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Poppy Fraser: 10 Minute Suppers For Children

Thank goodness for this wonderful book. Even my 1 year old was starting to have an opinion on the limited choice of what was on offer, especially over the holidays when, after 36 hours worth of children each day (3 x 12hrs!) the frozen drawer became my best friend.  I have admitted before that I am not a natural at whipping up something imaginative from scratch, so I am delighted that Poppy Fraser has brought out her second book 10 Minute Suppers For Children.



A cookbook full of delicious, nutritious and lightening quick recipes is music to all parents’ ears.  The recipe’s are created that the whole family can enjoy them too. I know my husband would think Christmas had come early if I served up any of Poppy’s recipe’s.  I particularly like Poppy’s ‘Raw Banana Flapjack’ –  we always over order on the bananas and they are multi purpose – to have as a snack, pudding or instead of breakfast.


No one understands the pressures of a kitchen full of tired, hungry children better than Poppy, who has four of her own, two of them Irish twins. Poppy wrote the book because she was desperate to come up with a system to help her cope at that time of day when the children are exhausted (as was she).  She knew she was about to have 2 babies under 1, as well as the 2 elder boys, so things were going to be tricky. The less time spent cooking, and the more time being freed up for other things was vital.

“The charitable element of the book, with money from each sale going to Cancer Research, was also something important to me, having watched my beloved father die from cancer.”


Poppy in the back with her 4 children and very hands on mother


Poppy’s Favourite’s

Shop: Gardiner and Gardiner – an antiques shop in Cromarty, Scotland

Website: Ebay – a wonderful source for Children’s books that she collects.

Restaurant: Roka – Charlotte Street, London

Hotel: Hacienda de San Rafael – near Seville, Spain

Holiday Destination: Home – the Highlands of Scotland


The book is as lovely as Poppy is.  So buy buy buy AND a percentage goes to Cancer Research.

Click here to order 10 Minute Suppers For Children


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