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What Sort of Jacket Should You Get?

It’s jacket season. Even if a sweater or jumper will suffice, it doesn’t finish off your outfit like a jacket. I am not talking a big fur lined parka that we need for the majority of Autumn/Winter, no, just a little jacket that you can throw on and that goes with most things.

Utility jackets were popular last year and there are still a few around but I am delighted to see that blazers and bombers are still donning the front row of London Fashion Week.

(If you are wondering where I get my information from, which I don’t blame you for thinking – it is many hours reading blogs, magazine and perusing fashionista’s accounts on Instagram. I like to think I am the filter that separates the wheat from the chaff – in terms of price and actual wearability!)


Shearling will be popular for both short jackets and longer coats. (Teddy jackets are a thing  that is circulating that I’m hoping won’t catch on).

If it’s your thing New Look have a lot of different colorways at the moment (although I do love the zip..)


My ultimate shearling coat however, would be this dream coat from ME+EM.

Seeing as it is £1 short of 1k, I won’t hold out much hope but am on the hunt for something 10% £1000.

Shearling Jacket



There is a lot of brown around at the moment. If you look sophisticated in shades of brown (generally works on warmer skin and darker hair) rather than a walking xxxx, this is a lovely well priced jacket from Sezanne.



You will have had to be walking around backwards not to notice all the leopard print coats on the high street.  I really don’t think this is a trend that I will be joining as I just really look like Pat Butchers little sister in a full length leopard coat.

BUT I love short. I love zips. I love bombers and I LOVE Stella Macartneys Leopard Print jacket. Again. I have only included for inspiration but if anyone can tell me a high street version, I will buy them one too!

Stella Macartney


I would also err on the side of caution as when a trend (leopard) is this big (aka I have heard of it) I wouldn’t invest too much dollar in it as it may look reallllly wrong next year! If you want leopard print go for a another animal print or different colour way.

Now, we have done trends – this is my realistic hit list… 

The Hair Faux Fur Jacket from Hush is pretty cute…


I am almost truly set on this Holister Co shearling for £65. It will definitely that satisfy that shearling shaped hole.

Holister Co

You can’t go wrong with this £20 ASOS cotton bomber. It’s in my shopping cart! Works at pick up, with work out gear or even over a evening wear.

ASOS Bomber

If you are on the hunt for a genuine leather biker, I really like the shape of the Select Femme ones. Not a quick purchase at £230 but a brand worth investigating…

Select Femme

If you are looking for sleeveless, which you can also wear underneath your coat when it gets colder for extra warmth, these Big Cat Clothing gilets are warm and a great fit, good length & come in loads of different colours.

Big Cat Clothing


I’m loving all of Zara’s blazers right now, and this crepe one with pleated sleeves is a lovely (especially at £59!)

Zara Blazer

Another staple is a denim jacket. I like light blue and stretchy (maybe a bit summery) but I think any denim is a perfect transitional piece and one that you will use year in year out.

I haven’t had any luck with my ideal denim jacket but if you want a girlfriend denim jacket (slightly looser) or embroidered, there are plenty.

This Silk Fred number would be a talking point! (£35)

Silk Fred


Thank you for reading! Hope this has inspired rather than confused!

Lots of love

Lucinda x



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