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Hello Fresh : How To Please Everyone at Meal Times

Every family has a picky eater. Some families have a lot. Who has time to cater for everyone’s likes and dislikes. I certainly don’t! As our kids get older, we are eating altogether as a family more.   I don’t fancy cooking two separate types of meals to please all palettes (I would rather eat nursery food than do that – hmmm yummy actually, I love the odd fish finger!) However, I don’t want to bow down to the kids all the time. There is a middle ground and I have found a way to meet it.

So, what’s the answer? 

We tried Hello Fresh Family Boxes for a month. 1 box a week with 4 bags of recipe’s ready to construct.

I can’t tell you how easy this made my life.

Pick a recipe card from the box, find the accompanying brown paper bag of ingredients, chop a few veg, cook and voila – a meal for the whole family.

Recipe Card

How Does The Food Arrive? 

I was most impressed by the presentation of the food – each box arrived with its own recyclable freezer bag for the cold food and the dry food was compartmentalised into brown paper bags, with a colour coded sticker so you could easily find which food went with which recipe!

Hello Fresh Box


What Does It Include? 

You can choose how many meals you would like each week.

Each meal includes a generous amount of meat, fresh vegetables, a carb (not just your usual tattoos) and seasoning ingredients.

It was evident from the quality of the food, that each ingredient is carefully selected from high quality, often local, producers.

Top notch ingredients!

Local Ingredients


Turn It Into a Cooking Lesson! 

Not only is it an easy way to cook with your little ones as you you don’t have to think too much but they still believe they are the reason such a feast has been created, as they are cooking it – they are more likely to eat it!

On the recipe cards, they do include add ons that you can include or not (i.e. sweet chilli’s) so we left a lot out to get them used to the more sophisticated flavours before we blew their mind with chilli!

Who is it perfect for? 

A busy family, who don’t have time to think about creating new meals but are open experimenting.

So, if you are too busy to prioritise cooking for the family and want a constructive  cost affective way (no waste) to eat together without having to think too much – you have to try a box!!

It has given me so many ideas – it is like going on a cooking course in your own home, and you are the teacher! 

Hello Fresh are currently doing a 50% introduction offer with GET COOKING at checkout and includes free delivery.

No Brainer!!

Right, I am off to salivate over this weeks Family Menu Sausage Pie and Pan Fried Gnocci!

This post was written in collaboration with Hello Fresh, however all opinions are my own. 

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