Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween & Bonfire Night

Not awol fireworks or scary ghouls…. By safe, I mean from traffic. We have all heard stories of car park tragedy when a child hasn’t been seen by a car reversing or  a time when you can’t spot your child on bonfire night as they charge around the field. This can all be prevented!


What can you do to keep your child safe as they go trick or treating in the dark along busy roads?

What is acceptable outerwear for your child on Bonfire night?

I have the answer!


Proviz Sports setup by entrepreneurial brothers, Ant & Bob Langly-Smith, is a one stop shop for all your high visibility needs.

(BTW you don’t realise you need high vis, until you need it – if you get what I mean!)

These fantastic fleece lined jackets from Proviz are so reflective you almost need sunglasses to protect you from the brightness.

Can you  see the jacket is actually brighter than the fireworks!

Reflective Jacket


So what else is great about The Reflective 260 Jackets 

  • Fleece lined – warm
  • Water proof
  • Reflective
  • Have a hood
  • Pockets
  • Longer back – perfect for cycling

Front on

My children absolutely love them and as they are understated I allow them to wear them to school if they have late clubs that day or keep them in the car to throw on them at low light.


What About Daytime Visibility? 

If you would like your child to be seen day and night, the yellow jacket is visible in daylight whilst also having a reflective strip to be seen in the dark too.

Yellow night rider


Do Your Kids Cycle or Scooter during Dusk & Dawn?

Then they need these reflective cycle helmets!

The helmet comes equipped with an intelligent adjustment system to give a secure individual fit and allows for the height and circumference to be pre-set, meaning it can be quickly and easily adjusted to allow your child to get the perfect fit and maximum comfort.

The headring also has 2 integrated LED lights and a reflector.


What About Your Pooch?

This dog coat (in 5 sizes) is waterproof as well as reflective!

Dog Jacket



I love their new 10 year anniversary women’s nightrider jacket!!



A great present option for MAMIL in your life (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) is this Men’s Training Hoodie.

Mens Hoodie


I am so impressed with the website, quality of the products and customer service, I urge you head over to Proviz Sports to have a look at the rest of their range.

Whether you are a cyclist, runner and need reflective clothes and accessories, you will find it all over at Proviz Sports!

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