One Secret Your Friends Don’t Tell You

You may share financial hardships, marriage troubles, school problems, insecurities with your friends but do you know whether they are ‘into’ non surgical beauty treatments? If they were abroad for 3 months and came back with a taut neck or perkier boobs you would know they have had full on cosmetic surgery, but do you know if your friends are having the odd secret tweak here and there?

You think your friend is off to a tennis lesson – nah, a bit of botox on her forehead before lunch at The Ivy.

Nipping to the Dentist? No, that would be a quick dermal filler on that deep wrinkle that forms every time she is rooting for little Timmy on the sidelines.

‘I’m beautifying before holiday….’ Yup not just a pedicure, that means the thread veins being removed.

You get the picture.

Sex in the city


I love a treatment (if you want a good massage, head to Gazelli House on Walton Street),  make up (my new love is Trinny London – so practical and no nonsense) and anything that will help disguise the tired eyes and aging skin (Clarins Hydraquench serum is a dream) however I have never had a cosmetic procedure.

Why not? Other than not wanting use my joker cards too early on in life (ha!), I have never been introduced to it by friends (it sounds like I am talking hard drugs but you get the picture) as how else do you get into it?

I wouldn’t know what to do, where to go and most importantly I can’t afford it!

However, some of you may have seen my my last post on Tamsin when I visited her clinic to see her in action.  Sorry if the rest was history!

I thought it would be fun to put a few treatment ideas together that you could have in the run up to Christmas to make you feel va va voom.

christmas gift

Eyelash Treatment 

One treatment that does pique my interest is the eyelash treatment Lumigan.


Trials over 13 years and over 5000 patients have shown that Lumigan is safe and that 100% of patients treated will see an improvement in their eyelash quality.


With a 100% success rate, it’s certainly not a time waster (no guarantee they will grow this long though 😉

eye lashes

Prices start at £60 for one bottle of Lumigan.  Be warned, once you visit Tamsin – she will make you feel so relaxed and in capable hands that you may book something else whilst you are there!!

Skin Peel 

Tamsin also sells the Jan Marini range for problem skin.

‘If you could be the face of any brand, which would it be?’ ‘ Jan Marini because it has helped so many people with skin problems’

Trinny Woodhall, TV Presenter


Combine this with a skin peel and your face will feel nourished and smooth. This is very tempting, especially after a harsh winter.

Jaw Reduction Treatment 

I had to include this as it looks fascinating!!!


This non-surgical technique to reduce a square jaw line to create a more oval, softer face shape using botox injections. Grinding of the teeth at night or excessive chewing of gum causes over-activity of the masseter (chewing) muscle which in some cases can cause muscles to become enlarged, making the jaw appear wide and square.

If everything is a bit of a rush at the moment, you don’t know what to ask for Christmas and you  ARE brave enough to ask your other half, what about a voucher?

You first!

The Wrinkle Dr, Fulham, London


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