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Most people are familiar with the concept of the Fairy Door. We have one hammered into our wooden decking and occasionally the children leave a wilted leaf by the door in the vain hope that the fairy might swap it for some sweeties the next morning. Other than that, our imagination has run a bit dry! This is where Tiny Magic Mail comes into play.


After spending a year enjoying watching her own girls discover a world of fairies at home and persuading friends that it was the best thing ever, Jenny realised that some people just didn’t know where to start with this kind of thing. She always sat and fiddled with little creative projects in her spare time and so making a fairy washing line and a swing was fun for her. Introducing a little fairy door in to your home was easy enough but she thought on behalf of her friends who weren’t as creative as her – now what? This is when she decided that there was a definite market for making an attractive fairy door with extra tools and advice for parents on how to enjoy the magic and started Tiny Magic Mail.

Her products are aimed at children but with the important involvement of an adult who takes on the role of the fairy. Each of our boxes of fairy magic include ideas for interacting with your fairies and educational and fun activities to keep the magic alive as well as really beautifully made fairy miniatures.


Jenny has been designing for years and has always been lucky enough to be able to work from home often in the evenings and the small hours of the morning. Her children have been a huge inspiration for all areas of her designing years. She spent 7 years designing prints for children clothes and then after the birth of her first little girl she started illustrating prints and artwork for children’s rooms.

Tiny Magic Mail has given me her the opportunity to step away from the computer and be crafty, which she love and her girls have driven each step of the creative process.  They release a new theme each month!


“I am lucky to have the fantastic support of  a brilliant team of skilled and clever Mummies who make up the TMM company all with something different to offer, with 6 children between us and 1 due to arrive any day its been important that we all have an understanding of juggling motherhood and work!”

Start with the magic mail door box.

– a beautifully hand crafted fairy door with a few added extras to welcome your fairy

– a fairy post box ready to receive magical mail

– a tiny magical key ready to leave for the fairy or for your little one to find

– a welcome letter for you, the magic makers and for your little one from their new fairy, plus our helpful fairy interaction guide!

– pretty letter blanks to help your fairy interact

– a tiny bottle of sparkly fairy dust for granting wishes

– a hands on crafty activity to start spreading the magic

I think they may be very busy in the run up to Christmas!


Jenny’s Favourite’s

Hotel – She would rather a caravan!
RestaurantThe Breakfast Club – Hoxton
Holiday Destination – Seaview, Isle of Wight
Parenting Tip “Don’t sweat the small stuff, make a mess, have fun and listen!”

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