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An Adventure Far Far Away

When it comes to entertainment and theme parks I thought the Americans couldn’t be beaten but from the moment Shreks Adventure commenced I realised it was up there with the big guns over at Universal (speaking of which did you know Disney World are opening up a Star Wars WORLD next year?)

Anyway, Merlin Entertainments strike again!

Set amongst the tourist trail on the South Bank, nestled between Sea Life and London Dungeons, Shreks Adventure is situated in County Hall overlooked by the London Eye. It is an impressive building and the entrance lends itself to making a great first impression.
The queue moved quickly and we found ourself in a group of about 40 people aged between 4 and 80. I wouldn’t recommend younger than 4 as this interactive adventure with real actors made even my bullet proof 5 year quake with nerves, especially when the real life witch dangled her finger in his face and asked him what his name was!

Library Imagery for Shrek's Adventure London © Mikael Buck / Shrek's Adventure London

I don’t want to give too much away about this 1.5 hours walking adventure to the Far Away Land, through different well known fairy tales to finally meeting the ‘real Shrek’ but take it from me it was a spectacle.
There was lots of interaction with the characters (Sleeping beauty falling asleep during her monologue raising lots of laughs) and the decoration is second to none – I nearly freaked out from claustrophobia in the mirror maze and the sound affects and 4D affects such as water spraying and rats crawling over your bottom were brilliant.

Library images of Shrek's Adventure London. © Mikael Buck / Shrek's Adventure

If you have a Shrek fan or a movie fan for that matter (Kung Fu Panda and Toothless to name but a few featured throughout) it is an absolute must and would make a wonderful birthday treat (starting from £18 a ticket it isn’t a walk in the park!)


There was also a ‘play area’ at the end which was super fun, although it leads into the most expensive gift shop I have ever seen although I managed to leave with just a bit of Shreks slime at only £3.50…

The book that they hand to your little one on exit is an artwork with photos of yourself on the journey already printed which if money is no object would make a great memento!

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