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TLM Monthly Edit : August 2017

Who would think the quietest working month of the year would be so flipping packed full of new products and services! There is no sympathy for parents who are herding wild children around the country for the best of 6 weeks. We are expected to reply within 3 days and then if we agree to a collaboration – to have it done within a week. Oh no, no, no. Last year I ‘took’ August off, because I could but now I have tenancies with a few brands and have to cover my quota per month. Not that I mind. Any excuse to pursue the world-wide web is fine in my opinion (not so much in my families – but hey!

So, what have I got to report this month?  There are a lot of new apps to make your life easier!!

First off however, I have to give a mention to Ling’s Meadow, an eco-friendly camp site that we stayed in Suffolk for a few nights. Basically, we hired a ready put up bell tent and were supplied with sheets, fire, camp fire equipment to make us novices enjoy the experience whilst believing we were really hard-core camping.


We weren’t, but I don’t care. It was perfect for and enabled the adults to relax whilst the kids ran off.


That’s all you want isn’t it!

Qure is a new website that delivers a Dr to your door for a one off fee £70. They guarantee to be there within 2 hours and only it includes a 20 minute consultation. Currently covers SW1 and South West London. Definitely an app to download so it is at your fingertips.

Another super useful website is Fantastic Services. Covering cleaning, repairs and exteriors, you can book in 30 seconds and have someone out the next day (in uniform!) We had what looked like the Super Mario Brothers out to help us in the garden and they worked non stop and didn’t finish until the job was finished, over their allotted time. You can also download the Go Fantastic app on IOS or Android. Highly recommend.



You know those times during the school holidays where you don’t know who is around, who is on holiday so you don’t bother contacting anyone? Well, now there is an app that you can get all your friends to download and can put what you are up to and does anyone else want to join. Genius!!!!!! Download Pal and give it a go!

A lovely mum at nursery, Gemma, who is a personal trainer in SW London, has set up Bespoke Body Plan. She creates individual training programs based on a Dynamic Pilates approach. Get in contact to secure some sessions this September! If she is anything to go by, by Christmas you will be the belle of the ball!

I have been on the hunt for a smart navy coat with a turned up collar (ever since watching Nordic Noir wear this look is a staple) and have finally found it on Esprit for £99. I love the contrast collar and pocket. The only hard thing to decide is whether to go burgundy, pale grey or navy blue!!


I am a subscriber of School Notices which is basically like a word of mouth Gumtree and you sign-up through your kid’s school (this is worth a look in itself) however they drew my attention to a Nuvet which is a washable sheetless duvet.

If you have an aversion to boys in Breton and appliqué, British designed children swear brand Angels and Rockets is for you.  My youngest son has a Rocket sweat and jeans from them and he looks like an absolute dude.


Check out Instagram to see him in action!

We took Dr Wills BBQ and Tomato sauce camping and it was a great hit. They didn’t notice that it was ‘healthy’ i.e. no sugar or anything disguised as it. You can actually buy it online so why not support a small start-up and give them a go – they are delicious and the bottle are gorgeous!


So, that’s all folks. Oh, and if you are feeling slightly fried, Caudalie Beauty Elixir has just reached its 20 year anniversary and it’s definitely worth a spritz post shower to shake you into the day – like spraying gorgeous caffeine on your face but it actually moisturises!


Good luck with the lost week of the holidays – remember – finish well!!! and buy yourself some earrings – these have just landed on TLM Edit and I am home ready to send them out asap!!




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