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Samantha Bishop: Website Wizz

You may have noticed that The London Mummy’s website has changed! My aim was to make it look more professional, easier to navigate and above all, more stylish. Samantha Bishop from  Occomedia has done all the leg work for me. I knew I was in experienced and capable hands and so let her work her magic. I think she has succeeded, but most importantly – I love it and hope you and your friends will too…


Samantha seamlessly upgraded, tweaked and pimped my blog with not one little glitch.  She completed it efficiently and professionally without ever losing her rag at my constant changes (!)  I have had a baptism of fire in the ‘web design’ sphere and it takes a very special person to do what she does – namely bright and patient, which she is both as a friend and professional.

“My father made my twin sister Kinvara and I study computer science at uni. I was desperate to do art but he wanted us to do something that we could use afterwards”   

After university and then working for a few big corporations including Sky, she decided to go freelance. It was the best decision she ever made! Kinvara and Samantha love it because they can work from home (and with a combined total of 6 children under 5 between them, this is a necessity). They also love being their own boss, although the downside is that they never switch off and often work into the night and at the weekend.

Samantha and her twin sister Kinvara

A few examples of website’s they have completed –

Celebrity chef James Martin’s


Milliner Jess Collet


Architects Allies and Morrison


Samantha has has compiled a concise list of what to think about before you set up your own website.  (Perhaps a few things I should have thought about before embarking on my initial blog).

  1. The main aim/goals of your site. What is it going to be used for and who will be using it. Once you have decided this you (or the designer) can think about which system will be best to use. This is most important!
  2. Copyrighting. Before you start writing it is important to think about the tone of voice you will be using on the site. Also, how much copy – remember on websites – less is more.
  3. Images. They should match the style of the site, they can really make a site.
  4. A list of competitors sights. What you like and don’t like from their websites.
  5. SEO. Very important if you want your site to appear in the top of the Google search results. Think about your keywords, and try and populate
    them around the site as much as possible. Also links (with your keywords in) and keywords used in page titles.
  6. Scalability. Important for sites built on a budget, make sure your site can scale up if needs be – when you make it big time!
  7. Hosting. Who or what company will host, manage and maintain the website.
  8. Mobile friendly. Very important as a large proportion of visitor to your site will probably be using a mobile or tablet.  Also, Google discredits sites which aren’t optimised for mobile, so make sure your designer adds one in!

If  you thinking of upgrading your current website or want to set up a new one from scratch, I strongly urge you to contact Samantha who will be able to help with any requirements. She gets that the average Joe doesn’t understand all the technical jargon and will explain what she is doing clearly and simply, whilst keeping you in the loop on every matter.  You would be in the best possible hands and whenever anyone asks for a recommendation from now on, I will always say to contact Samantha for a chat.


Samantha with her three beautiful children

Samantha’s Favourite’s

Shop:  Wondaland
Restaurant:Ostuni, Queens Park in London
Hotel: Mango Bay, Phu Quoc, Vietman
Place to go: Gospel Oak Playground, Hampstead Heath