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New Brand Alert : Liberation Swimwear

One market that needs a few new brands is clothing for teens. There are few companies that target teens (please email me if you have any small business recommendations for teens!) however, two teenagers themselves have spotted a gap in the market for teenage swimwear.

Ellie Spark and Jemima Feather, both 18, started Liberation Swimwear last year. They both always wanted to start a business and thought there was a gap in the market for fun and affordable swimwear for teenagers.

Liberation girls

They have both been going to Cornwall since they were little and do lots of waterskiing. They were always looking for an alternative from their wetsuits. Linking with increasing awareness of the danger of UV, having a product which protected you from the sun whilst looking vibrant was a win win situation!

They also sell fun bikini’s.

Liberation Bikini

They are both doing their A levels at the moment but once they are over, they are really looking forward to focusing more on Liberation.

How entrepreneurial – I wish them all the best!

Liberation Swimwear

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