How To Achieve a Magical and Smart Christmas Look

Our Christmas tree growing up was a flashing multicoloured magical monstrosity filled with decorations that meant something rather than being styled and perfect. I loved it.  I especially loved the coloured lights and it signified we were near to seeing the big man himself very soon. Now I am in charge, I have subconsciously banished the coloured lights from our house. Am I doing them a disservice trying to make my tree (home) like something from House and Garden?


Well, whatever the psychology is behind it, today I am looking at the Christmas decorations that are on sale over at House of Fraser to see what I can add to the collection, whilst staying house proud but also making it magical for the kids.

My reasoning is if I stick to 3 colours, there will be some unison and I can go off the beaten track with a few crazy decorations.

Once the lights are up a few fun baubles are key.

Nutcracker in a Box Now £14

As Scandi as you want to go, no Christmas should be without flashes of red. If red tinsel is too much, these cute little tree decorations would help you along and I am sure the children would love them too.

Mini Novelty Snow Globe £9

Little ones will spend hours gazing (and trying to touch) these delightful snow globes and could even stand alone on the mantle piece.


Santas List Glass Bauble £9

I am heading to a Christmas bauble swapping party next week. I don’t know whether it is smash and grab or the oldest goes first but I can’t wait. My offering is this bauble that tells a story, has vivid colours and looks quite expensive!! ha, lets hope I am not left with it at the end!

santa bauble

Snow Dusted Tree £34

A small light up tree is a great centre piece or perfect for a side table.  Carry it around room to room (not like a dog with a bone but if we are going to spend time in a certain room) and it will be add a sparkling touch to it.  You can even hang chocolates from it!


I have a similar one (it isn’t as as nice), currently housing my bracelets! (Small boy not for sale!)


Pinecone Wreath Was £40 Now £20

If you don’t have time to make a wreath and a fresh one is above budget, you will be able to resurrect this upmarket pinecone wreath every year.


It’s pretty classic so to brighten it up you could add your own berry’s, holly or even a battery powered pack of fairy lights.


I made one this year – at a workshop! The feathers have certainly amused the kids, which wasn’t actually intended.



I would like my banisters to look like a photo from Pinterest but with the amount of use they get, the decorations like the below would stay white for about two days.


Why not mix it up and draw the eye up with a light up reindeer head at the top of the stairs!


This is how I would like to wrap my presents, time and money permitting.

However, not hugely exciting for the kids.

This Festive Dog Wrapping Paper is good compromise between super smart and paper thin wrapping paper with garish pics all over it.

Add some red raffia bows and voila, stylish and fun!

wrapping paper

Cinnamon and Ginger Diffuser Was £15 Now £7

Nothing beats a good Christmassy smell to get you in the mood and remove the smell of damp gloves. This is yummy for both adults and kids.



I hope this has given you some good ideas. Invest in some decorations now if you want to add an extra touch, especially if you have the inlays coming for Christmas lunch!

On a slightly less superficial note, stay calm and remember…


Lots of love

Lucinda xx

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