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Caroline Hetterschijt : Four Fairies and a Prince

One of my favourite ‘go to’ children’s wear and accessory websites is Four Fairies and a Prince. It launched the website in October 2013 when Caroline met Pinja at  NCT when they were both expecting their two oldest ‘fairies’.


They were both dreaming about starting their our own business and were ready for a new challenge.  They share the love of children’s clothing from Scandinavia and the Netherlands. About a year before they launched the website they started setting it all up, designing the website, the buying etc.  A few month before the launch Pinja gave birth to her second daughter and Caroline gave birth to number three.  By October they were ready to go live with their first collection and they gave up their jobs!



Sock With Neon Orange £11.50

socks orange

Ebbe Dress Hedda £35

Photoshopped 1

Thin Knit Woolen Jumper £39

Navy jumper

Ballerina Skirt £25



Caroline’s Favourite’s

Shop : Hema

Restaurant : Claude’s Kitchen, Parsons Green, London

Hotel : The George, Rye

Website : Not On The High Street

Holiday Destination : Domburg, Netherlands

Parenting Tip :

This is a tricky one, I think that I will find out in 10-15 years if I have done the right things. I try to stay close to myself (which does mean that I do lose my patience once in a while as well….) and raise them in loving and social family. There is a lot of advice out there that comes to you via books, friends, internet of just random people in the street that think they have solutions for everything. It is good to listen but do pick things that work for you, feel right and work for your children and family. I strongly believe that if you raise your children with confidence and love, more then half the job has been done!”


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