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Fashion Little Spotlight

Taffeta Gray : Five Boys Clothing

With 5 boys between Taffeta and her friend Sophia, they were frustrated by the lack of decent, fun clothing for boys, free from ubiquitous logos and cartoon characters. They set about curating their own unique and easy-to wear collection for boys and launched Five Boys Clothing in July 2014.


The styles range from cool to classic, appealing to sons and mothers alike, with easy fits – so boys can be boys! Their boys are now three through to 12 but they cater for boys as old as 15 as they felt that the UK high street really fails when it comes to that difficult to dress ‘tween’ age.


Lots of cool items – below are a couple of my favorites and a chance to win a cracking pair of swimming shorts!

Green Striped Long Sleeve Tee £25

Scotch Shrunk Strummer Skinny Jeans Were £59 NOW £15


If you would like to win these gorgeous Mint Green Swimming Trunks head to Five Boys Clothing Instagram and follow their very simple instructions. It will only take two seconds! Good Luck…

Love Brand Mint Candy Stripe Swim Shorts

Taffeta’s 5 Favourite’s

Shop : Cocktail (Gift Shop) on Askew Road, Shepherds Bush, London

Website : Bloom & Wild

Restaurant : Five Guys (obviously!)

Hotel : Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa, West Sussex

Holiday Destination : Seaview, Isle of Wight

Parenting Tip : “The best advice I have ever been given for raising boys is that like dogs, they need to be exercised at least once a day come rain or shine and fed often to keep tantrums and sulks at bay”




Fashion Little Products

Olivier Baby & Kids : SS16 Collection

When I was sent the link for Olivier Baby & Child new SS16 collection, my fingers went in overdrive navigating their pretty and easy website. Known originally for their beautiful cashmere clothes, Olivier Baby & Child have branched out and have totally nailed it. (Even if you aren’t in the market for new threads for your bambinos, it is worth a look how beautifully the shoot was styled.)

Not only do they cater for both girls and boys up to the age of 10 (all round win in my case), each piece is wearable and effortlessly stylish.

AND They have very kindly offered TLM readers 15% off so enter TLM15 at checkout.  Take a look…

Chambray Linen Baby Dress With Pants £42


Margot Liberty Romper, Karter Pink £29


Liberty All In One, Theo Peach £39


Posy Liberty Pants £16


Liberty Cap Sleeve Dress, Bobo Blue £42


Sophie Liberty Playsuit, Meadowsweet £42


Jemima Skirt with Removable Braces £32


Don’t forget to enter TLM15 at checkout! x



Fashion Little Products

The Best Of The Rest : January Sale Finds For Little Ones

The sales are still going strong!  If you have found your groove now the new term has commenced and have some time to peruse – now is your time to pounce!

Below is a little edit from a mix of large and small brands.

Liberty Collar Bodysuit Was £26 Now £13 Jacardi

Was thrilled to find these in store. I bought 5 collared bodysuits for £60 (which may sound a bit extravagant but it is hard to find collared bodysuits for a 2 year old size! Please enlighten on me on a more reasonable option if you know of one!)


Babidu White Peter Pan Collar Was £9 Now £6 Rafe & Reenie

There are a great selection of bodies with Peter Pan collars up 36months. If you miss them in the sale, they are still such a reasonable price – worth stocking up on if the Peter Pan look is for you (as you can tell, it is for me…)


Liberty Print Skirt £42 Tinker & Belle

This isn’t in the sale, but the elasticated waist and the summery fabric will is such a good buy as the quality is excellent and it will grow with your little lady.


Printed Shirt Dress Was £22.99 Now £14.99 Mango

A sweet little shirt dress that will take you through to SS16.


Dress With Contrast Skirt Was £35 Now £25 Cos

Wouldn’t mind this myself…



Pilot Check Flannel Pull Ons Were £14 Now £8 The Little White Company

January is the best excuse for a bit of lounging around on the weekend and what better pj bottoms to do it in.


Edward Pajamas Was £38 Now £32 Trotters

Couldn’t beat these sweet pjs on a little boy.



Eskimo Jacket Was £195 Now £165  Four Fairies and a Prince

With the temperature drop, this will keep them toasty & stylish.


Classic Chino Shorts Was £27 Now £14 Five Boys Clothing

I am a great one for buying when I see and despite the drop in temperature, these super cute shorts would be a wise investment in advance of the Spring (or a ‘Winter Sun’ holiday!)


Suede Desert Boots Were £45 now £24 Mini Boden

Almost half price! Love these.



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Fashion Little Products Spotlight

Caroline Hetterschijt : Four Fairies and a Prince

One of my favourite ‘go to’ children’s wear and accessory websites is Four Fairies and a Prince. It launched the website in October 2013 when Caroline met Pinja at  NCT when they were both expecting their two oldest ‘fairies’.


They were both dreaming about starting their our own business and were ready for a new challenge.  They share the love of children’s clothing from Scandinavia and the Netherlands. About a year before they launched the website they started setting it all up, designing the website, the buying etc.  A few month before the launch Pinja gave birth to her second daughter and Caroline gave birth to number three.  By October they were ready to go live with their first collection and they gave up their jobs!



