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A Gift From Me To You With Uber

Are you at the forefront of discoveries or do you get to the party a long time after other people? I totally missed the Uber phenomena until a friend made me download it in the middle of the night in Piccadilly as there were no taxis around… and the rest is history.

(OK not the type that will be bound and preserved in a museum but you get what I mean)


So when Uber asked me to help with a little collaboration, I was more than happy to oblige.

The fab team at Uber are giving you £15 off your first ride (or free if your first ride is under £15) if you use the code TLMUBER (No catch!) IOS or Android 


PS. In case my mother is reading this – IOS is Apple/Ipad/Iphone etc & Android is Smart Phone (Samsung etc)

What’s So Great About Uber?

I have been known to take a bus back on my own at 2 in the morning, trek through rush hour on a freezing night and not drink a drop at a friends  dinner party as I knew I had to drive back. Oh yes, I was that person.


I don’t like to call myself tight, just careful. Hey, I would prefer to spend money on other things. Nails are my ‘thing’. This is my next look. Strong isn’t it?


Mustn’t sway from the subject in hand.

So when I finally downloaded Uber – actually the friend downloaded it for me (despite in hindsight it being uber (!) simple and ordered my first car.

Not to be dramatic but my (social) life changed in an instant.

I didn’t get that sinking feeling as soon as I put the kids to bed  that I had to do public transport to a destination nowhere near any public transport.

For the price of a Donner kebab (yes, we have been known too – especially if we are walking home!) I could arrive at my destination in the cool calm and collective way that I envisaged how I would at the ripe old age of 35 years. I could even where high heels!


You know what’s even better though, have you tried Uber Pool?

If you pool your ride with someone else, it is even cheaper. It may mean a little divert and being dropped off slightly before your destination but if  it saves you a fiver – win! One more Martini Expresso.

I ordered an Uber for my parents from the River cafe in Fulham to Oxted in Surrey. The car and friendly driver arrived in 5 minutes. It took 50 minutes to get home (super speedy) and it was only £30.

My husband took an Uber from Heathrow to home and it was also only £30 – usually it would be about £70.

As you can see, I am genuinely excited. Uber is going to transform my Silly Season!

So, what are you waiting – Download the app here and book that first trip!

This post was written in collaboration with Uber (obviously!) 


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