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Topgolf : Golf For All

Whether you are into golf or not, Topgolf is something you have to try. It takes the traditional driving range and adds a ‘ten pin bowling’ like scoring system to it and the ability to order food and drinks from your booth.

There are 3 just outisde London – Chigwell, Watford & Surrey. We bombed down the A3 and headed to the Surrey Topgolf but depending where you are in London, all 3 are very accessable.


It was like being in the States (!) the service was impeccable and the staff were super friendly (and patient!) This summer they have a fantastic deal for the kids – Eat, Drink & Play.  Two games (40 balls) and food & drink from a snazzy menu for £10. (Adults £16) That’s a very reasonable way to entertain the children and they are also learning a new skill!


We went en famille and by the end of game, there was a mega improvement (apart from the 2 year old, who funnily enough, wasn’t too interested in playing but she did love watching the scores come up on the screens.)

The idea is that you score by hitting the ball into one of the circles. You activate your ball before you hit it and then your score comes up on screen. The further away the higher the score.


There is also coaching, junior camps and FOOT GOLF. No, I hadn’t heard of it either but it was brilliant.

After a yummy lunch of nachos, burgers and a caeser salad, we headed off to the golf course for a game. Basically, everyone has a football and there is a flag with a whole (for the football) and each hole is given a par (how many kicks they estimate it should take to complete the hole). As you can imagine it was a great success.


As we drove off, there were cries of ‘please can we come here again?’ And that was just my husband…. 🙂


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