Sock With Neon Orange £11.50

socks orange

Ebbe Dress Hedda £35

Photoshopped 1

Thin Knit Woolen Jumper £39

Navy jumper

Ballerina Skirt £25



Caroline’s Favourite’s

Shop : Hema

Restaurant : Claude’s Kitchen, Parsons Green, London

Hotel : The George, Rye

Website : Not On The High Street

Holiday Destination : Domburg, Netherlands

Parenting Tip :

This is a tricky one, I think that I will find out in 10-15 years if I have done the right things. I try to stay close to myself (which does mean that I do lose my patience once in a while as well….) and raise them in loving and social family. There is a lot of advice out there that comes to you via books, friends, internet of just random people in the street that think they have solutions for everything. It is good to listen but do pick things that work for you, feel right and work for your children and family. I strongly believe that if you raise your children with confidence and love, more then half the job has been done!”


Fashion Little

Winter Warmers For Babies

Babies are the easiest thing the world to dress.  (Comparative to other ‘things’ you have to dress – namely a ‘tween’ daughter or a ‘I don’t care what I wear’ husband for example.)

The selection is vast. Most range’s are super cute. Babies don’t have an opinion. So, make hay whilst the sun shines!  Many of these websites have jumped on the Black Friday band wagon, so time to get your newbie kitted out for winter.


Cashmere Bonnet, Biscuit £28 Little Knickerbockers


Beige Bodysuit £19 Susie & Toto


Hooded Jumper Grey £68 Les Tricots de Margot



Pull Womb 65 euros Mamy Factory


Grey Heart Trousers £15 Crane Bump Baby


Knee Pads £8 Fancy Kids



Personalised Sheepskin Booties £25 My 1st Years


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Big Little Products

Some Clothes For The Boys

As the budgeting for Christmas embarks and sacrificing your own needs for your children (ummm just Christmas time? I think not… but that’s a different subject) I did a quick whizz round H & M for the boys (and bought a few supplementary items for my wardrobe. Take a look!

For the boys…

Fine Knit Cotton Jumper

This winked at me. Can’t go wrong with a bit of Breton accented with camel.


Corduroy Trousers

My eyes were on stalks. Really smart colours & slim fit. Buy pronto. And for next year!


For the girls…

Pattern Knit Waistcoat

This is so cool. Wish it was in my size too!


Knitted Hat

Th pom pom is very en vogue at the moment and if you fear it is only going to last a season – try this one. Also in pale pink too.


Fine Knit Cardigan

This is a great little ardigan for when you visit the in laws at Christmas and at that price it doesn’t matter if it gets a mince pie down it.


Alice Band With Ears

Ok, she probably will never wear these, but they are so cute – I can dream!


For you…

Faux Fur Waistcoat

A little something shimmy up my outfits. From a distance you can’t tell that it is highly flammable 😉




Fashion Little Products

Winter Warmers : Boys – From Park To Party

It was easy to compile Winter Warmers : Girls as there a whole host of shops and websites dedicated to little girls, however it is often harder to find interesting clothes and accessories for the little guy’s.  However, there are some incredible individual website’s out there that will help you veer away from the high street.  Here are a few things that I have bookmarked to take them from the playground to a party!

Hoy Beanie Hat – Rasberry and Grey £20 Zaini


Hat With Ear Flaps £7.99 H & M


Check Scarf £10.99 Zara


Hand Knitted Cape £50 Milk & Biscuits


Varsity T Shirt £16 Muklet


Check Shirt £29.99 Neck and Neck



Boy’s Engineered Striped Breton Jumper £38 Petit Bateau


Stacked Trainers Hoodie £30 Alex and Alexa


Chunky Jumper £38 Boden


St Tropez V Neck Jumper £55 Mandarine Coco


Blue Fairisle Crew Neck Jumper £13 Next


Ver de Terre eskimo Jacket – Thunder £195 Four Fairies and a Prince


Puddleflex Jacket £42 Muddypuddles


Elasticated Plaid Belt £7 Alex and Alexa


All Star Trainers in Malt £25 Alex and Alexa


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Big Fashion Little Products Spotlight

Georgie Jones: Arambha

Georgie was living in Ethiopia with her husband and 2 small boys for 2 years.  She was inspired by the rich culture, vibrant colours and century old techniques there, so she decided to look into working with some of the very talented local artisans. Through meeting various people along the way, she came across groups training and working with people from some of the poorest areas in and around Adidis Ababa and founded Arambha, which sells ethically made clothes, shoes and accessories.


Georgie with one of her sons

The groups Georgie works with provide sustainable jobs and lifestyle for all their employees – they are housed, fed and their children are educated.  They also pay a fair wage which is very rare in Ethiopia.  Along side all of this, all the materials used for her Arambha collection are locally sourced, handmade using traditional techniques and equipment and where possible, recycled.


At her shoe workshop seeing her first children’s moccasins sample!


5 gorgeous colours to choose from

Not only are the children’s moccasins amazing, Georgie also has a fab collection of things for women too. I adore the women’s moccasins – uber cool and very comfy.


Ladies mocassins with the Asaita scarf

There is a great selection of colourful accessories including scarves and ponchos and the little girls skirts are so sweet!  Below is one of my favourite scarves and a beautiful necklace that comes with a touching story.


Mojo Scarf


“Bullets to Beauty” necklace made from recycled bullet shells and glass beads


Take a look at all the gorgeous things at Arambha whilst knowing that anything you buy supports women and families in Ethiopia. Who needs more of an excuse to shop than that?


Georgie’s Favourite’s

Shop: Merkato in Addis Ababa – largest open air market in Africa

Website: Barnaby Gates – beautiful wallpaper and fabric, especially their Star designs

Restaurant: Soushi in Cirencester

Hotel: Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge in Nepal

Holiday Destination: The Luberon Valley in Provence