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St Pancras : A New Shopping Destination

On Thursday I felt like Tom Hanks in The Terminal. Except I was at St Pancras International all day by choice. In fact, I had planned to spend a couple of hours there but after I visited every shop, stopped for a couple of beauty treatment and had a coffee in one of the many cafes, 5 hours had elapsed and I was actually late for the kids!!

St Pancras International is not only an international train station, it is now a shopping & eating destination.  The beauty of St Pancras is it is beautiful too. No stark lights like popular shopping centres so I didn’t get the fuzzy head that I usually get if I stay too long inside one.


The natural light that pours through the roof makes it a destination for design students and tourists who want to take some lovely London photos too.  The architecture really is incredible.  Read here for the history of St Pancras.


The concourse of shops is orderly and neat with large glass windows so you can peer in before you enter.

St Pancras

Each shop was beautifully laid out, not very busy and I noticed how attentive the staff were.

The added bonus is that opening hours go beyond the normal high street to cater for time poor travellers, eaters and shoppers.

St Pancras kindly gave me a £100 Gift Card to buy Mothers Day presents.

Gift Card

There was no shortage of ideas!

Jo Malone

If you know what scent you like (I like Peony & Blush) anything from Jo Malone would make a lovely gift – the packaging alone conjures up excitement.

I loved trying the limited edition scents that have just been launched. My favourite from this range, English Garden, was Poppy & Barley. It is scrummy!


I also had a cheeky hand massage (which was free!) You can book online. A lovely treat for you and your mum!

Jo Malone

Neals Yard 

I really enjoyed perusing the shelves of Neals Yard (a treat in itself to go deeper than a quick glance through the window when the kids are in tow).

I was particularly taken by their teas and supplements (and want to try the Organic Beauty Oil which you add to your breakfast, smoothie or dressings!)

Natural Health

I personally would love some intensive body cream tottery and get my flesh ready for Spring. The lovely lady who works in the shop recommended Geranium & Orange Body Balm!

Geranium & Orange Body Balm

Cath Kidson 

If you love bright and a bit of floral, Cath Kidson is a lovely place to gander.

Cath Kidson

I love the new London Toile Print.  Good to see a London scene without the obligatory red (bus) and black (taxi) in it!

London Toile

Fortnum & Mason

What a treat to have a peak in Fortnum & Mason. What struck me was ho reasonable the prices were. A box of biscuits in a nice tin only (ok not your average digestives) was £12. A lovely present for the right motherland who can beat a receiving a Fortnums bag!


John Lewis 

A more reasonable alternative was down at John Lewis who’s whole shop seemed geared towards gifts. These Whittards tins of teas are pretty – it makes meant to buy the whole range of candy coloured ones.


As you know I am a sucker for anything pink and love the packaging on this Georgian tea caddy!

Earl Grey

Marks & Spencer 

No shopping destination is complete without a trusty Marks. Whilst I have my eye on these yellow slim waisted trousers  there is no denying that Marks is the place to grab a good quality stylish bunch of flowers on the run!

Frill Pocket

Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas is basically a homeware and gift shop so you will find something in there. I have my eye on these small gold printed rugs. Perfect for jazzing up a small corner of a room.


Their selection of cards were pretty hilarious too – this one ticked me in particular!

Mum card

Have a look to see all the Shops at St Pancras International. Here is a shot of a selection!

Shops at St Pancras

What a fun day.  I will definitely be allowing extra time if I am lucky enough to be passing through again, or perhaps I might make a special trip there again. Who is with me? xx

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