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Jonathan Self : Time For Family Photos!

Trying to get a good photo of one of our children is hard enough (although I try frequently enough) and all 3 together is virtually impossible. Usually one looks grumpy, one is running off, one is hiding their face – you know the score. We had sidelined trying to get that elusive family shot until the youngest was atleast 8 for the aforementioned reasons. So when we were recommended Jonathan Self who takes family photos, I was thrilled – it was his challenge now, not mine…

Jonathan Self is a London based freelance photographer who shoots mainly family and lifestyle portraits.  He popped over a few days before the shoot to meet the kids and discuss where we wanted to do it and what kind of shots we wanted. He prefers to do a few shots inside at home and then head outside to a park or garden. Richmond, Chiswick House, Regents Park, Hyde Park, St James Park, Kew, Syon are some of the places that he has shot at. We chose Fulham Palace as it was not only close & picturesque – it was enclosed!

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Hopefully from the photos below you will be able to see that Jonathan is not only technically skilled, he is able to capture a moment.


Robins family low-res photos (127 of 129)


Robins family low-res photos (69 of 129)

Robins family low-res photos (46 of 129)


I have even managed to print some out onto canvas and in a frame!



Jonathan’s Favourite’s

Shop : Pitfield, London

Website : Landmark Trust

Restaurant : Maggie Jones, Kensington

Hotel : Lords Of The Manor, Glos

Holiday Destination : A chateau in France

Jonathan is usually £250 for a family shoot (up to 4 hours) but for The London Mummy readers, he is doing a special offer of £200. This will include a high resolution and low resolution CD of edited photos. Please quote The London Mummy.

+44 7977 569 880


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