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Georgie Colquhoun : Cooking Them Healthy

If I’m jumping on the ‘healthy eating’ bandwagon, it must be going mainstream. My rotating repertoire of unoriginal supper’s has stooped to a new low. I gave my friend’s child Spaghetti Hoops and Hotdogs for lunch on Friday!  I need help. Pronto.

Luckily, there is an answer.  Cooking Them Healthy is a sparkling website full of inspiration, from snacks to supper’s and everything in between, for your little mite’s.


Georgie and Jo, the founders, hold great value in the art of using ingredients to heal and strengthen and with their combined knowledge of both food and nutrition, they hope to create the perfect “go to” place for parents to learn more about health topics. I believe, this they have done. The information in the media can be overwhelming so they aim to debunk the confusion and provide you with what you really need to know for a healthy family.

Georgie with 2 of her children

Georgie with 2 of her 3 children

One of Georgie’s most popular recipe’s to make with her children the It’s a Wrap Pizza as it covers all ages including her husband!


One of my favourite categories on the website is the Essential Shopping Basket.  There is a list of key healthy ingredients that are easy to throw into your weekly shop, paired with helpful delicious recipes.

Thank goodness for this jam packed website full of information to inspire – clearly and helpfully laid out. Bookmarked!

Georgie’s ‘5 Favourite’s

Shop: Whole Foods


Hotel: Babington House, Somerset

Restaurant: Abu Zaad in Shepherds Bush, London

Place to go with Children: Portobello Market

For more ideas and inspiration go online at

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