  Contact her here

Little Wooden Painting 

Pete Hawkins is a highly acclaimed artist who has turned his hands kids paintings on drift wood. A really original gift or if you have a space on your wall – you could order a bespoke one  and have it personalised too!



We went to a cricket match at a school the other day and one if the masters was selling gorgeous belts.


They are made by women in the Masai and as consequence does great good among impoverished Maasai families. They are exceptionally high quality and come in a wonderful array of colours.

Lolgorian, Kenya. Siria Maasai Manyatta; group of girls with traditional bead neck adornments, keys, whistles, chains, belts.

I particularly like the Scarlet & Gold, which depending what size you buy is between £65 and £75.


So buy for a good cause and look stylish at the same time!

Alexa Kidd May Photography 

Alexa is a natural and creative photography and  is currently running a special offer for people who are prepared to have their photos for her portfolio. I love her relaxed style.

families-1002 families-1003

Email her

My Pocket Money Toy 

The boys were excited to open their bespoke ‘Pocket Money’ boxes that are now even bigger and still only £30 each. They are perfect if you are going a long journey and need something to help the journey go better. They are mixed with top quality educational games and long lasting toys, aswell as a few garden games to get them running around.  Shirley has very kindly offering TLM a 10% discount – just use LONDON10


Amazing! Magazine

This is a wonderful subscription magazine for children ages 7-11 that is both educational and fun. Check out a sample magazine here.

My eldest loves it and has asked when the next one will be arriving.It is monthly so in our busy lives they have a month to reedit, although H whipped through it in a couple of days!



Some of my favourite dresses are from Sophie at Coco-Belle and the fantastic news is you can now buy online.

The beauty is they are only £37!! You can buy this one here


Slacks & Co 

Pregnant? Hating your clothes? Have an event that you have to brush up your act? Look no further than new maternity brand Slacks & Co. Their clothes actually make me want to be pregnant again (not really – especially in this heat, but they really are gorgeous)





Hamptons Canvas 

Looking for something slightly more comfortable than espadrilles but that also work on your summer holiday? Their limited edition Liberty Prints sold out pretty quickly but you can still buy the kids version.


I love my Watermelons! (tee tee)


Mimosa Baby 

New brand alert and it is pretty sweet! Mimosa Baby does cute kids clothes, appliqué, Liberty print etc but what caught my eye are the ‘Mummy Jumpers’ that you can subtly twin with your kids. For example this sweatshirt  for you with these pantaloons for him/her



You can see my new one here! I love it!!

The Modesty Company 

This is genius. You know when you are doing your hair or make up in the shower with a towel wrapped round but you cant do it properly as it keeps on falling down? Well, you need one of these! After I dry myself, I throw this on and go about my morning, without worrying the kids will pull my towel down in front of the builders! It’s super luxe and beautifully presented and would make such a lovely gift – especially for a bride to be!



Have some gorgeous new items over on TLM Edit that will give you new spring in your step and help you nail that summer wardrobe with bright accessories, pretty dresses, funky espadrilles and festival chic jewellery.





If you don’t know what you are looking for, why not just take a little peruse!

Have a lovely day everyone xx

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