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Life After London: The Mass Exodus 

So many friends in the last month have declared they are moving to the country. It feels like a tidal wave must be approaching and I haven’t been sent the memo. Most popular choice is Hampshire that seems to be country enough whilst still having strong transport links into London.


The moves are so frequent now that I have got used to it. I understand the desire for a bigger place and putting down roots. Time spent with family in Surrey, Hampshire and Suffolk always gets my husband and I talking about if and when we will ‘do it’. When we first married the thought of living anywhere but London made me feel homesick but 6 years on and the tables have turned – I have alerts emailed weekly from Rightmove for our hypothetical preferred triangle, as I toy with what I Imagine would be a simpler life, whereas my husband quashes my wanderlust pronto when I bring it up, with a firm ‘I want to see my children before school and bed’ that would not happen with 7pm bedtimes in the Home Counties.

A clever mother Belinda has set up a website and online forum for those who are thinking of going and for those who have gone. It is well worth a look even if you are just toying with the idea.

Founder Belinda Aspinall

Founder Belinda Aspinall

For now however, I am off to ‘utilise’ London…

Actually with 3 children, I’m so knackered, I might just settle with a box set!

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