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The Watch That Goes With Everything

I am finally the proud owner of a watch and it is pretty cool too. I have always liked a bright and colourful watch but my Iphone has been my normal route for telling the time the last few years as I found I would always scratch my babies with my watch!  However, when I was introduced to Jester Watches who sell watches with interchangeable colours, I wanted one as not only do I not need to pick up babies anymore – I could actually match my watch to my outfit (something that used to bother me about watches – a red watch with an orange top? Just no.)


Win your own – head over to Instagram to follow the simple instructions!

How Does It Work?

The USP about the Jester Watch is that you can personalise your watch completely by choosing the colour of the face, the dial, bezel, case buckle and tail.


There are over 1/4million different combinations so there is a high chance yours would be unique.

They arrived in a well packaged box.


Like a kid in a candy shop!


I chose a bright blue face as I thought that goes with most colours. The quality is excellent.


These are the colours I wear most often.


The beauty of this watch is that it is really good quality and easy to interchange the straps on a day to day basis.  You just slide the strap in and out.

It is totally unisex and there are enough holes for a small person – my 2 year old keeps on wanting wear my watch!

On wrist


Another bonus is the watch is water resistant so you can wear it in the shower or swimming. Win! Perfect for a busy mum or a summer holiday – I love mine.

They are only £27 so head over and Design Your Own Jester Watch


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