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Quiqup : Shop, Pick Up & Drop Whatever You Need

When it comes to new technology, I am slightly adverse to trying anything new as I am aware that it may become another thing to distract me from my day job (being a ‘good’ Mummy).  However, Quiqup will actually help you to be a more productive and subsequently happier Mum, as it will free up more time for the enjoyable things in life.

The beauty of Quiqup is that once you have downloaded it on your phone (IOS and Android) and entered your details there is no subscription – you only pay when you need it.

Not only is it perfect for a busy mum who can’t just nip to the local florist for the dinner parties flowers in 4 hours time or has no time for a ‘proper’ cafe in the local cafe, get it delivered to you!

These are all the different options.


After getting the bank this morning I realised my cards with my husband over in the city, so I simply booked ‘my own personal courier’ to go and collect them and bring them home.

Then I got slightly carried away with the ease and reasonable price of the service and ordered some donuts for pudding this evening!!


I don’t want to wax lyrical to anyone who has just had a baby or is about to have a baby or for those of you who are poorly – you need this now!!! A Mocha frappacino light with less ice? Yup, coming straight up quicker than you can get to the front door to receive it!



Basically the whole of London but could be coming to a county near you soon…



They can’t put a price on time, so they simply charge for distance travelled.

My Credit card being collected from St Pauls and back to Fulham was £11.50 and the donuts were £7.50. Not bad eh?

Click here is more detail on pricing but these are worth their weight in gold surely?




Still not sure whether it is for you? Take a look at the little video I put together of my experience using Quikup!


Have a lovely day!


This post is a collaboration with Quiqup, however all options are my own. 




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