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Up Close with Lexi Heriot Maitland

Lovely Lexi is TLM Up Close interview this week. Lexi is an inspiring bohemian power house whose aim is to give a platform to unique small children’s business through her engaging website Place Of Little Dreams. She has recently moved to Edinburgh from London with her husband and three young sons but does back to London to arrange Pop Ups and Networking events.

What is pold?
Place of Little Dreams is a lifestyle website for anyone with young children in their life. Including a creative blog, a beautifully curated directory of unique brands, products and boutiques, Pop Up Fairs and #dreamup meetings.

Quick plug for Lexi’s wonderful Christmas pop up that is on 11th and 12th December in Barnes… 

Pop Up

What is your dream for pold?
I’m a dreamer and a wanderer, always having creative ideas up my sleeve…some possible, some not so possible!!!

The growth Place of Little Dreams has seen over the past year, has all been an organic process and I think my main priority now is to consolidate everything I have created, as it has literally gone whoosh, from a small idea to a business!!! So who knows…I’m always open to suggestions from my clients and where possible love to support their forward thinking ideas where I can…the most important thing for me is that my business remains a fun and happy place where I can inspire, support and grow, following the needs of all those amazing individuals out there.

What’s on the horizon for pold?
We are really excited about our up and coming Pop Up Christmas Fair in Barnes, SW London, this December, bringing families a fabulous opportunity to source beautiful gifts for Christmas from a selection of some of the very best small brands. In January we will be hosting our 3rd #dreamup London, a networking meeting offered to those brands on the directory.

How do you juggle 3 kids and pold?
No idea, I’ve never had any childcare help at home!!! I juggle – full stop.


What are your advice for women with their own business?
Follow your dreams, don’t be disheartened by those that don’t share your passion, because it’s the ones that believe, that will support you, and it’s those unique beings that will enable you to make a success of something!!! Patience is important too…don’t expect everything to happen immediately, we are all learning, and your journey to what you are wanting to achieve is the most rewarding part of it all.

Instagram tip
Don’t get too hung up on it, it’s not the be all and end all especially when it comes to how many followers you have – you want the real followers who appreciate the hard work you do…

Favourite new kids clothing brand
Goodness me, that’s a hard one…there are so many fabulous new kids clothing brands out there that I absolutely adore, every single one on my directory wouldn’t be there if they didn’t make my heart sing but I have to say, Waddler is one of my absolute favourites. Run by my husband’s magical cousin Marina Thompson, whom we adore and miss dearly as she lives so far away. Her love and zest for adventure and how that is promoted in the stunning clothing collections she designs is truly incredible!!!! She is a true inspiration…and her whole family are such beautiful beings.


Women’s clothing brand
Tarifa Soul


What’s your fashion style?
Boho Chic, if you catch me on a day where I’ve had time to find my clothes!!!!

Who’s style do you like?
Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller

Who is your favourite fashion blogger?
Well The London Mummy of course, always spot on with useful hints and clothing advice for those on the hoof racing after the kiddies but wanting some added style to their wardrobe!!!!

(Umm interjection – #blush – you are too kind Lexi!!)

Favourite 3 items in your wardrobe?
Ebay brought, Zara blue and white summer jacket
Sequin glitter converse trainers, now a good 12 years old, but my love affair with them will last a lifetime despite the holes!!!
Coral pleat Midi skirt from Oliver Bonas (Sadly now out of stock!)

Pleated Coral Skirt

Anthropologie always

Boots or trainers
Trainers never fail

Favourite Interior accounts
Annie Sloane Home

Annie Sloan

What’s your interior style?
Not sure there is a name for my interior style!!! My husband would probably say, stuff everywhere!!! Which is kind of true in a ‘colourful me’ kind of way. I’d like to think I’ve decorated my home with the history of my life, and share the love with fairy lights, bunting, painted furniture, indoor plants, photos, cards from loved ones, clutter!!! I’m a collector of eclectic things, and they seem to end up out rather than in a cupboard neatly tidied away.

Any interior tips?
To live a decorated life and not to be afraid of bright colours

3 items in your make up bag
Mascara always
Under eye concealer a must
Bronzer – even if you can’t see the sun, makes you feel it could be near!!!

Hair tip
Love a half-up-top-knot!!!

What do you do to relax?
Go for a walk on my own!!!! Gives me time to breath, reflect and feel inspired all over again


Favourite film?
About Time – gets me every time, and one day I dream of living in an old dilapidated house overlooking the sea….

About time

Favourite book?
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, but very close second would be ‘The Magpie and the Wardrobe’ by Sam McKechnie and Alexandrine Portelli

Big Magic

Favourite box set?
Queen of the South

Favourite band?

Favourite song for driving on your own in the car?
Crazy Love, Vol ii by Paul Simon

Favourite hotel?
Le Mirador, Lake Geneva

La Mirador

Favourite smell?
A peony flower…can’t beat it

Mine is peony too!!

Favourite flower?
Foxglove – reminds me of my sister and the Cornish lane she lives along

Favourite board game?
I never play board games, I can’t sit still for long enough!!!! But snakes and ladders is a good one if I had too…

What do you want for Christmas?
For all my boys to be happy and healthy, they are always ill at Christmas time!!!! new coffee machine , and clothes!!! Can a girl ever have enough!!!

Go and meet Lexi at her pop up in December and see all the gorgeous children’s brands she represents in the flesh!


Events Fashion Places

Four Fairies And A Prince: Pop Up Shop

Four Fairies and a Prince invites you to it’s pop-up shop at 330 Kings Road, London from the 20th of April to the 5 May, 2015.

Invitation - All Welcome

Something for everyone

They will showcase its Scandinavian-Dutch quality clothing, accessories and toys for children aged between one and ten years old. I absolutely love their website – there something for your handsome Prince and little fairy, from clothes, to wands to party accessories.  It’s in collaboration with Cecilia of Scandinavian Fashion and Andraya from MeMe London, so there will be something for adults and children alike.


Scandinavian Fashion

Stackable Bracelets

Stackable Bracelets

Look forward to seeing you there!

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