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We have just done a monumental wardrobe weed. Delivering 3 bin liners to the charity shop was cathartic even for the hoarders amongst us.  The boys were up first as they have a lot of clothes that they don’t wear. This is a combination of being in school uniform most of the week and football kit most Saturdays but mainly because the clothes they do have don’t fit!

The Rules of the Recycling

  • If it hasn’t been worn for year (through all the seasons)
  • Doesn’t currently fit (yup if the waist was tight – it’s out)
  • Had any marks on it (although we kept a few ‘gardening clothes’)

The boys don’t give a hoot about what they wear. Ok, they might prefer to wear Arsenal over Bolton Wanderers (like my footy knowledge?) or a Ninjago T Shirt to a playdate but if I tell them they have to wear something else – as long as I help them get changed (!) there is usually no argument.

Until they complain, I will dress them in the same jumper for as long as possible but instead of putting them in matching jumpers with a picture on it -we are going sightly more grown up. (They are 7 and 5)



So, now there is a whole in their wardrobe, these are some ideas for my latest sweep – no ripped shirts and ankle skimming jeans!


Colour Block Hooded Gilet £20 

An xtra layer under their coat or wear alone. I love the retro ankle of this – I am sure my brother had something similar 30 years ago!


Rugby Shirt £12

Rugby shirts may be too preppy for some but if I want them to look relatively presentable it is a good option.

Rugby Shirt


Pure Cotton Navy Jumper £14 

Very safe but very VERSATILE.

Navy Jumper

Trainers £20 

I love the flash of green in these trainers (see what I have done?)

Old School Trainers

3 Pack of PJS £25

Absolutely bargain and if I went age 6 they could share a pack (pj bottoms are allowed to be short aren’t they?)


Flip Flops £8 

Not often I see a pair of flippies (as we for some reason call them…hmm) I like, but I do like these.

flip flops

Cotton Chinos £16 

Find me a pair of jeans/trousers for age 7/8 that don’t have some weird stitching or detail on them and I will send you a case of caviar. It is pretty impossible to find in stock ‘normal’ trousers but I think I have done it (you have ti be quick, the simple stuff for boys sells out fast!)


Riptop Trousers £12

Casual trousers for after school.



Suede Chelsea Boots £20 

Not sure they would choose these but less affected than loafers. I am on the bench. What do you think?



Chelsea Boots


Yes, yes I hear you – lots of blue. But hey, my boys suit blue it is the basis of their wardrobe which is what I am trying to establish since the clear out. It goes with pretty much everything!

Hope this has helped, have a good day and give your boys an extra hug today xx

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