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Aisle of Wonder at Stratford Westfield

I was thrilled to be asked by Nestle Breakfast Cereals to visit their recent pop up cereal experience – Aisle of Wonder.  After a great time at Thyme in Gloucestershire, I was keen to see what they have been up to. Situated smack bang in the heart of the Westfield in Stratford (2nd floor by John Lewis) the pop up looks like machinery from Willy Wonka’s factory – it is so fun and interactive.


Tubes above your head are filled with Nestle cereal finishing in a pick n mix style to enable you to choose a cocktail of cereals, finished with a selection of milks and toppings.

Aisle Of wonder


As a family, cereal is a staple in the morning so we don’t have to persuaded, although after a good chat with a nutritionist, I and firmly on the wholegrain band wagon, that Nestle includes in their breakfast cereals with the green banner.

What Does Whole Grain Actually Mean? 

Whole Grain cereals basically mean that they contain all three parts of the grain – the germ, the endosperm and the bran.

By having all three you are receiving fibre from the bran and the vitamins especially Vitamin B from the germ.

If something is refined, the top and middle layer is removed leaving just the endosperm.

With breakfast below, you are getting calcium, nutrients and wholegrain and no need to add extra sugar (like we tend to with porridge so it is counter productive!)

If you are feeling flush, you can buy a personalised box of Shreddies, Cheerios or Shredded Wheat – each only £3 and also filled with the relevant cereal.

Cereal Boxes

The event runs for 2 weeks for the second year in a row and the aim of the pop up is to show the range and ways you can eat cereal.



Fuel your visit to the Westfield at the Aisle of Wonder and then head to the Olympic Park.Well, that’s what we are doing!


To win your own personalised box of cereal – head over to Instagram to enter.

Aisle of Wonder at Stratford Westfield 

Runs Until 23rd April.