Free Tennis Sessions With The LTA For 5-8 Year Olds

If you can’t beat them join them.  Never has this rung so true since having two boys with a father who is determined to turn them into sportsmen whether it kills him or not (talent prevailing or not – it doesn’t matter).  The sports on the drawing board are football and cricket. I have made a concerted effort to get up to speed on them so I am can understand where the passion comes from – yet to happen with football, but I actually love a good cricket match! So, what about tennis?


So whilst I am left at home with ‘the baby’ (as we still call her) whilst they go off to Fulham Football Club and Lords, it has me thinking. I need to pull them in a direction of a sport I enjoy, so I am not just the packed lunch maker and washer woman. And this sport will be….. tennis!

I am no pro (obviously) but it is one sport that I can do. Now I have a daughter who (presumably, but she can if she wants to) won’t be playing football and cricket, I want to give us a sport to do together too.

Family sport

So with Wimbledon round the corner, is time to hop skip and jump back into my tennis whites and dust off that old Head.

Tennis net

How Am I Going To Do This?

Nothing like having an energetic 6 year old to keep me on my toes and The Lawn Tennis Association has just launched a series of tennis sessions, #tennisforkids across the country. The LTA’s sessions take place from 22 April 2017 and anyone can sign up their 5- to 8-year-old for free lessons via the ClubSpark website, so I am signing my 6 year old up at Putney Lawn Tennis.


At the end of the #TennisForKids lessons, children receive a free tennis racket that is theirs to keep!

The #TennisForKids programme is specially tailored to keeps kids engaged, even if
they’ve never picked up a racket before. It includes ball games to help with hand-eye
coordination, softer balls well-suited for beginners, playing on a more-manageable mini-tennis court (smaller footprint, lower net), and coaches trained in getting young novices excited and having fun.

So, why not type in your postcode and see what venues are near you that have opted in to this brilliant program. Don’t delay, there are only 20,000 places!

Sign up for your FREE tennis session here

This is a paid relationship with the Lawn Tennis Association on their #TennisForKids campaign.

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