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The majority of the time, when I am contacted by PR’s – they ask for my online video presence (aka vlogging – no, it is not some form of whipping).  This is pretty awks as I don’t really have one!  Anyone who knows who the world of social  media, will know that times are changing and that it is important to have a strong online video presence – especially if you want to keep up with the youngsters.  I have a YouTube channel, from which I occasionally upload an amateur clip to, but I am really keen to learn how to video and edit videos so they look a bit more professional.

Luckily, I have found a fantastic company to help me and will be going along to their course on Tuesday evening! In the meantime, let me tell you a bit about them!

The Quick Brown Fox is a growing video production company with a real love for the carefully crafted moving image.  Whether you are a school, a small business, want to start a podcast, product demo or an online tutorial – they can help you.

From their south-west London base, husband and wife team Karina and Victor offer their clients over 15 years of filmmaking and video editing experience combined with creative backgrounds in Architecture and Sound Design.

Their social media savvy team can also help put your business on the map with engaging video content.

We proudly help businesses and organisations tell their story in a captivating way that captures their audience imagination. Whatever the size of a project, there’s no need to be nervous about having our filming crew over.


After running his own video production studio in our native Venezuela for over eight years, Victor decided to relocated to London in 2010 to finish his masters in audio engineering.

Here, we were soon married and when we had our second daughter, we soon realised our demanding jobs were no longer sustainable. We both worked long hours – Victor as a sound engineer, and me as an architectural design consultant. Unable to see enough of their girls, they decided to create a business that would provide that all-important work-life balance.

Family Pic

Since they setup as TQBF in Summer 2014, they have created 100s of videos for private clients as well as for some of the best known brands: Facebook, SuperDrug, TopShop, Bobux, Dazzle & Fizz, Fetcham Park, SWL.TV, Scholastic UK, Made In Me, Urban Explorer, SamLabs, Cakes By Robin, Gee Brothers Bespoke Printers, Mothers Meetings, The Modern Nursery, AllByMama, BKD, London Mothers Club, Kensington Mums and many many more.

The future is digital! We are currently working non-stop in developing online training around video and social media. All will be revealed very soon.


Book a Course With Quick Brown Fox!

  • Videos for small business owners at The Bight Emporium in Clapham Junction on 28 Feb, 29 March or 24 April 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm BOOKABLE ONLINE
  • On demand training at your workplace for you and your colleagues (think agencies and any department wanting to create their own social media content) EMAIL for INFO
  • 1:1 Social media training for small business owners: from basics like choosing a platform and setting up a profile to delivering a video campaign or building a YouTube subscriber database.
  • They offer 1:1 training. From basic social media to more complex stuff like optimising your video content to targeting your ideal client to filming and editing using professional software or sound recording for podcasts.

Email Karina to find out more…



Their Favourite’s

Restaurant : Too many! Currently we’re loving the roast duck at the Four Seasons in Bayswater, anything from Sticks & Sushi in Wimbledon and Mercatto Metropolitano just for the sheer variety on offer.

Hotel : Puerto Rico El Conquistador / Waldorf Astoria

Website : Amazon! (sorry small biz but Amazon Prime is a lifesaver when you’re juggling your own biz and life with the smalls).

Shop : M&S (see above apology 😉 )

Holiday Destination : Winter in London finds us dreaming of St Barth but anywhere with white sands, turquoise water and sunny days will do 😉 We loved Thailand and went for our babymoon. Puerto Rico last year with the girls was fantastic. Next stop will probably be somewhere in South East Asia again

Parenting Tip : Same as with life, pick your battles.


The Quick Brown Fox


Email Karina at The Quick Brown Fox

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