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How To Make The Most of a Night Away

Pink ticket, blue ticket – whatever type of ticket it is called – being ‘allowed’ a night away, without the kids, for no reason in particular other than for desperate need to speak to each other during the daylight uninterrupted (I don’t know about you but i’m knackered in the evening and I turn in to an incommunicative zombie – much to my husbands delight) is a MEGA treat.

London, country, gastropub, airbnb, room above pub, country hotel, boutique hotel or even stay at home (and kids go to Granny and Grandpa’s)….

How Do You Choose? 

With the amount of choice nowadays, it is hard to decide what you fancy – as we don’t have time to think about anything other getting through the next set of jobs – how are we meant to make a sensible informed deciton about out own needs? (Please read tongue in cheek – I am not quite that desperate!)

All I knew is that I wanted to chill and not rush around like a deranged chicken trying to tick off as many sights and shops as I possibly could – just because I wasn’t with a box of frogs aka kids.

We needed to relax, read the papers, catch up on all the Style magazines my mother saves for me, watch something other than Officially Amazing Goes Bonkers (ok, it is pretty good – a firm family favourite but not every time we turn the TV on) and to sleep.


With only 1 night… 

  • You don’t want to spend hours in the car
  • You want it to be quiet
  • You don’t need loads of facilities as you are knackered
  • You need it it be spacious as you aren’t going to move from it
  • You need it to be comfortable for the above reason
  • There needs to be good food (obviously!)

So, we came to the very sensible conclusion of  The Stafford

A quintessential old English hotel in the heart of Mayfair. 


The Stafford


It ticked all of those boxes and one of the most impressive aspects was the service. Wow, nothing was too much trouble, every whim was waited on (not because this was a review – oh no I wish!) and all the staff were very humble, polite and charming.




We checked in, did a circuit of the hotel – didn’t take long as it isn’t vast and then headed to our room.

The ambience was cosy without being too chintzy.


It felt rather Italien actually – must have been the marble bathrooms.


As there isn’t a spa, I booked in a massage with Blow  Whether you want a treatment, nails done, hair blow dried they can come to your hotel room and do it there and then.

My 60 minute deep tissue massage (and it was deep!) was £60 which is much less than usual London prices. 

Then for some champagne and a trip to The American Bar. I had been here before but never realised that it was attached to The Stafford.

Possibly one of my favourite bars in London. Off the beaten track, discreet, cosy and awesome decorations.

American Bar

After the friendly bar men ploughed us with Expresso Martini’s (leftover from orders – for some reason he liked us!) we headed to the acclaimed The Game Bird for supper.

I have heard great things about this restaurant from one of my ‘foodies’ friends, so I was expecting good things.

It didn’t disappoint. In fact, nothing was a miss.

The philosophy at The Game Bird is simple – dedicated to following the seasons and supporting local artisans including award-winning family owned farms, we have created a ‘theatre of the senses’ menu based on uncomplicated excellence: local, seasonal produce sits alongside time honoured British classic.

The Game Bird

After sleeping for 11 hours, yes 11 hours, we rolled down to breakfast that we now considered brunch and it was WOW!


I won’t wax lyrical about the food as 1) it’s piggy and 2) I am not a restaurant critic but if I heard anyone criticise it, it would put me off them, not the restaurant!

Anyway, I highly recommend you hop foot it there, even if it is just for afternoon tea or a drink at the American Bar.

Ideal For

  • Central cosy one stop shop night away
  • Take international friends for a quintessential afternoon tea
  • A sociable family dinner at The Game Bird
  • Warm up drinks with friends at The American Bar

The Stafford, St James Street, SW1A 1NJ

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