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12 Apps For An Easier 2017

And a very Happy New Year to you all! There was a fleeting moment when I thought my first post of the year would be my resolutions/goals for 2017. However, not being self deprecating – I discarded it pretty quickly as thought it wouldn’t particularly benefit you (less sugar, more walking – yawn yawn yawn) and my ultimate goal is to inform you, not bore you! Instead, I thought a list of my favourite apps would be a great way to kick start the year!!

12 Apps



This app ‘made me’ say goodbye to my trusted Filofax as I could no longer read what I had written. Husband to Diddi Dance and (2yr old) in Japan. Just no. You get the picture.

With Cozi, everyone has the app (our au pair does too) and each person is assigned a colour. Anyone can enter an appointment or holiday and it updates on everyone else’s app. There is also an area for to do lists and shopping lists. I LOVE IT.


Task Rabbit

This is great if you have a one-off small job i.e looking for waitresses, someone to walk the dog or a patient person to build you your Ikea shelves. Book them in (they can come within the hour) and per them per hour. Super duper.


Amazon Alexa

We have just kindly been given the Amazon Dot which is ‘dot’ that you have in the kitchen – connected to your phone and the wifi – and you can ask it questions, play music and rather dangerously order things (you have to have an Amazon Prime account) It is such fun too and a great way to bribe the kids. ‘The first one to finish your broccoli gets to ask Alexa a question…’ (They love ‘Alexa – tell us a joke!’)



One of my friends asked me jokingly the other day ‘have you forgotten how to write?’ as she received another thank you letter from me using Touchnote. Basically, you buy credits, upload a photo, enter the recipients address, write your blurb and press send. I do think it is as personal as a hand written thank you as you get a personalised photo! (Justify justify…)



I have lost my phone and the subsequent photos one too many times to make the misatke of not printing out my photos.

With Photobox, you upload your photos from your phone directly onto the Photobox app, order them and they will arrive within 48hrs.  You can also order personalised presents.



Why was I using a separate Sat Nav for so long when this beauty was around? Move over Google maps (and trad maps for that matter). Simply put in your destination postcode and it will navigate you to the place you are going to, whilst avoiding any heavy traffic along the way. (You can even choose Sue Perkins as the voice!)



If you haven’t downloaded Uber yet, what have you been doing? No, seriously, it is a fantastic way to get from a – b for a reasonable price. I have a discount code to give you £15 off your first ride TLMUBER if you are a newbie (My pleasure)



Perhaps I shouldn’t mention this at the start of the year when most people have healthy intentions BUT you really should have this app if you like a variety of takeaways (Carluccio’s take away? win!) With a minimum order of something ridiculous like £10 it is a great option if you are home alone too. #snoutfest


My Fitness Pal

Leading on from the above, if you want to watch what you eat, My Fitness Pal is a great calorie counter.  Enter your goal weight, how much you exercise and it will give you your calorie limit for the day. Then simply enter your food – they even have specific meals from restaurants – drink and exercise each time something passes your mouth and you will see how many calorie allowance you have left (for that glass of wine at the end of the say!)



I have written about the fantastic Hoop before here. If you are ever at a loose end with your kids, enter your postcode and it will show you what’s on around you. Genius.



If you have just had a baby or moved to a new area and are looking for some like-minded mum pals, Mush ‘the tinder for Mum’s’ has made this app a perfectly acceptable and practical way for meeting other mums in your area.



Schedule your washing to be collected and dropped off at a specific time. Can also do your dry cleaning! I have only used this when our washing machine packed in but could easily get used to it!


I hope you have found this useful. For more Apps & Services, please have a look at The Ultimate Directory. I always love to hear what makes your life easier (and if I am missing a trick!) so drop me an email hello@thelondonmummy and say hi (or if you receive my emails, simply reply!)  xx


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